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AMK was founded in the year 1989. It later became AMK FOOD EXPORT (PVT) LTD when incorporated as a limited liability company on 04th of July 2001. The company is situated within the Maharagama Industrial Zone and boasts of a well-equipped, certified modern factory.

AMK Foods specializes in preparing preservative-free bottled delicacies, locking in the flavor of 100% natural ingredients. It is one of the market leaders in the field of processed foods in Sri Lanka and enjoys an exceptional reputation in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, and other prestigious markets.

AMK foods are made from the best natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives to provide optimum nutrition and maximum taste. AMK foods are made from the best natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial preservatives to provide optimum nutrition and maximum taste


At AMK we manufacture and market more than 100 products. However, we haven’t showcased all our products on this website. You see only our specialty products like our curry pastes and the more popular products.

The major buying point for you is that our full bottled product range is the only artificial preservative-free range available for Sri Lankan products in the market today.

We have followed tradition by bottling most products rather than canning them due to two main reasons.

The main reason is that through our unique pressure steam heating process we are able to bottle our products without artificial preservatives and coloring. The major benefit of this method is the original taste is maintained through the lifespan of the product.

The other main buying point for you the customer is that one can see the actual product inside the bottle rather than just a picture on a can. As for our range of curry powders, we blend and mill these completely in-house using our own specialized pin mill machines. These products are completely metal-free as most of the average curry powder has a minute metal content due to the milling equipment currently used in Sri Lanka. Our AMK products are certified by many international institutions. Each product has a comprehensively mapped production process thus maintaining a very high level of constancy in quality and taste.

Company Vision :

To become a market leader in Sri Lankan processed food industry.

Company Mission :

To supply tasty and hygienically preserved Sri Lankan food to urban consumers and the Sri Lankan ethnic market overseas.

Why AMK food is so good:

Amidst the sea of unhealthy foods surrounding you at the grocery store, it can be challenging to find products without added artificial colors and preservatives. By focusing on certain kinds of food, your shopping trips can be much less daunting. Focus on buying whole foods that are fresh, unprocessed and unpackaged, because many processed and packaged foods contain additives such as coloring and preservatives. Read ingredient labels when shopping for food to identify artificial colorings such as red, blue and yellow dyes, and preservatives, including BHA, BHT, sulfites, and nitrates.

At AMK we strive to be different. Our processed food range does not contain any artificial preservatives. There are many natural preservatives like sugar, salt, vinegar, etc that can be used effectively to preserve foods.. in conjunction with modern technology. For instance, we use a state-of-the-art high-pressure steam autoclaving machine to effectively kill all the harmful pathogens within the bottles in our bottled range.

We use vacuum packaging for some other products. Also, most of our recipes are painstakingly developed so that the products can retain a low water content as such products can be preserved for longer periods safely using our techniques.

We are probably the only Sri Lankan company that doesn’t add artificial colors and preservatives to our processed products range.

This offers definite health benefits to those who choose AMK products over others. The other major difference is taste. Artificial preservatives change the way products taste. We are able to keep our products smelling and tasting the same as home-cooked food using our ingenious processing skills.

Eat healthy Eat smart with AMK.

 How To Become A Dealer :

We at AMK are looking for Dealers in the following Countries,

  • The United Kingdom
  • The United States of America
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • EU Countries
  • UAE
  • Middle Eastern Countries

As a dealer for AMK products, you can be assured that you are marketing a premium brand.

A key feature of the AMK product range is that most of our products do not have any artificial preservatives colors and flavors. This can be used as a major selling point to promote our products in the international segment.

As for our overseas operation, we are looking for two types of dealers.

1. Direct Dealers – an importer who will be appointed as a distributor on a regional basis in large territories.

2. Distributor – a sole distributor on a nationwide basis in smaller countries.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in being a part of AMK’s global network of operations.

Contact Information:


62, Katuwana Industrial Zone


Sri Lanka.

 T : +94 11 2855634

T : +94 11 2892215

 F : +94 11 2748010

E :

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