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Innovations in Sustainable Materials reviewmaster post

Innovations in Sustainable Materials

Paving the Way for Eco-Friendly Products

Innovations in Sustainable

In an era where environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, the pursuit of sustainability has become a driving force behind innovation in various industries. One of the most critical aspects of this sustainability revolution is the development of eco-friendly materials. These materials are essential for reducing the environmental impact of products and creating a more sustainable future. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most exciting innovations in sustainable materials that pave the way for eco-friendly products.

Sustainable Materials

The Urgent Need for Sustainable Materials

Before diving into the innovations themselves, it’s essential to understand why sustainable materials are so crucial. The production and disposal of traditional materials, such as plastics and non-renewable resources like petroleum-based products, have led to environmental degradation, pollution, and resource depletion. As consumers and industries demand more environmentally responsible options, innovators have risen to the challenge.




Plastics have been a significant environmental concern due to their persistence in the environment and contribution to ocean pollution. Bioplastics, made from renewable sources like cornstarch or sugarcane, offer a more sustainable alternative. They can be biodegradable, reducing the long-term ecological impact of plastic waste. Bioplastic innovations have expanded their use, from packaging materials to durable goods like furniture and automotive components.

Mycelium-based Materials

Mycelium-based Materials

Mycelium, the root structure of fungi, has garnered attention as a sustainable building material. Companies now use mycelium to create biodegradable packaging, insulation, and furniture. Mycelium’s rapid growth and versatility make it an attractive alternative to traditional materials, as it can be cultivated with minimal environmental impact.


Recycled and Upcycled Materials

Recycling has long been a sustainable practice, but innovative approaches push the boundaries of what’s possible. For instance, ocean plastic is being collected and transformed into products like shoes, apparel, and even high-end accessories. Upcycling, the process of repurposing discarded materials into higher-value products, is gaining traction as a means to reduce waste.

Nano Cellulose


Cellulose, a natural polymer found in plants, is harnessed at the nanoscale to create a wide range of sustainable materials. Nano cellulose can reinforce bioplastics, enhance paper products, and develop lightweight but sturdy materials for the automotive and aerospace industries. Its versatility and renewability make it a promising contender for various applications.

Algae-based Materials

Algae are rich in nutrients and have a rapid growth cycle, making them an attractive source for sustainable materials. Algae-based materials can be used for everything from biodegradable plastics to biofuels. These materials not only reduce the demand for non-renewable resources but also have the potential to capture carbon dioxide during their growth, further benefiting the environment.

3D Printing with Sustainable Materials

3D Printing with Sustainable Materials
3D Printing with Sustainable Materials

The rise of 3D printing has opened up new possibilities for sustainable manufacturing. Innovators are experimenting with 3D printing using recycled plastics, bio-based materials, and construction-grade materials like concrete. This approach allows for precise and efficient material use, reducing waste and energy consumption in the manufacturing process.

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Bamboo and Hemp

Bamboo and Hemp

Traditional materials like wood and cotton have their limitations in terms of sustainability. Bamboo and hemp, however, are rapidly renewable resources that can be used in various applications, from textiles to building materials. Their strong fibers, fast growth, and minimal resource requirements make them ideal choices for eco-friendly products.



Innovation in sustainable materials is not just a trend; it’s a necessity for a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. These materials help reduce waste and carbon emissions and drive economic growth by developing new industries and job opportunities. As consumers and businesses increasingly prioritise sustainability, the innovations in sustainable materials mentioned above are poised to pave the way for a more eco-friendly world. Whether it’s bioplastics, mycelium-based materials, or algae-based alternatives, these innovations show that sustainable materials are a dream and a reality, transforming how we produce and consume goods. Embracing these innovations can lead us toward a future where products are both environmentally responsible and economically viable.


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levhasi Evolution of Remote Healthcare

Understanding Telemedicine

The Evolution of Remote Healthcare

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, the healthcare landscape has also been transformed through innovation. One such transformative concept is telemedicine, which is revolutionising how healthcare services are delivered. This article delves into the evolution of remote healthcare, exploring the concept of telemedicine and its profound impact on the medical field.

The Emergence of Telemedicine:

Telemedicine, a term coined in the 1970s, refers to the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients using telecommunications technology. Initially, telemedicine primarily served rural and underserved communities, connecting patients with otherwise geographically distant medical professionals. Over time, however, its scope and reach expanded significantly.

Technological Advancements Driving Telemedicine

Remarkable technological advancements have propelled the evolution of telemedicine. High-speed internet, mobile devices, and sophisticated medical devices have made remote consultations and diagnostics seamless and effective. These technologies have overcome distance barriers and enabled healthcare professionals to provide medical expertise beyond traditional healthcare settings.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Accessibility: Telemedicine has bridged the gap between patients and healthcare providers, especially those residing in remote areas or facing mobility challenges.

Convenience: Patients can now access medical consultations from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for travel and long waiting times.

Cost-Effectiveness: Both patients and healthcare providers can save on transportation and administrative costs associated with in-person visits.

Continuity of Care: Telemedicine allows continuous monitoring of chronic conditions and post-treatment follow-ups, enhancing patient outcomes.

Global Reach: With telemedicine, medical specialists can offer their expertise globally, transcending geographical boundaries.

Telemedicine During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for the widespread adoption of telemedicine. Social distancing measures and lockdowns compelled healthcare systems to rapidly implement remote care solutions to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare providers. This accelerated adoption showcased the adaptability of telemedicine and highlighted its potential for long-term integration into healthcare systems.

Challenges and Considerations

Regulatory Hurdles: Different regions and countries have varying regulations regarding telemedicine, which can hinder its seamless integration.

Digital Divide: Limited access to technology and reliable internet connections can create disparities in accessing telemedicine services.

Data Security: Ensuring the privacy and security of patients’ medical information during remote consultations is a critical concern.

The Future of Telemedicine

As technology continues to evolve, so will telemedicine. Advancements in artificial intelligence, wearable health devices, and virtual reality hold the potential to enhance remote healthcare experiences further. Telemedicine is likely to become an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem, complementing traditional in-person care and expanding the horizons of medical accessibility.


The evolution of telemedicine has reshaped the healthcare landscape, making quality medical care more accessible, convenient, and cost-effective. With technological innovations driving its progress, telemedicine has proven its value during times of crisis and is poised to become an indispensable component of modern healthcare. As we embrace the digital age, understanding telemedicine is not just an exploration of the present but a glimpse into the future of remote healthcare.

Food Trends to Watch

 What’s Hot in Culinary Delights

Are you a food enthusiast always looking for the next big thing in gastronomy? If so, you’re in for a treat as we delve into the captivating world of culinary trends currently setting the food scene. From innovative ingredients to novel cooking techniques, the culinary landscape constantly evolves, and staying in the loop with these food trends will undoubtedly elevate your dining experiences. Let’s take a delectable journey through the hottest food trends, reshaping how we indulge in culinary delights.

  1. Plant-Powered Revolution
    The rise of plant-based diets has been revolutionary and continues to dominate the culinary realm. Plant-powered cuisine has transcended its niche status from vegan alternatives that replicate the taste and texture of meat to inventive uses of vegetables in every course. Restaurants around the globe are dishing out tantalising plant-based creations that not only cater to vegans and vegetarians but also intrigue the palates of avid meat-eaters.
  2. Hyper-Local Ingredients
    The farm-to-table concept has evolved into hyper-local sourcing, where chefs collaborate directly with local farmers, foragers, and artisans. This trend ensures the freshest and most unique ingredients are on your plate. The connection between chefs and producers fuels creativity, leading to dishes that tell a story of the region’s terroir and culinary heritage.
  3. Fusion of Cuisines
    Culinary boundaries blur as chefs fearlessly fuse different cuisines to craft unforgettable flavour experiences. Imagine savouring Korean-Mexican tacos, Indian-inspired pizzas, or Japanese-Peruvian ceviche. These unexpected combinations are visually appealing and challenge the taste buds in the most delightful ways.
  4. Tech-Infused Dining
    Technology has made its mark on the dining experience, from digital menus and QR code ordering to immersive virtual cooking classes. Even 3D food printing is becoming a reality, allowing chefs to create intricate edible designs that are as visually stunning as delicious.
  5. Ancient Grains Rediscovered
    While quinoa and farro have already made their way into mainstream diets, ancient grains like teff, amaranth, and millet are gaining traction. Packed with nutrients and boasting unique textures, these grains find their way into dishes ranging from salads to artisanal bread, adding a wholesome and rustic touch to modern plates.
  6. Elevated Comfort Food
    Comfort food has undergone a glamorous makeover. Chefs are taking nostalgic favourites like mac and cheese, fried chicken, and burgers and giving them a gourmet twist. Imagine truffle-infused macaroni or wagyu beef burgers with artisanal buns – it’s comfort food fit for royalty.
  7. Waste-Not Cooking
    Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a culinary movement. Chefs champion zero-waste cooking by utilising every part of an ingredient to minimise food waste. This trend has sparked creativity in the kitchen, resulting in dishes highlighting ingredients’ versatility and reducing the carbon footprint.

In conclusion, culinary delights is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape where innovation knows no bounds. From plant-based revolution to tech-infused dining, the food trends outlined above shape how we experience gastronomy. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or a passionate home cook, these trends provide a roadmap to modern cuisine’s exciting and diverse world. Stay ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in these captivating culinary trends – your taste buds will thank you.

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources

 Harnessing the Power of the Sun, Wind, and Water


In an era where environmental concerns and energy sustainability are paramount, the shift towards renewable energy sources has gained significant momentum. Harnessing the power of the sun, wind, and water has emerged as a game-changing solution to combat climate change and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. This article explores the fascinating world of renewable energy, delving into how solar, wind and hydropower technologies work and their incredible benefits for a greener future.

The Solar Advantage

Solar energy is a potent renewable power source derived from the sun’s rays. Solar panels, composed of photovoltaic cells, convert sunlight directly into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. This technology has revolutionised the energy landscape by offering clean, abundant, and sustainable power generation. The advantages of solar energy are multifaceted, from reduced carbon emissions and minimal maintenance requirements to decentralised energy production and potential cost savings over time.

Harvesting the Wind

Wind energy capitalises on the kinetic energy of moving air masses. Wind turbines transform wind motion with their towering blades into mechanical energy that drives generators to produce electricity. This method has gained popularity due to its scalability and versatility. Wind farms can be established on land or offshore, capitalising on high-wind areas for optimal energy output. As a clean energy source, wind power lowers greenhouse gas emissions and decreases our reliance on finite fossil fuels.

Tapping into Hydropower

Hydropower, harnessed from flowing water like rivers and dams, is another significant renewable energy source. By using water’s force to turn turbines, mechanical energy is converted into electrical power. The consistency of water flow ensures a reliable energy output, making hydropower a stable alternative to non-renewable sources. Furthermore, the development of run-of-the-river and pumped storage hydropower projects demonstrates innovation in maximising this resource’s potential while minimising environmental impact.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Adopting solar, wind, and hydropower technologies brings about many environmental and economic benefits. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, these renewable sources mitigate air and water pollution, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to slowing down climate change. Creating green jobs within the renewable energy sector further bolsters local economies and fosters innovation in sustainable technologies.

Challenges and Future Prospects

While the prospects of renewable energy are promising, there are challenges to overcome. Solar energy efficiency, wind turbine placement, and concerns about altering aquatic ecosystems for hydropower projects require careful consideration. However, ongoing research and development efforts are focused on improving efficiency storage capabilities and mitigating environmental impacts, paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.


Renewable energy sources, powered by the sun, wind, and water, represent a vital pathway to a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape. Their benefits, from reduced carbon footprints to economic growth, cannot be overstated. As technology advances, embracing these clean energy solutions will play a pivotal role in ensuring a greener planet for future generations. By harnessing the power of nature, we can forge a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future for all.

Exploring the Evolution of Consumer Preferences

Latest Trends in the Goods and Services Industry

Dive into the ever-changing landscape of consumer preferences within the goods and services industry. Uncover the top trends shaping these choices and their profound impact on businesses. Stay informed and adapt effectively to consumer-driven transformations.


In an era of rapid change, the evolution of consumer preferences significantly impacts the goods and services industry. The intersection of technological advancements, cultural shifts, and economic influences shapes how consumers interact with businesses. Understanding these trends is pivotal for companies aiming to stay competitive and relevant.

Trend 1: Personalization Revolution
Consumer preferences are pivoting towards personalised experiences. From tailored product recommendations to individualised service offerings, businesses harness data to cater to unique customer needs. Personalisation not only enhances customer satisfaction but also fosters loyalty.

Trend 2: Sustainability and Ethical Considerations
Environmental consciousness is a driving force in modern consumer preferences. The demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products and ethically conscious services is rising, compelling businesses to integrate responsible practices into their operations. Brands that prioritise sustainability resonate strongly with socially aware consumers.

Trend 3: Digital Transformation Reshaping Consumer Behavior
The digital age has transformed consumer behaviour, altering how goods and services are discovered and acquired. Online shopping, mobile apps, and e-commerce platforms have become integral to the consumer journey. Businesses embracing digital innovation gain a competitive edge.

Trend 4: Experience-Centric Approach
Consumers are valuing experiences over possessions, giving rise to the experience economy. Businesses that craft immersive, memorable experiences alongside their offerings capture consumer attention. Experience-driven strategies are redefining success, whether interactive retail spaces or unique service encounters.

Trend 5: Embracing Health and Wellness
A growing emphasis on health and wellness has led to preferences for products and services that align with well-being goals. From fitness and nutrition to self-care and mindfulness, businesses catering to health-conscious consumers thrive6. This trend transcends industries and provides new avenues for growth.

The evolution of consumer preferences is a driving force reshaping the goods and services industry. Adapting to these trends is not only a necessity but a strategic advantage. By staying attuned to consumer shifts, businesses can anticipate changes, innovate effectively, and remain relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

Self-Driving Car Technology

Exploring Self-Driving Car Technology: Advancements and Challenges

The concept of self-driving cars, once confined to the realms of science fiction, is rapidly becoming a reality thanks to groundbreaking technological advancements. Self-driving car technology, also known as autonomous driving, holds the potential to revolutionise transportation by enhancing safety, improving efficiency, and transforming the overall driving experience. In this article, we delve into the impressive advancements that have propelled self-driving car technology forward while also addressing the significant challenges that lie ahead.

Advancements in Self-Driving Car Technology

Sensor Fusion and Perception

At the heart of self-driving car technology is a complex network of sensors, including LiDAR, radar, cameras, and ultrasonic sensors. These sensors work in tandem to provide a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings, enabling it to detect objects, pedestrians, other vehicles, and even road signs. Advanced sensor fusion algorithms combine data from these sensors to create a detailed and accurate understanding of the environment, allowing the vehicle to make informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are pivotal in enabling self-driving cars to navigate complex and dynamic environments. Through continuous learning, self-driving systems can adapt to various scenarios, improve decision-making, and enhance driving behaviour over time. Deep neural networks process vast amounts of data, enabling the vehicle to recognise patterns, predict outcomes, and respond to unexpected situations.

HD Mapping and Localization

High-definition mapping and precise localisation are essential components of autonomous driving. HD maps provide detailed information about lane markings, traffic signs, and road geometries. With real-time localisation systems, self-driving cars can accurately position themselves on the road, even in challenging conditions such as inclement weather or poor visibility. This ensures safe and precise navigation.

Challenges in Self-Driving Car Technology

Ensuring the safety of self-driving cars remains a paramount challenge. While autonomous systems can potentially reduce accidents caused by human error, concerns about software glitches, sensor failures, and unexpected interactions with other road users persist. Determining liability in self-driving car accidents also raises complex legal and ethical questions that require careful consideration.

Safety and Liability

The deployment of self-driving cars necessitates a comprehensive regulatory framework that addresses technical standards, safety certifications, and operational guidelines. Additionally, the existing road infrastructure may need to be upgraded to accommodate autonomous vehicles, including integrating smart traffic signals and communication systems to facilitate seamless interactions between self-driving and human-driven vehicles.

Regulations and Infrastructure

Self-driving cars introduce a range of ethical dilemmas. For instance, in situations where an accident is inevitable, how does the car determine the best course of action that minimises harm? Balancing decisions that prioritise the safety of occupants with those that protect pedestrians and other road users raises complex moral questions that require careful consideration.

Ethical and Societal Implications

The advancements in self-driving car technology have propelled us into a new era of transportation, promising enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience. Sensor fusion, AI-driven decision-making, and precise mapping have brought us closer to realising the dream of autonomous vehicles. However, safety concerns, regulatory frameworks, and ethical dilemmas highlight the need for careful and thoughtful development. As the automotive industry continues to invest in research and development, the day when self-driving cars become a common sight on our roads may be closer than we think.


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The Future of Electric

 The Future of Electric Vehicles 2030 Trends and Innovations

The future of electric vehicles stands at the crossroads of innovation, sustainability, and transformative technologies.

The Future of Electric

The automotive industry has witnessed a profound transformation in recent years with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs). With concerns about climate change and a global push towards sustainable transportation, EVs have emerged as a game-changing innovation. This article delves into the exciting trends and innovations shaping the future of electric vehicles, highlighting key developments propelling this eco-friendly mode of transportation into the mainstream.

Advancements in Battery Technology


Central to the growth of electric vehicles is the continuous evolution of battery technology. Lithium-ion batteries have been the cornerstone of EVs, but researchers and manufacturers are tirelessly exploring ways to enhance energy density, charging speed, and overall battery life. Innovations like solid-state batteries promise higher energy storage capacity, reduced charging times, and improved safety. Prominent companies such as Tesla, Panasonic, and QuantumScape are at the forefront of these breakthroughs.

Extended Range and Fast Charging


Range anxiety has been a major hurdle for widespread EV adoption. However, the future looks promising as vehicle ranges continue to improve significantly. The latest models can travel hundreds of miles on a single charge, making long-distance travel more feasible. Additionally, fast-charging infrastructure is expanding rapidly, with companies like ChargePoint, EVgo, and Ionity setting up networks of high-speed charging stations along major highways.

Autonomous and Connected EVs



The convergence of electric and autonomous vehicle technologies is shaping a new era of transportation. Self-driving electric vehicles promise increased safety, reduced congestion, and enhanced user experience. Companies like Waymo, Cruise, and NVIDIA are pushing the boundaries of autonomous driving, aiming to create a future where EVs navigate seamlessly through urban environments.

Eco-Friendly Materials and Manufacturing



The future of electric vehicles goes beyond their operation – it extends to their production. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on sustainable materials and practices, minimising the environmental impact of vehicle manufacturing. From recycled materials in interiors to energy-efficient production methods, the industry strives to create greener vehicles from start to finish.

Integration with Renewable Energy



A significant synergy is emerging between EVs and renewable energy sources. As solar and wind power generation expands, EV owners can charge their vehicles using clean energy. Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology allows EVs to discharge excess energy back to the grid, contributing to grid stability and earning owners extra income.

Diverse EV Models



The future of electric vehicles is not limited to sedans and hatchbacks. Automakers are diversifying their EV lineup to include SUVs, crossovers, trucks, and even high-performance sports cars. This variety caters to different consumer preferences and ensures EVs become viable for a broader range of buyers.

The future of electric vehicles is an exciting landscape of innovation, sustainability, and convenience. Advancements in battery technology, extended range, autonomous capabilities, eco-friendly manufacturing, renewable energy integration, and diverse vehicle models drive the electric vehicle revolution forward. As more consumers embrace EVs, the automotive industry is transitioning towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.


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NEOM Project: Transforming Saudi Arabia’s Future with Sustainable Innovation

NEOM, an ambitious project located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, is poised to become a symbol of futuristic living and sustainable development. Conceived as a megacity and an innovation hub, NEOM aims to blend technology, sustainability, and quality of life to create a model for future urban environments. With its strategic location, vast resources, and commitment to environmental preservation, NEOM promises to revolutionize how we live, work, and interact with our surroundings.

The Vision of NEOM:

NEOM envisions a future where human potential is unleashed, and innovation is embraced in a harmonious relationship with nature. Over 26,500 square kilometres, NEOM aims to incorporate advanced technologies, renewable energy, and diverse economic sectors to create a thriving society. The project’s pillars – sustainability, livability, and innovation – serve as guiding principles, ensuring that NEOM becomes a beacon of progress and environmental stewardship. From smart infrastructure and autonomous transportation to state-of-the-art healthcare and education, NEOM will offer an unparalleled quality of life while preserving and enhancing the region’s natural ecosystems.

Sustainability at the Core:

At the heart of the NEOM project lies an unwavering commitment to sustainability. The city aims to be entirely carbon-neutral, powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. NEOM will implement advanced desalination technologies and efficient water management systems, emphasising water conservation. The development will incorporate green spaces alongside urban areas, including parks and gardens, promoting a balanced and eco-friendly lifestyle. NEOM will also prioritize waste reduction and recycling, leveraging cutting-edge techniques to minimize environmental impact. By championing sustainability, NEOM is a role model for other cities worldwide, inspiring a shift towards more responsible and eco-conscious urban planning.

Innovation and Technology:

NEOM’s vision for the future necessitates the integration of advanced technologies and innovation. The project aims to attract leading tech companies, entrepreneurs, and startups, fostering a culture of creativity and research. With the deployment of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, NEOM aspires to create a smart city that optimizes resource management, enhances security, and improves overall efficiency. This technological integration extends to various sectors, including healthcare, transportation, and entertainment, to provide residents with seamless experiences and a highly connected lifestyle.

NEOM is not just a project; it is a bold step towards redefining the future of sustainable living. By combining technology, sustainability, and quality of life, NEOM aspires to create a blueprint for the cities of tomorrow. With its unwavering commitment to renewable energy, environmental preservation, and innovation, NEOM is set to become a shining example of how societies can thrive while minimizing their ecological footprint. As NEOM continues to develop, it will undoubtedly inspire and influence urban planners, environmentalists, and visionaries worldwide, paving the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

A Visionary Project Redefining the Future of Sustainable Living Introduction

The NEOM project presents many opportunities across various sectors, offering immense economic growth, innovation, and sustainable development potential. Let’s explore some of the critical opportunities associated with this groundbreaking endeavour:

  1. Economic Diversification: NEOM aims to diversify Saudi Arabia’s economy by focusing on sectors beyond oil and gas. The project presents opportunities for investment and business ventures in areas such as technology, renewable energy, tourism, entertainment, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The development of NEOM will attract both domestic and international companies, fostering economic growth and creating job opportunities.
  2. Technology and Innovation: NEOM is positioning itself as a global hub for technological advancements and innovation. The project offers a fertile ground for tech companies, entrepreneurs, and researchers to collaborate and develop cutting-edge solutions. Opportunities exist in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced data analytics.
  3. Renewable Energy: NEOM’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy opens up significant opportunities in the clean energy sector. With abundant solar and wind resources, the project aims to become a world leader in renewable energy production. Opportunities exist in solar and wind power generation, energy storage, smart grids, and energy-efficient technologies.
  4. Tourism and Hospitality: NEOM’s strategic location, pristine coastline, and diverse natural landscapes offer vast opportunities for tourism and hospitality. The project envisions attracting tourists and visitors from around the world, offering unique experiences and luxurious amenities. Opportunities range from the development of resorts, hotels, and leisure facilities to eco-tourism, adventure tourism, and cultural tourism initiatives.
  5. Sustainable Infrastructure: NEOM’s development requires the creation of state-of-the-art infrastructure, including transportation networks, utilities, and smart cities. Opportunities abound in the construction, engineering, and infrastructure sectors, with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design and implementation.
  6. Education and Research: NEOM aims to become an educational and research center of excellence, fostering innovation and knowledge exchange. The project presents opportunities for the establishment of world-class universities, research institutes, and innovation hubs. Collaboration between academia, industry, and research organizations can lead to advancements in various fields, driving economic growth and societal progress.
  7. Environmental Conservation and Sustainability: NEOM’s commitment to environmental preservation opens up opportunities for organizations and individuals dedicated to sustainable practices. This includes the development and implementation of eco-friendly technologies, waste management systems, water conservation solutions, and ecological restoration projects.
  8. Healthcare and Wellness: NEOM seeks to provide cutting-edge healthcare services and promote a holistic approach to wellness. Opportunities exist for the establishment of advanced medical facilities, research centers, wellness retreats, and specialized healthcare services. The integration of technology and innovation in healthcare will play a crucial role in shaping the sector within NEOM.
  9. Startups and Entrepreneurship: NEOM offers an ecosystem conducive to startups and entrepreneurship. The project aims to attract and support startups through incubators, accelerators, funding programs, and mentorship initiatives. This provides opportunities for budding entrepreneurs to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses.
  10. Cultural Exchange and Collaboration: NEOM’s vision includes fostering cultural exchange and collaboration between different nations and communities. This presents opportunities for artists, cultural organizations, and institutions to participate in events, exhibitions, and programs that celebrate diversity and promote intercultural understanding.

The NEOM project presents many opportunities spanning multiple sectors, including economic diversification, technology and innovation, renewable energy, tourism, sustainable infrastructure, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, entrepreneurship, and cultural exchange. The project’s vision and commitment to sustainability make it an attractive destination for businesses, investors, researchers, and individuals seeking to contribute to a future-oriented and environmentally conscious society.

While the NEOM project holds great promise, it also faces several challenges that must be addressed for its successful realization. Here are some of the key challenges associated with the NEOM project:

  1. Scale and Complexity: The sheer scale and complexity of the NEOM project pose significant challenges. Building an entirely new city from scratch, spanning a vast area, requires extensive planning, coordination, and execution. Managing the integration of various sectors, infrastructure development, and ensuring a seamless transition for residents and businesses present formidable challenges.
  2. Funding and Investment: The NEOM project requires substantial financial investment to accomplish its goals. While Saudi Arabia has committed significant resources, attracting additional domestic and international investment is crucial. Economic uncertainties, geopolitical factors, and competition for investment may pose challenges in securing the necessary funding for the project’s long-term sustainability.
  3. Environmental Considerations: NEOM’s commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation is commendable, but it also brings challenges. Balancing rapid development with ecological conservation requires careful planning and implementation. Ensuring responsible water usage, waste management, and minimizing the ecological impact of construction activities are ongoing challenges that must be addressed to maintain the project’s environmental integrity.
  4. Social Acceptance and Cultural Integration: NEOM aims to attract a diverse population, including international residents and visitors. Fostering social acceptance, cultural integration, and creating an inclusive society pose challenges in terms of cultural sensitivities, social cohesion, and maintaining a balance between preserving local traditions and accommodating a global community.
  5. Infrastructure Development: Establishing world-class infrastructure within NEOM is a significant undertaking. Building a robust transportation network, utilities, telecommunications, and smart city technologies require careful planning, coordination, and execution. The project must overcome logistical challenges and construction timelines and ensure efficient connectivity to facilitate seamless operations within the city.
  6. Workforce and Talent Acquisition: NEOM’s success depends on attracting a skilled and diverse workforce. Recruiting and retaining talented professionals across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, and education, presents challenges. Ensuring the availability of housing, quality education, healthcare facilities, and amenities for the workforce will be essential to create a desirable living environment.
  7. Geopolitical Factors: NEOM’s location near international borders introduces geopolitical complexities. Addressing security concerns, managing international relations, and ensuring stability in the region is crucial for the project’s long-term success. Collaborating with neighbouring countries and managing cross-border operations will require effective diplomacy and cooperation.
  8. Regulatory Framework and Governance: Establishing a robust regulatory framework and effective governance structures is vital for the NEOM project. Balancing economic development with environmental and social considerations requires clear policies, transparency, and accountability. Developing regulatory frameworks that promote innovation while safeguarding the rights and interests of residents, workers, and investors is a significant challenge.
  9. Market Demand and Sustainability: The long-term sustainability of NEOM depends on market demand and the ability to attract businesses, investors, and residents. Ensuring a diversified economy, adapting to changing market trends, and creating a vibrant business ecosystem pose challenges in a rapidly evolving global landscape. The project must continuously assess market demands and adapt its strategies to remain competitive and sustainable.
  10. Project Timelines and Expectations: The NEOM project has set ambitious timelines and goals. Meeting these expectations while ensuring quality standards and sustainable development can be challenging. Managing stakeholder expectations, monitoring progress, and addressing any delays or setbacks will be crucial to maintain confidence in the project’s vision and delivering on its promises.

The NEOM project faces challenges related to scale, funding, environmental considerations, social acceptance, infrastructure development, workforce acquisition, geopolitical factors, regulatory framework, market demand, and project timelines. Addressing these challenges requires robust planning, effective collaboration, adaptability, and a long-term commitment to sustainable development. By addressing

Like any major project, the NEOM project also carries certain risks that must be carefully managed. Here are some key risks associated with the NEOM project:

  1. Economic and Financial Risks: The NEOM project’s success relies on sustained economic growth, investor confidence, and financial stability. Economic fluctuations, global market conditions, changes in oil prices, and geopolitical tensions can impact the project’s financial viability and ability to attract necessary funding.
  2. Political and Geopolitical Risks: NEOM’s location near international borders introduces political and geopolitical risks. Regional conflicts, changes in government policies, and international relations can impact the project’s stability, operations, and long-term prospects. Maintaining a favorable political and geopolitical environment is crucial for the project’s success.
  3. Environmental Risks: While NEOM aims to be a sustainable project, there are inherent environmental risks associated with large-scale development. Ensuring proper environmental impact assessments, addressing potential risks to ecosystems, and mitigating any adverse effects on local biodiversity and natural resources are essential for maintaining the project’s environmental integrity.
  4. Social Acceptance and Stakeholder Engagement: The NEOM project needs to ensure social acceptance and meaningful engagement with stakeholders, including local communities, indigenous populations, and other relevant parties. Failure to address social concerns, cultural sensitivities, and community aspirations can lead to resistance, protests, and reputational damage, which could hinder the project’s progress.
  5. Infrastructure and Construction Risks: Building a project of NEOM’s magnitude involves significant infrastructure development and construction activities. Risks such as cost overruns, delays, technical challenges, and quality control issues can arise during the construction phase. Effective project management, oversight, and adherence to industry best practices are essential to mitigate these risks.
  6. Technology and Cybersecurity Risks: NEOM’s focus on advanced technologies and digital infrastructure exposes it to technology-related risks. Cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and disruptions in critical digital systems can undermine the project’s operations, privacy, and reputation. Robust cybersecurity measures and continuous monitoring are necessary to safeguard NEOM’s digital infrastructure.
  7. Market and Demand Risks: The success of NEOM depends on attracting businesses, residents, and visitors. Market and demand risks include changing market conditions, shifts in consumer preferences, and the ability to generate sustained demand across various sectors. Failing to anticipate and adapt to market dynamics can impact the project’s economic viability.
  8. Talent Acquisition and Workforce Risks: Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce is crucial for NEOM’s success. The project faces risks related to talent acquisition, labor market fluctuations, and competition for skilled professionals. Effective workforce planning, talent development programs, and addressing labor market challenges are vital to ensure a capable and sustainable workforce.
  9. Legal and Regulatory Risks: Complying with local and international laws, regulations, and permits is essential for the NEOM project. Failure to navigate the legal and regulatory landscape can lead to delays, legal disputes, and reputational damage. Maintaining a robust legal and compliance framework is necessary to mitigate these risks.
  10. Project Execution and Governance Risks: Efficient project execution, effective governance, and transparent decision-making are critical for NEOM’s success. Risks associated with project management, organizational structure, and governance mechanisms can impact the project’s efficiency, accountability, and ability to deliver on its objectives. Strong project management practices and governance frameworks are necessary to address these risks.

It’s important to note that the NEOM project has been designed with these risks in mind, and efforts are being made to address and mitigate them. However, ongoing monitoring, proactive risk management, and adaptability will be key to navigate and mitigate potential challenges throughout the project’s lifecycle.

We are seeking a talented Digital Product Marketing Manager.

We seek a talented and experienced Digital Product Marketing Manager to join our team. In this role, you will develop and execute marketing strategies for our digital products. You will work closely with the product development team to identify target audiences, define messaging, and create campaigns that effectively promote our products.


  • Develop and implement product marketing strategies that drive product awareness and adoption
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  • Develop messaging that resonates with target audiences and effectively communicates the value of our products
  • Create and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including email, social media, digital advertising, and content marketing
  • Analyze campaign performance data to identify areas for optimization and improvement
  • Work closely with the sales team to support lead generation and conversion efforts
  • Create product marketing collateral, including sales presentations, case studies, and product sheets
  • Monitor industry trends and competitors to ensure our products remain competitive and relevant in the market


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field
  • 3+ years of experience in digital product marketing, preferably in a B2B setting
  • Strong project management skills with the ability to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to create compelling messaging and marketing collateral
  • Experience with email marketing, social media advertising, digital advertising, and content marketing
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to analyze campaign performance data and adjust strategies accordingly
  • Experience working with cross-functional teams, including product development, sales, and customer support
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

If you are a results-driven digital product marketer passionate about creating impactful campaigns and driving product adoption, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

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Whitening cream

Cosmetic products are products that are applied to the body for the purpose of enhancing or improving the appearance of the skin, hair, or nails. They can be used for cleansing, moisturizing, toning, and treating specific skin or hair conditions.

There are a wide variety of cosmetic products available on the market, including:

  1. Skincare products: These include cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, and masks that are designed to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish the skin.
  2. Makeup products: These include products such as foundation, concealer, lipstick, eyeshadow, and mascara that are used to enhance the appearance of the face and eyes.
  3. Haircare products: These include products such as shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and styling products that are designed to cleanse, condition, and style the hair.
  4. Nailcare products include nail polish, nail polish remover, and cuticle oil that enhance the appearance and health of the nails.

Cosmetic products can be formulated with various ingredients, including natural and synthetic compounds. Some common ingredients include plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

It is important to note that while cosmetic products can improve the appearance of the skin or hair, they may not necessarily improve overall skin health or prevent or treat underlying skin conditions. Additionally, some cosmetic products may contain harmful ingredients, so it is essential to read labels carefully and use products from reputable brands.

Explain the whitening cream.

Whitening cream is a cosmetic product that is designed to lighten or even out skin tone. It is typically used to treat hyperpigmentation, age spots, and other forms of skin discolouration.

Whitening cream works by inhibiting the production of melanin, the pigment that gives colour to our skin. This typically uses active ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, vitamin C, and alpha hydroxy acids.

Hydroquinone is the most common active ingredient in whitening creams. It works by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for producing melanin. This results in a gradual lightening of the skin over time.

Kojic acid is another active ingredient in whitening creams. It is derived from mushrooms and is known for its skin-lightening properties. It works by inhibiting tyrosinase and reducing the production of melanin.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that is commonly used in whitening creams. It works by reducing the production of melanin and protecting the skin from damage caused by UV radiation.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are also used in whitening creams to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. This helps to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes.

It is important to note that whitening creams should be used cautiously, as some products may contain harmful ingredients such as mercury or steroids. It is recommended only to use products from reputable brands and to follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. Additionally, it is essential to use sunscreen to protect the skin from further damage and to maintain the results of the whitening cream.

Draff explains skin tone.

Skin tone refers to the natural colour of an individual’s skin, which is determined by the amount and type of pigment in the skin. The two primary pigments that determine skin tone are melanin and carotene.

Melanin is a pigment that is produced by special cells called melanocytes. The amount and type of melanin the melanocytes produce are determined by genetics and vary between individuals. Melanin protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation from the sun, and it is responsible for the darkening of the skin that occurs with sun exposure.

Carotene is a pigment in the skin responsible for some people’s yellowish tint to their skin tone. Carotene is found in high amounts in yellow and orange vegetables, such as carrots and sweet potatoes and is also present in some fruits.

Skin tone can vary widely between individuals and can be influenced by ethnicity, sun exposure, and age. Skin tone is typically described using terms such as fair, medium, olive, or dark.

It is important to note that skin tone does not determine an individual’s race or ethnicity. Additionally, it is essential to recognize that all skin tones are beautiful and should be celebrated.

Sri Lankan people, why use whitening cream

The use of whitening creams in Sri Lanka, as in other parts of the world, can be influenced by various factors such as cultural beliefs, societal norms, and media influence.

In Sri Lanka, there is a perception that fair skin is more desirable and is associated with beauty, success, and higher social status. This perception may be influenced by historical factors, such as colonialism and the influence of Western media, as well as cultural beliefs that value fairness and equate it with purity and cleanliness.

As a result, some Sri Lankan people may use whitening creams to lighten their skin tone and achieve a fairer complexion. Whitening creams may also treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and other skin discolourations caused by sun exposure or ageing.

However, it is essential to note that whitening creams can have potential health risks, mainly if the products contain harmful ingredients such as mercury or steroids. It is recommended to use only products from reputable brands, to follow the instructions on the packaging carefully, and to consult a dermatologist if experiencing any skin issues. It is also important to celebrate and embrace all skin tones rather than promote one idealised beauty standard.

Whitening cream ingredients.

Whitening creams may contain a variety of ingredients, but some common ones include:

  1. Hydroquinone: This is a skin-bleaching agent that inhibits the production of melanin in the skin, which can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.
  2. Kojic acid: This is a natural skin lightener derived from mushrooms. It works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin.
  3. Vitamin C: This antioxidant can help brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  4. Arbutin: This is a natural skin lightener derived from the bearberry plant. It works by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin.
  5. Liquorice extract: This natural skin lightener can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  6. Retinoids: These are derivatives of vitamin A that can help to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote skin cell turnover, which can help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  7. Niacinamide: This is a form of vitamin B3 that can help to brighten the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

It is important to note that some ingredients, such as hydroquinone, can be potentially harmful if used in high concentrations or for prolonged periods. It is always a good idea to consult a dermatologist before using any whitening cream or other skin care product.

Automotive manufacturing supply chain disruption

The automotive industry has been experiencing a significant disruption in its supply chain, which various factors have caused. In recent years, there has been a shift in consumer demand towards electric and autonomous vehicles, which has increased the demand for advanced components and materials. This shift and other factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in an unstable automotive manufacturing supply chain.

One of the primary factors contributing to the disruption in the automotive manufacturing supply chain is the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected all aspects of the industry, from the production of raw materials to the final assembly of vehicles. The closure of factories, ports, and borders has led to delays in the delivery of components, which has disrupted the production of vehicles. The pandemic has also caused a labour shortage, further affecting the supply chain.

Another factor that has contributed to the disruption of the automotive manufacturing supply chain is the shortage of semiconductors. The automotive industry relies heavily on semiconductors to power various systems, such as infotainment, navigation, and advanced driver assistance systems. The pandemic has led to an increase in demand for electronic devices, which has resulted in a shortage of semiconductors. This shortage has affected the production of vehicles, leading to delayed deliveries and reduced production levels.

The shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles has also contributed to the automotive manufacturing supply chain disruption. These vehicles require advanced components such as batteries, motors, and sensors, which are in short supply. The demand for these components is expected to increase in the coming years, further straining the supply chain.

The automotive manufacturing supply chain disruption has highlighted the need for greater resilience. Automotive manufacturers must work with their suppliers to develop more resilient supply chains that can withstand future disruptions. This can be achieved by diversifying suppliers, investing in digital technologies, and adopting more flexible manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, the disruption of the automotive manufacturing supply chain has been caused by various factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the shortage of semiconductors, and the shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles. Automotive manufacturers must work with their suppliers to develop more resilient supply chains that can withstand future disruptions. The industry must also invest in digital technologies and adopt more flexible manufacturing processes to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Caffeine Effects, risks, and cautions

For many of us, beginning the day with a cup of coffee would be possible. One explanation could be that it gives us a caffeine kick, a modest central nervous system stimulant that instantly increases our alertness and energy. Of course, coffee isn’t the only beverage that contains caffeine. Continue reading to summarise the study on this stimulant’s health effects and information on caffeine’s origins.

Absorption and Metabolism of Caffeine

Trimethylxanthine (1,3,7) is the chemical name for the bitter white powder known as caffeine. Caffeine is absorbed within 45 minutes of consumption, and blood levels peak between 15 and 2 hours later. Coffee, tea, and soda all contain caffeine, which is readily absorbed in the gut and dissolves in water and fat molecules. It can enter the brain. Meals or food-related substances, such as fibres, can slow down the rate at which caffeine levels in the blood peak. A quicker energy boost could result from sipping your morning coffee on an empty stomach instead of after breakfast.

The liver is where caffeine is primarily metabolised. Depending on several variables, its blood retention time can range from 1.5 to 9.5 hours. Caffeine is broken down more quickly by smoking than pregnancy or oral contraception. Caffeine can stay in the body for up to 15 hours while a woman is in her third trimester of pregnancy.

When caffeine is ingested frequently, people frequently build up a “tolerance to caffeine,” which might lessen its stimulant effects unless a higher amount is taken. Withdrawal symptoms, such as irritation, headache, agitation, sad mood, and weariness, frequently follow abruptly discontinuing all caffeine. After a few days of caffeine withdrawal, the symptoms peak, although they usually go away after a week or so. To minimise adverse effects, gradually reducing the dosage may be helpful.

Some standard products with caffeine and the amounts of caffeine are:

  • coffee (250 mL or 1 cup): 40 to 180 mg
  • decaf (250 mL or 1 cup): 2 to 5 mg
  • tea (250 mL or 1 cup): 10 to 110 mg

    Other products that have caffeine include:​

    • stimulants (1 tablet): 100 to 250 mg
    • energy shots or drinks (60 to 360mL​): 4 to 240 mg
    • painkillers (1 tablet): 30 to 100 mg
    • cola drinks (355 mL or 12 oz.): 30 to 60 mg
    • dark chocolate (56 g or two oz.): 40 to 70 mg
    • milk chocolate (56 g or two oz.): 3 to 20 mg
    • Snacks with caffeine (for example, gum, fruit chews, jelly beans): 30 to 50 mg

    Recommended Amounts

    Adults in the U.S. ingest 135 mg of caffeine daily, equivalent to 1.5 cups of coffee (8 ounces = 1 cup). For healthy people, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration deems a daily caffeine intake of 400 milligrams, or around 4 cups of brewed coffee, to be safe. However, the American Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises pregnant women to keep their daily caffeine intake to 200 mg (roughly 2 cups of brewed coffee).

    Children under the age of 12 are advised not to consume any foods or drinks that contain caffeine, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Caffeine intake for teenagers 12 and older should be capped at 100 mg daily.

     This is equivalent to two or three 12-ounce cola beverage cans.

    Caffeine and Health

    Many health issues have been linked to caffeine. Caffeine tolerance and responses vary from person to person, partly because of genetic variances. Some people can develop a tolerance to caffeine by frequently consuming it, such as by drinking a cup of coffee each day, which may cause the adverse effects of caffeine to lessen with time. The research below primarily focuses on the health effects of caffeine itself, even though we typically link caffeine with coffee or tea. For more information on the health benefits of coffee, tea, and energy drinks, visit our features on those drinks.

    Effects of caffeine

    There is no safe level of drug use. The use of any drug always carries some risk. It’s essential to be careful when taking any drug.

    Caffeine affects everyone differently, based on the following:

    • size, weight and health
    • whether the person is used to taking it
    • whether other drugs are taken around the same time
    • the amount taken

    The following effects may be experienced within 30 minutes after consuming caffeine and may continue for up to 6 hours:

    • feeling more alert and active
    • restlessness, excitability and dizziness
    • anxiety and irritability
    • dehydration and needing to urinate more often
    • higher body temperature
    • faster breathing and heart rate
    • headache and lack of concentration
    • Stomach pains.

    Children and young people who consume energy drinks containing caffeine may also suffer from sleep problems and anxiety.


    If a large amount of caffeine is consumed, it can also cause an overdose.

    Call an ambulance immediately by dialling triple zero (000) if you experience the following effects.

    • tremors
    • nausea and vomiting
    • abdominal pain
    • diarrhoea
    • rapid breathing
    • nervousness/anxiety
    • irritability/agitation
    • very fast and irregular heart rate
    • confusion and panic attack
    • Seizures.

    It is unlikely that a toxic amount of caffeine can be consumed from caffeinated beverages alone. However, large doses of caffeine are dangerous, and there have been deaths from people consuming caffeine in tablet or powder form.

    People who use caffeinated products, such as weight loss products or powdered caffeine for performance and image-enhancing aids, should ensure they know the recommended reasonable amount of caffeine per serving.

    Long-term effects

    Regular, heavy use of caffeine (such as more than 4 cups of coffee a day) may eventually cause:

    • anxiety
    • difficulty sleeping
    • ulcers
    • osteoporosis in post-menopausal women
    • irritability and headaches
    • dizziness and ringing in the ears
    • muscle tremor
    • weakness and fatigue
    • rapid heart rate and quickened breathing rate
    • poor appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
    • increased thirst, frequent urination or increased urine volume
    • irregular heart rate or rhythm
    • low blood pressure with faintness or falls
    • seizures, confusion or delirium

    Using caffeine with other drugs

    The effects of taking caffeine with other drugs – including over-the-counter or prescribed medications – can be unpredictable and dangerous and could cause:

    The effects of taking caffeine with other drugs – including over-the-counter or prescribed medications – can be unpredictable and dangerous and could cause:

    • Caffeine + alcohol: strain on the body and can mask alcohol’s sedative effects such as falling asleep, leading to drinking more, risk-taking behaviour and increased alcohol-related harms.
    • Caffeine + other psychoactive drugs: caffeine may increase the effects of other psychoactive drugs.2 It also has the potential to interact with over-the-counter and prescribed medications.


    Giving up caffeine after using it for a long time is challenging because the body has to get used to functioning without it. Withdrawal symptoms usually start within 12-24 hours after the last dose. The symptoms can last for around 2-7 days or even longer for people who consume a lot.

    These symptoms can include:

    • headache
    • marked fatigue or drowsiness
    • nausea
    • anxiety/irritability
    • sweating
    • dysphoric, depressed mood or irritability
    • difficulty concentrating
    • flu-like symptoms (nausea, vomiting or muscle pain/stiffness).


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    1. Gunja N, Brown JA. Energy drinks: health risks and toxicity. The Medical journal of Australia. 2012;196(1):46-9.

    Sri Lankan political illness

    Sri Lanka is a democratic, socialist republic and a unitary state with a semi-presidential government combining presidential and parliamentary forms. It is a parliamentary structure controlled by Sri Lanka’s constitution. A two-thirds majority in the Sri Lankan Parliament must modify the bulk of Sri Lanka’s Constitutional provisions. However, a two-thirds majority and popular vote must change some fundamental clauses, including language, religion, and the designation of Sri Lanka as a unitary state.

    The President of Sri Lanka is elected directly by the people to a six-year term as head of state, commander in chief of the military forces, and head of government. The President is accountable to the parliament for how they carry out their duties. A cabinet of ministers comprised of elected members of parliament is appointed and led by the President. When in office, the president is exempt from legal action for any actions taken or omitted to be taken by him in either his official or private capacity. The President’s term restriction, which was two, has been eliminated thanks to the 18th amendment to the constitution, passed in 2010.

    The 225-member Parliament of Sri Lanka is unicameral, with 196 elected in multi-seat districts and 29 using proportional representation. The community chooses members using universal (adult) suffrage under a modified form of proportional representation for a six-year tenure. After a parliament has been in session for a year, the president may call for, adjourn, or dissolve it at any time. The parliament must pass all laws. The Prime Minister, who serves as the President’s deputy, heads the ruling party in parliament and is responsible for various executive functions, primarily domestic ones.

    The Supreme Court, the highest and ultimate court of appeal, the High Courts, and many other lower courts comprise Sri Lanka’s judicial system. Its incredibly intricate legal structure reflects a variety of cultural influences. About much of the criminal law is based on British law. Roman and Dutch law are both references in fundamental civil law. Marriage, divorce, and inheritance laws are all communal laws. Thesavalamai, Sharia, and Sinhala customary law (Kandyan law) are also used in specific circumstances due to historical everyday practices and religion. The President chooses the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and High Court, judges. Lower court judges are appointed, transferred, and fired by a judicial service commission of the Chief Justice and two Supreme Court justices.

    Political Causes of the Ethnic War in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has several different ethnic groups and religions. Most people are Sinhalese, who also speak the language, primarily Buddhists with a small Christian minority. The largest minority group is the Tamils, who speak Tamil and are primarily Hindu but include a few Christians. The Sri Lankan Tamils, who make up the majority in the Northern and some areas of the Eastern Province, and the Indian Tamils, who were brought to Sri Lanka by the British in the 19th century to work on plantations in the Central hill country, are two separate Tamil communities, as was mentioned in the introduction. Muslims make up Sri Lanka’s third significant race; most speak Tamil, although they come from a distinct cultural and religious background from Sri Lanka’s Tamils (which is Islamic). The Burghers and Malays were among the smaller races. They were descendants of Europeans, primarily of Portuguese and Dutch ancestry. Although the British were responsible for uniting Sri Lanka as a governmental entity following the collapse of the Kandyan Kingdom in the 19th century, Western influence on Sri Lanka dates back to 1555. The Sri Lankan political system was fragmented and decentralised before British unity, with many centres of political authority held by the conquering powers’ indigenous inhabitants. In 1948, Ceylon4 won its independence from Great Britain through a peaceful power transfer. Nonetheless, numerous disputes have arisen in the nation since that time, with ethnic hostilities between Tamils and Sinhalese taking centre stage. This section outlines some significant post-independence turning points that have significantly impacted Sri Lanka’s civil war development.

    The first elect-Parliament in Ceylon passed the Citizenship Act of 1947, which resulted in the disenfranchisement of almost one million Indian Tamil immigrants who the British had hired to work on the plantations. In 1948, the Citizenship Act was adopted. The Citizenship Act had implications based on both class and ethnicity. The ruling United National Party (UNP), which considered the unionisation of Indian Tamils under a Communist flag a severe political danger, was terrified of it. Despite multiple Sinhalese political parties voting against the Act, G.G. Ponnambalam, the head of the largest Tamil political party, the Tamil Congress, supported the government. The Citizenship Act was a blatant attempt to suppress the opposition parties’ rural support base and cut across all ethnic boundaries (led by left-wing political groups). Two other legislative measures to reorganise the Ceylonese electorate were passed after the citizenship act. The Ceylon (Parliamentary Elections) Amendment Act, No. 48 of 1949, and the Indian and Pakistani Residents (Citizenship) Act, No. 3, were expressly directed against the estate Tamils of Indian descent and denied them the voting rights they had previously enjoyed, respectively. 11% of Ceylon’s population, or close to 700,000 people, are now stateless due to the Citizenship Act. The Citizenship Act’s ethnic overtones were not ignored, and one significant effect of the Act was the breakup of the Tamil Congress and the founding of the Federal Party (Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi) in 1949 under the leadership of S.J.V. Chelvanayakam, who saw the Act as an example of majoritarianism. The Federal Party promoted a federal system of government. The creation of the Federal Party is regarded as a watershed moment in Ceylonese politics because it recognised the Tamils as a separate nation from the Sinhalese. “The entire edifice of Federalist belief rested on the conviction that the Ceylon Tamils constituted a separate, distinct nation,” according to the Federalist website. With a platform of federalist principles and the devolution of power, the Federal Party ran for office in the 1952 elections. Still, the results were dismal: the party won just two seats. This demonstrated that Ceylonese Tamils had rejected the idea of federalism in favour of fighting for their rights within the current political system. It is evident that up to this point, the Tamils chose to pursue their political aspirations within the confines of the pre-existing constitutional structure. This would eventually alter, however, and the Federal Party would emerge as a significant political rival to succeeding national parties that were primarily Sinhalese. The Tamil Congress was supplanted as the principal minority party by the Federal Party in 1956. 

    Political steadfastness

    Sri Lanka combines a directly elected executive presidency with a parliamentary democracy. Conflicts between the president and prime minister have been widespread when different parties control the two positions, but the presidency usually wins. A unicameral legislature has a five-year term that is up for election. A method of proportional representation is used to elect 196 of the 225 members of parliament directly. At the same time, the other 29 are distributed to parties and organisations according to their share of the vote.

    The Sri Lanka People’s Freedom Alliance (SLPFA), which is made up of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), and 15 smaller parties, won 145 of the 225 seats in the 2020 parliamentary elections. The alliance remained the most prominent political force in parliament in July 2022 but has fewer members after 41 legislators decided to run as independents in April.

    Four political parties dominate the political scene. As Mahinda Rajapaksa quit his initial political vehicle, the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), with 44 lawmakers, the SLPP’s ranks considerably grew in 2018. In the same year, Mahinda Rajapaksa became the party’s new leader. Around 75% of Sri Lanka’s voters are Buddhist Sinhalese, and the party advocates a conservative stance favouring Sinhalese nationalism.

    Former president Maithripala Sirisena presently serves as the leader of the SLFP, founded in 1951. Mr Sirisena promised significant governance changes during the 2015 presidential campaign, including changes to the presidential system and anti-corruption initiatives. During his administration (2015–2019), he did succeed in limiting the presidency to just one five-year term. Still, ongoing conflicts with the then-prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, significantly hampered his reform plan.

    Founded in 1946, the United National Party (UNP) is headed by Mr Wickremesinghe. The party enjoys the backing of numerous corporate executives and receives significant support from wealthier, more affluent, and Westernized metropolitan areas. Following the 2015 legislative elections, Mr Wickremesinghe and the SLFP, its longtime foe, formed a National Unity Cabinet.

    Financial Statement Fraud

    Falsifying balance sheets, income statements, and cash-flow statements to deceive readers of financial statements is exactly what it sounds like. The fraudster can be after money for themselves or to keep the business running. One of the numerous types of accounting fraud is the use of false financial statements. These may entail several offences, such as perjury and securities fraud.

    Why Would You Fabricate Financial Information?

    Naturally, many individuals conduct financial statement fraud to benefit themselves. It is in their self-interest to overstate revenue on the income statement if their bonus depends on how much money their department generates. Upper management would fabricate financial information to make it appear otherwise if business performance was subpar to appease the owners.

    Management fraud schemes don’t always aim to enrich the perpetrators. Business owners may manipulate accounts to appear healthy to lenders or investors. They can achieve this by exaggerating income and asset values or downplaying the firm’s liabilities and debts.

    Common Fraudulent Techniques

    It is easy to falsify books. The tools are frequently essential:

    • Provide goods to fictitious clients, then charge the accounts for sale.
    • Claim fictitious sales revenue, for instance, by automatically assigning a dependable customer for future purchases.
    • Reporting expenses later in a billing cycle will make current earnings appear better.
    • Falsify an asset’s worth. The business must account for any value losses on the balance sheet, such as those associated with stock investments. By not doing that, the company’s assets appear to be worth more than they actually are.

    Individuals who commit fraud frequently employ several heuristics. They might also engage in other forms of deception.

    Fraud Warning Indicators

    According to auditors and fraud specialists, business owners can use several warning indicators to identify potential hazards. The warning signs are the same whether you’re looking at your own organisation or another one:

    • A manager or accountant who exceeds her means of support.
    • Someone with a financial history of difficulty.
    • The person is under intense pressure to perform and generate income.
    • Someone who struggles with control is unwilling to delegate tasks to others.

    Some indications concern the papers more than the individual:

    • Missing or changed paperwork.
    • Unaccounted-for objects and discrepancies.
    • Cash flow is stagnant, but revenue is increasing.
    • A substantial, unforeseen change in assets or obligations.
    • Performance at the company picks up before the fiscal year’s end.
    • According to the books, you’re succeeding while your rivals are failing.
    • Unaccounted-for loans or bonuses.

    Reversing the rot

    Call in an auditor if you suspect fraud is taking on. Yet, setting up the situation is preferable so fabrication cannot begin. A requirement is reliable internal controls. For instance, the person writing the claims should be someone other than the one reviewing them. Employees can more easily report questionable activity thanks to a hotline.

    Always follow your gut instinct. Ask if something seems off, and look further. If the answers need to be added up, look further.

    Sri Lanka’s vein graphite

    Carbon exists in its crystalline form as graphite. Graphene is layered in layers to make it. Under normal circumstances, graphite is the most stable form of carbon and is found in nature. In 1989, 300 kilotons of natural and synthetic graphite were used in electrodes, lubricants, and pencils. It turns into a diamond at high pressures and temperatures. It could be a better conductor of both electricity and heat.


    Because sedimentary carbon compounds are reduced during metamorphism, graphite can be found in metamorphic rocks. Additionally, it can be found in meteorites and igneous rocks. Quartz, calcite, micas, and tourmaline are the minerals connected to graphite. China, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Madagascar are the top exporters of mined graphite by tonnage.

    Troilite and silicate minerals are found alongside graphite in meteorites.

    Cliftonite is the name for tiny graphitic crystals found in meteoritic iron.

    Because of their unique isotopic compositions, some tiny grains can be used to date the formation of the Solar System.

    They are one of the about 12 pre-Solar System mineral kinds that have been identified, and they have also been found in molecular clouds. When supernovae detonated or low to intermediate-sized stars evacuated their outer envelopes late in their lifetimes, these minerals were created in the ejecta. The second- or third-oldest mineral in the universe may be graphite.


    Carbon sheets with trigonal planar structures make up graphite. Graphene is the name of the individual layers. The bond length of the carbon atoms in each layer’s honeycomb lattice is 0.142 nm, while the space between the planes is 0.335 nm. The relatively weak van der Waals bindings and the frequent presence of gases in layer bonds allow the graphene-like layers to glide past one another and be readily separated.

    As a result, the electrical conductivity parallel to the layers is roughly 1000 times lower.

    Alpha (hexagonal) and beta are the two types of graphite (rhombohedral). Their qualities are similar. They differ in how the graphene layers are stacked: ABA stacks in energetically less stable and less prevalent beta graphite, while ABC stacks in alpha graphite. The beta form can be mechanically changed into the alpha form, and when heated above 1300 °C, the beta form turns back into the alpha form.


    Graphite is entirely safe, environmentally beneficial, and chemically inert. It is divided into natural, macrocrystalline, and microcrystalline synthetic graphite. The graphite crystal’s basic building block comprises six carbon atoms in a hexagonal pattern. The two-dimensional lattices can be easily moved against one another yet are relatively stable within themselves.

    What is VEIN GRAPHITE?

    Vein graphite, commonly referred to as lump graphite, has a unique origin because it appears to have been created by hydrothermal fluids. Vein graphite has deposited with graphitic carbon contents above 90%, with purities up to 99.5% being feasible.

    The only nation that mines considerable amounts of vein graphite is Sri Lanka. The Bogala Mine in Sri Lanka, which supplies most of the nation’s graphite, is owned by Graphit Kropfmühl.

    Global Electric Automotive Battery market

    The advent of the automotive industry marked the introduction of electro-mobility. Electric vehicles were the first automobiles. For instance, the Electric Carriage & Wagon Company created a fleet of electric taxis that entered service in New York City in 1897. The first electric car to travel at 100 km/h did so in 1899. Research and development (R&D) for electro-mobility has become more critical during the 1990s due to worries about rising emissions and the brisk expansion of emerging economies.

    Additionally, the fluctuating price of crude oil and concerns about future scarcity drove businesses and government agencies to look into other alternatives and support the electrification of vehicles on the roadways. Global mobility will continue to rise in the future. Over 60 million road vehicles were sold in 2011.

    The global electric automotive battery market is experiencing significant growth due to the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the growing demand for clean and sustainable transportation. The development of the electric automotive battery market is driven by factors such as government support for the adoption of EVs, declining battery costs, and advancements in battery technology.

    In recent years, the electric automotive battery market has seen an increase in investment and development activity as major automakers and battery manufacturers seek to improve the performance and efficiency of batteries for electric vehicles. The development of more advanced battery materials and technologies, such as solid-state batteries, is expected to further drive the growth of the electric automotive battery market in the coming years.

    The Asia-Pacific region is the largest market for electric automotive batteries, driven by the growing demand for EVs in countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea. Europe and North America are also significant markets for electric automotive batteries, with growing demand for EVs and supportive government policies.

    In addition to the automotive industry, the electric battery market is also driven by the growth of renewable energy and the increasing use of batteries for energy storage. The development of these markets is expected to further drive demand for electric automotive batteries in the coming years.

    Overall, the electric automotive battery market is expected to continue its growth in the coming years, driven by the increasing adoption of EVs, renewable energy growth, and battery technology advancements.

    Vehicle Architectures 

    There is currently a wide range of different vehicle concepts covering automotive needs: 

    • Micro Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) are also referred to as start-stop systems because the engine turns off when the vehicle stops and starts automatically when the car is powered, 
    • Mild Hybrid Vehicles, which include the storage and re-use of braking energy
    • Total Hybrid Electric Vehicles which use the electrical storage system for relatively short distances,
    • Plug-in HEVs (PHEVs), which combine the advantages of an electric vehicle with those of a vehicle using a combustion engine, 
    • Electric Vehicles (EVs) are operated with electrical power only. 

    Micro Hybrid Electric Vehicles

     Micro Hybrid Electric Vehicles (mHEV) are hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Unlike full HEVs, mHEVs do not have a pure electric driving mode and rely primarily on the internal combustion engine (ICE) for propulsion.

    In an mHEV, a tiny battery and electric motor assist the ICE and capture energy from regenerative braking. This energy is stored in the battery and used for auxiliary power systems, such as air conditioning, lighting, and radio, reducing the load on the ICE. This results in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Belt-driven alternator starters (BAS) – a type of mHEV that use a belt-driven alternator to provide electrical assistance to the ICE and capture energy during regenerative braking.Start-Stop systems – an mHEV that automatically turns off the ICE when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarts when the driver presses the accelerator pedal.

    Mild Hybrid Vehicles

    Mild hybrid vehicles use a small electric motor and a battery to help the internal combustion engine work better and get better gas mileage. Unlike full hybrids, mild hybrids cannot run solely on electric power, and the electric motor provides only a minor boost to the engine, hence the term “mild.” Most of the time, these systems use a belt-driven starter generator to collect energy when the car slows down and boost it when it speeds up. They may also allow the engine to shut down temporarily at stop lights, improving fuel efficiency.

    Total Hybrid Electric Vehicles 

    Total hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) move with the help of both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor powered by a battery pack. The electric motor and the gasoline engine work together to provide the power needed to drive the vehicle, with the electric motor often used for low-speed driving and the internal combustion engine kicking in for higher speeds and heavy loads. The engine can recharge the battery pack or use regenerative braking. The electric motor acts as a generator, turning the car’s kinetic energy into electricity to charge the battery. This makes HEVs more fuel-efficient and lower emissions than conventional gasoline vehicles. Some HEVs can also run solely on electric power for short distances, reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

    Plug-in HEVs 

    Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are a type of hybrid electric vehicle that can run on an internal combustion engine and electric power from a rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged by plugging the car into a wall outlet or a charging station, which is why the term “plug-in” is usMost plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have bigger batteries than traditional hybrids, so they can go farther on electric power alone before the gas engine kicks in. combustion engine kicks in. This results in lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency, especially in urban driving, where electric power can be used for most trips. PHEVs also have the advantage that they can use gasoline for longer trips. This removes the worry about running out of gas and makes them a better choice for many drivers.

    Electric Vehicles (EVs)

    Electric vehicles (EVs) run solely on electricity stored in a rechargeable battery. They have an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine and produce zero emissions while driving. The battery can be recharged from an external source, such as a wall outlet or public charging station, and the time required to charge the battery entirely depends on the size of the battery and the charging station’s power. EVs offer several advantages over conventional gasoline vehicles, including lower operating costs due to the lower cost of electricity than gasoline, improved efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. They also offer smooth and quiet operation and instant torque from the electric motor for quick acceleration. However, the range of EVs is currently limited compared to gasoline vehicles, and the time required to recharge the battery can still be a drawback for some drivers.

    Battery Energy Storage  

    A method for storing electrical energy that relies on electrochemical charge/discharge reactions is known as a rechargeable battery. Chemical energy is utilised in direct proportion to the amount of electrical energy stored in a battery.

    Rechargeable batteries come in various designs and sizes, ranging from tiny button cells to enormous batteries used as backup energy storage in industrial applications. The four battery technology families that now rule the market have led to various chemical combinations being employed frequently: Nickel, Lithium, Lead, and Sodium.

    Energy can be stored in different forms as compressed air (pneumatic), flywheels (kinematic), thermal storage (heat), and hydrogen (chemical). Battery Energy Storage (“BES”) systems should be distinguished from other storage devices for several reasons. First and foremost, they are highly flexible and can be adapted to high-power and high-energy applications. When correctly selected or tailored, they are also highly efficient both during use and on standby. BES systems increase road vehicle applications’ overall efficiency– current and future. 

     There are two batteries in a hybrid electric vehicle, including a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle—a 12-volt battery and a hybrid battery, just like in a car with a combustion engine.

    Both batteries function fundamentally in a similar manner. They both have a positive and negative electrode submerged in an ion-rich fluid called an electrolyte. Ions, or atoms with an electrical charge, interact intricately with electrons to produce electricity.

    The 12-volt battery produces enough electricity to start the car. However, the hybrid electric battery has enough power to propel the vehicle.

    The second thing to understand is that a hybrid electric battery is a battery pack that contains and links several separate cells rather than a single battery or cell. For instance, the battery pack in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid comprises 240 cells. The real driving force behind the car is the sum of all its cell powers.

    Batteries made of nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)

    Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are a type of rechargeable battery that uses a hydrogen-absorbing alloy as the positive electrode (cathode) and nickel hydroxide as the negative electrode (anode). They were first commercialised in the 1990s and have become a popular alternative to traditional nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries.

    One of the main advantages of NiMH batteries over NiCad batteries is their higher energy density, which allows for a higher capacity in a smaller size and lighter weight. This makes them well-suited for applications where weight and space are at a premium, such as portable electronic devices and electric vehicles.

    Another advantage of NiMH batteries is their relatively low environmental impact, as they do not contain cadmium, a toxic heavy metal that can cause ecological damage. NiMH batteries are also more resistant to the “memory effect” that can reduce the capacity of NiCad batteries over time.

    However, NiMH batteries are typically more expensive than NiCad batteries and have a lower self-discharge rate, meaning they lose more energy when not in use. They are also more sensitive to overcharging and over-discharging, which can reduce their lifespan and performance.

    In summary, NiMH batteries are a popular alternative to NiCad batteries, offering higher energy density, lower environmental impact, higher cost and lower self-discharge rate. They are widely used in various applications, including portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems.

    Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

    Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are rechargeable batteries that have become widely used in various applications, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and renewable energy systems. They have several advantages over other types of batteries, including higher energy density, longer lifespan, and lower self-discharge rate.

    Li-ion batteries consist of a cathode, an anode, and an electrolyte, with lithium ions moving from the anode to the cathode during discharge and back during charging. They offer high energy and power density, so they can store a lot of energy in a small package and deliver it quickly when needed.

    One of the main advantages of Li-ion batteries is their relatively low self-discharge rate, meaning they lose relatively little energy when not used. This makes them well-suited for applications where the battery needs to be stored for long periods between uses.

    However, Li-ion batteries can be expensive and more sensitive to high temperatures, overcharging, and over-discharging than other batteries. Handling and using Li-ion batteries properly ensures their safe and effective operation.

    Overall, Li-ion batteries are an essential part of the energy storage landscape. Their widespread use has been a critical factor in the growth of renewable energy and electric vehicles.

    Global Electric Automotive Battery  Industry Outlook

    According to a recent report, the global electric automotive battery market was valued at approximately USD 21 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach a value of USD 54 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.3% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026.

    In terms of volume, the global electric automotive battery market is expected to reach over 100 GWh by 2026, driven by the increasing adoption of electric vehicles and the growth of the renewable energy sector.

    The Asia-Pacific region is expected to continue to dominate the electric automotive battery market, accounting for over 60% of the global market share by 2026. China is expected to be the largest market for electric automotive batteries in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by the growing demand for electric vehicles and the government’s supportive policies for adopting EVs.

    In terms of battery type, the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery segment is expected to dominate the electric automotive battery market, accounting for over 80% of the market share by 2026, driven by its high energy density, long cycle life, and relatively low cost.

    Overall, the growth of the electric automotive battery market is expected to be driven by factors such as the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, advancements in battery technology, and supportive government policies.

    The global electric automotive battery industry outlook is positive, driven by the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the growth of the renewable energy sector.

    The electric vehicle market is expected to continue its growth, driven by factors such as government support for the adoption of EVs, declining battery costs, and advancements in battery technology. As more consumers adopt electric vehicles, the demand for electric automotive batteries is expected to increase, driving the industry’s growth.

    In addition, the growth of the renewable energy sector is expected to drive demand for electric automotive batteries, as they are increasingly being used for energy storage. The development of more advanced battery materials and technologies, such as solid-state batteries, is expected to further drive the growth of the electric automotive battery industry in the coming years.

    The Asia-Pacific region is expected to continue to be the largest market for electric automotive batteries, driven by the growing demand for EVs in countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea. Europe and North America are also expected to be significant markets for electric automotive batteries, with growing demand for EVs and supportive government policies.

    Overall, the outlook for the global electric automotive battery industry is positive, driven by the increasing demand for electric vehicles, the growth of the renewable energy sector, and advancements in battery technology.

    Electric Vehicle Trends: Current and Future

    The electric vehicle (EV) market is experiencing significant growth, driven by declining battery costs, advancements in battery technology, and increasing consumer awareness about the benefits of EVs. Some of the current and future trends in the electric vehicle market include:

    1. Growing Adoption of Electric Vehicles: The demand for electric vehicles is increasing globally, driven by government support for the adoption of EVs, declining battery costs, and advancements in battery technology. As more consumers adopt EVs, the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure is also expected to increase.
    2. Advancements in Battery Technology: The development of more advanced battery materials and technologies, such as solid-state batteries, is expected to improve the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles and further drive the growth of the EV market.
    3. Increased Focus on Sustainability: There is an increasing focus on sustainability, and electric vehicles are a vital solution to reducing emissions and improving air quality. Governments worldwide are implementing policies to support EV adoption, and consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact.
    4. Expansion of Charging Infrastructure: To support the growth of the EV market, there is a need for the expansion of charging infrastructure. Governments and private companies are investing in the development of charging networks. New technologies, such as fast-charging and wireless charging, are being developed to make charging more convenient for consumers.
    5. Growing Demand for Autonomous Electric Vehicles: The demand for autonomous electric vehicles is expected to grow in the future, driven by advancements in autonomous technology and the increasing focus on sustainability. Autonomous EVs are expected to improve safety, reduce emissions, and provide consumers with a more convenient driving experience.

    Overall, the electric vehicle market is expected to continue its growth in the coming years, driven by factors such as declining battery costs, advancements in battery technology, and increasing consumer awareness about the benefits of EVs.

    Cryptocurrency’s role  in Sri Lanka  during the economic crisis

    Cryptocurrency, a digital currency that operates through an encryption algorithm, was warned by the Sri Lankan central bank with considering an illegal tender, and in accordance, there are no legal licenses or other authorizations for any entity in order to operate within Sri Lanka. Further, CBSL posted on their website “As per Directions No. 03 of 2021 under Foreign Exchange Act, No. 12 of 2017 issued by the Department of Foreign Exchange of CBSL, Electronic Fund Transfer Cards (EFTCs) such as debit cards and credit cards are not permitted to be used for payments related to virtual currency transactions, “It warned previously in 2018 and 2021 regarding this matter emphasizing that there are no authorized initial coin offerings (ICO) or mining operations and virtual currency exchanges within the country and in another hand Virtual currencies are considered “unregulated financial instruments and have no regulatory oversight or safeguards relating to their usage” within the nation. This warning emerged at a time when the domestic economy is considerably threatened by the sovereign-debt crisis. Sri Lanka fell into default in the month of May of this year and struggled to secure essential imports from other nations which leads to higher inflation year-on-year. This is a considerable fact when The total market value of final goods and services contracted by 1.6% in the first quarter of 2022 which was measured by GDP gross domestic product The falling value of local currencies due to the emerging economic crisis within the country leads people to more and more invest in Cryptocurrencies while the $2 trillion crypto market has dropped over 56% to $873.03 billion in value within a few months and this alternation is parallel to decline the privet and public markets deal flow activities. crypto started to take a place role in Srilanka with the emergence of the economic crisis while the rupee value is significantly decreasing comparatively to dollars because Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed and is facing a currency substitution risk. The country’s political leadership is working to get a bailout from the International Monetary Fund. this is a considerably time-consuming process as a negative result of not preparing for an upcoming economic crisis.

    Cryptocurrency in economic crisis

    in another hand, when it considering the Sri Lankan economic crisis, The most enticing fact regarding the Sri Lankan economic crisis is how predictable it was. a majority of people pre-arranged solutions for this crisis while the Sri Lankan government neglected this deficit. According to Dhananath Fernando, COO of Advocate which is an economics-focused think-tank based in the capital Colombo, “Economists have been raising red flags on the debt crisis since 2020” In another hand “I began taking large rupee-denominated loans in 2021,” said Saliya Gunasinghe.“I work for a foreign firm and earn dollars. I was able to borrow in rupees at a reasonable interest rate. I took loans and bought real estate, anticipating a crash in the value of the rupee.” In other words, When he bought his property, the dollar was worth 200 Lankan rupees. Now it is close to 370.“My repayments, in dollar terms, have almost halved and I anticipate they will fall further. I might end up getting my apartment for virtually nothing,” Gunasinghe said.

    By the end of 2020, many like Gunasinghe were preparing for the worst. For example, the cryptocurrency space generated a lot of interest.“People saw the central bank struggling to maintain an artificial currency peg. Many knew it would crash and started converting their cash savings to stable coins like USD-T,” according to Prashan Loganathan, an active cryptocurrency trader based in Negombo, a city on the western coast of the island nation.“Those who managed to convert at the rate offered a year ago are comfortable. Those who didn’t regret it.”

    Sri Lankans who minimized  the effect of the crisis

    “I began taking large rupee-denominated loans in 2021,” said Saliya Gunasinghe. “I work for a foreign firm and earn dollars. I was able to borrow in rupees at a reasonable interest rate. I took loans and bought real estate, anticipating a crash in the value of the rupee. “the amazing fact is When he bought his property, the dollar was worth 200 Lankan rupees. Now it is close to 370.“My repayments, in dollar terms, have almost halved and I anticipate they will fall further. I might end up getting my apartment for virtually nothing,” Gunasinghe said. By the end of 2020, many like Gunasinghe were preparing for the worst while certain people neglected. according to prashan Loganathan, a cryptocurrency trader in Negombo Sri Lanka “People saw the central bank struggling to maintain an artificial currency peg. Many knew it would crash and started converting their cash savings to stable coins like USD-T,” according to saman, a black market operative, who now reveals his surname Commodities were another arena. In 2021, merchants began to hoard stuff like sugar, flour, and cooking gas cylinders. “We bought these cylinders for 2,500 (Lankan rupees), but we are selling for a 4x-5x profit,” Rosie Wijesinghe, A homemaker In  Colpetty let her son persuade her into buying a power generator in 2021 by installing solar cells while there is a reliable power supply in the living area. this can consider a  wise decision because of the 13 power outages in the month of march. However, for every household that was relatively prepared for the crisis, there were several that were not. It seems that the Sri Lankan government has been the worst.

    An unprepared Sri Lankan government

    Sri Lanka has fallen from a significant trade deficit for decades. As debt matured, debt service was expected to remain high in the years after 2020. In 2022, the government plans to repay an amount equal to 90% of its total budget expenditures. according to Umesh Moramudali, economist and lecturer at the University of Colombo. “The government refused to accept the reality of a default. Then went on to make a series of policy decisions that further exacerbated matters,” The result is that the reserves of state commodities like fuel, flour and coal are completely inadequate to meet the crisis. Negotiations with the IMF to restructure the country’s apparently unsustainable debt began too late. With no way to import goods anymore, upper-middle-income Sri Lanka is now dependent on handouts from its neighboring countries. 

    optimistic view vs crypto frauds

    while Sri Lankan middle-income level people occur an optimistic view regarding the cryptocurrency trend that emerged during the economic deficit, there are several threats that should deeply consider. A Chinese couple was arrested regarding an Rs. 14 bil crypto fraud at Katunayake International Airport in Sri Lanka. According to the Police Spokesperson Attorney SSP Nihal Thalduwa, 8,000 Lankans were fooled by this Crypto deceit which was conducted together with a Sri Lankan person named   Lamahewage Shamal Keerthi Bandara. The police spokesperson said that Lamahewage Shamal Keerthi Bandara started this fraud in 2020 from an office located in World Trade Center, Colombo promising them great returns for their crypto investments. However, he was released on bail after being presented to the court, the police media spokesperson said.

    Cryptocurrency as a digital currency:

    Cryptocurrency is a digital currency operated through encryption algorithms, an alternative form of payment that exists only electronically and which able to buy through a phone, computer, or a cryptocurrency ATM. Bitcoin can consider a well-known one creating numerous Cryptocurrencies around the world.

    How do people use cryptocurrency?

    There are various reasons behind using cryptocurrency including quick payments, avoiding transaction fees that traditional banks charge, and remaining holding cryptocurrency as an investment with the intent of value increasement.

    How to buy cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency can able to buy through an exchange, an app, a website, or a cryptocurrency ATM while certain people buy it through a complex procedure named “mining “using advanced computer technology.

    Where and how to store cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrency can able to store in a digital wallet which consists of a wallet address online on a computer or an external hard drive. A wallet address is usually consisting of a long string of numbers and letters. The problem regarding this is if something happens to the digital wallet or crypto funds like being sent to the wrong person, losing the password, or the digital wallet being stolen or compromised, there is no party to respond to recover the funds.

    How is cryptocurrency different from U.S. Dollars?

    cryptocurrency merely exists digitally. therefore, it is different from traditional currency like U.S. Dollars. in another hand cryptocurrency is not promoted or insured by the government while no occur responsibility or obligation to hack cryptocurrency funds. The value of Cryptocurrency changes continuously and rapidly, even within one hour and the amount of the change can be significant which depends on various factors including supply and demand. Cryptocurrencies are more volatile than traditional investments like stocks and bonds. thousands of dollars worth of investment might decrease to hundreds and the dangerous fact is if the value decrease, there’s no guarantee it will increase again.

    Paying With Cryptocurrency?

    There are various ways to pay with Cryptocurrency and in another hand, it is certainly different from paying with a credit card or other traditional payment methods because it’s not protected by legal bodies like credit cards or debit cards. The considerable fact in Cryptocurrency payments, it’s not reversible or refundable. Therefore, assurance built through research regarding the seller’s reputation plays a major role when it comes to Cryptocurrency payments. Some information about your transactions may be public. The Majority of people exchange ideas regarding cryptocurrency transactions as anonymous But the fact is Cryptocurrency security is certainly different than it because the transactions are recorded on a public ledger or a public list, named a “blockchain. “and it might consist of pieces of information including transaction amount, as well as the sender’s and recipient’s wallet addresses. This information can be able to use To identify the people involved in a specific transaction. 

    How To Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams?

    Scammers are always seeking a way to steal money using cryptocurrency. To prevent cheating from a crypto con, certain practices should implement. The most important fact is, merely scammers demand payment in cryptocurrency. In another hand, no legitimate business will ask you to send cryptocurrency in advance and Only scammers will guarantee profits or big returns. The majority of deals emerging during dating sites or app is a scam and some of them use tried-and-true scam tactics including  Investment scams, impersonating businesses, government agencies, and love interests. Investment scams often promise to “make lots of money” with “zero risk, “which might start from social media or online dating apps or sites, text, email, or call. Crypto can be involved in  Investment scams in two ways as investment and payment. 

    Top Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers In 2022 – Competitive price

    Electricity is one of the three most important inventions of humankind. The other two are fire and wheel. Now that is better than electricity that powers our civilization? It is the electricity that can move. And, that’s where lithium-ion batteries come in.

    Once we learned how to make a power cell that can produce electricity, we have not looked back. With time, the torch has been handed from one technology to a better one. Right now, it lies with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are used worldwide in numerous electronic devices due to their superior advantage.

    Who makes this enormous number of lithium-ion batteries? That is what I’ll tell you. In this post, we will go through the top  lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

    Lithium-Ion Battery Buying Guide


    Dimension depends on the equipment you will use the battery on. For example, watches run on a thin circular lithium-ion battery. On the other hand, toys run on an AA or AAA-sized battery. So, you will have to choose a battery that fits the dimension.


    These batteries come in different voltages. They range from 1.5 volts to 220 volts. It depends on your application. If you want to power something big you will definitely need more than a 24-volt battery. Most household items run on less than 12-volt batteries.


    Ampere is the unit of the flow of electricity. This requirement also depends on the equipment you want to run.


    Capacity is how much charge a battery can hold. In this case, the bigger the better. Batteries with large capacity will require recharging or changing less often. But as the capacity grows so does the size of the battery.


    Recharge batteries will save you money in the long run. Although they are much more expensive than one-time batteries. In my opinion, it is better to have a rechargeable battery than going to the store and buying one every time it runs out of juice.

    Let’s take a look at the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Most of the lithium-ion battery manufacturers’ market share is owned by these companies.

    Tesla Logo

    Tesla is one of the top 10 lithium-ion battery manufacturers in the world in 2022. If Tesla should be known for anything other than their car, it is their high-performing lithium-ion batteries. Not only do they design and sell electric vehicles but also, they produce batteries for them.

    Currently, Tesla uses NCA chemistry to make their power cell. NCA stands for nickel cobalt aluminum. By 2030 they have planned to produce 3 terawatt hour battery. Which is more than 50 times increase in today’s available supply. It could be another game-changer if they manage to pull it off.

    Samsung Electronics group

    Energy solutions would not be the first thing on most people’s minds when they hear the word Samsung. Although they are world-famous for the sleek smartphones they make, Samsung also has a large footprint on the lithium-ion battery market as Samsung SDI is one of the top lithium battery companies.

    The lithium-ion battery they make are not only used in millions of smartphones but also in electric vehicles. BMW is one of many other car companies that use batteries produced by Samsung on a few of their EV models.


    Ecobalt mainly operates as mine development and mineral exploration company. Their headquarter is situated in Vancouver, Canada. As they extract themselves it is very convenient for them to make batteries themselves. It solves most problems caused by the long supply chain.


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    Loom solar
    Loom solar

    Loom Solar is an emerging Indian company with a huge online presence. Although they are mainly investing in solar technology, they have been working with lithium-ion batteries too.

    Their batteries are very cost-efficient and reliable. Unlike other companies on the list, their main focus is consumer-oriented. They offer inverter batteries at a very cheap price.

    Data Tune Business Leads specialist

    Data Tune is a specialist B2B telemarketing service with a no-nonsense approach. Whether working with a small business or a large manufacturing company, we are always thorough, inventive, and flexible.

    Our dedication and professionalism have earned us an unrivalled reputation for speed, accuracy, and reliability, as we supply highly efficient telemarketing services to various business sectors.

    We will work with you to maximize the success of any telemarketing campaign, either as an addition to your existing team or by providing a full sales support service.

    Telemarketing Campaign Process

    • We can source data for you by category and region, if required.
    • Agree a guideline script to ensure we gather the correct information.
    • All our team are fully trained on your aims and objectives.
    • Calls are monitored by the Project Manager to keep the campaign on target.
    • Results are passed to you each day or as required.
    • A full Project Management Report details all calls, contacts and strike rates.
    • Project Reviews assess the effectiveness and success of the campaign.

    We are happy to negotiate costs on an individual campaign basis, with no hidden fees and a unique introduction to telemarketing offer to give you a flavor of the opportunities we can create for your business.

    Data Lanka always provides you with a specific contact that will work on your telemarketing campaign to ensure that consistent results are achieved. Our telemarketing team act with honesty and openness, to bring you highly efficient marketing solutions.

    Populer Marketing Leads

    • Consumer lifestyle Data
    • GEO-Demograpic Data
    • Spending Data
    • Financial Data
    • Product Usgae Data
    • Media Usgae
    • Shopping Patterns
    • Behaviour & Psychographics

    Geo-Demographic Data  

    Current year estimates of population statistics including and related to age, dwelling, household, family, education, immigration, ethnicity, minority, home language, mother tongue, knowledge of other languages, labor force, employment, occupation, mobility, income, and religion.

    Financial Data  

    This data product describes the financial state of Sri Lankan households including disposable, discretionary, and investment income, fixed asset, number of credit cards and credit card payment habits, mortgages, vehicle, and student loans, lines of credit, credit card, and installment debt, savings, bonds, stocks, pension plans, the total value of liquid assets, the net asset value of the real estate and vehicles, household budget for unexpected expenditures, household contributions to pensions, life insurance, consumer investments in bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and real estate.

    Spending Data

    The estimated LKR amount of annual household spending on categories including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, household operations, home furnishings, art and antiques, equipment, health care, personal care, recreation, reading materials, education, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, financial services and insurance, gifts.

    Behaviour & Psychographics  

    • attitude about advertising
    • health consciousness
    • opinion about new products
    • brand loyalty
    • cost sensitivity
    • social networks and activities
    • lifestyle
    • opinion about work
    • interests and family life
    • attitude regarding self-esteem.

    Data Lanka can help with your next B2B telemarketing campaign. Request a callback using our contact form or give us a call on 0777940449 to talk through what we can do for you.

    Global Investigative Journalism Network

    The need for a sophisticated, multinational corps of investigative reporters has never been greater. We live in a globalized era in which our commerce—and our crimes–are multinational.

    Investigative journalists are now on the job in more than a hundred countries, following trails and connecting with their colleagues in a more organized, more profound way than ever before. They have become, in effect, the “special forces” of global journalism. To succeed, journalists worldwide need the best training and technology to do their jobs. That’s why the Global Investigative Journalism Network is here.

    Our Mission

    The Global Investigative Journalism Network serves as the international hub for the world’s investigative reporters. Our core mission is to support and strengthen investigative journalism around the world—with special attention to those from repressive regimes and marginalized communities. At the heart of GIJN is an international association of nonprofit journalism organizations. From its founding in 2003, GIJN has grown to include 227 member groups in 88 countries. Today, with staff based in 24 countries, GIJN works in a dozen languages to link together the world’s most enterprising journalists, giving them the tools, technology, and training to go after abuses of power and lack of accountability. Among our activities:

    Conferences and Training: Every two years, GIJN organizes and co-hosts the Global Investigative Journalism Conference. Since 2014, we have also organized the Asian Investigative Journalism Conference. In addition, GIJN trains journalists worldwide on investigative tools and techniques through other conferences, workshops, webinars, seminars, and online videos, working through our own programs and through those of our member and partner organizations. Our conferences feature a highly competitive fellowship program that has trained over a thousand journalists from developing and transitioning countries.

    GIJN Resource Center: GIJN’s free online Resource Center is used by journalists in 100 countries per day in 12 languages (English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bangla, Chinese, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu). With over a thousand tip sheets, videos, and reporting guides, the Center has become first-stop shopping for journalists embarking on stories worldwide.

    GIJN Help Desk: Since its set up in 2012, the GIJN Help Desk has responded to nearly 12,000 requests for assistance from around the world. With access to hundreds of experts on investigative techniques, data journalism, nonprofits, funding, safety and security, and more, the Help Desk responds to a wide range of requests.

    Capacity Building: Through GIJN Advisory Services, GIJN offers a range of resources, training, and assessments for watchdog media to build capacity. We can evaluate an organization’s editorial operations, business practices, fundraising, security, and legal exposure, and provide recommendations to strengthen sustainability.

    Publishing and Network-Building: GIJN runs multilingual publishing and social media feeds on 20 platforms in 12 languages, featuring trends, events, news, and techniques on investigative and data journalism worldwide. On an average day, viewers from 140 countries visit our main site. Our daily social media feeds, published in regional editions, run hundreds of items per month.

    Membership Services: GIJN provides services to its member organizations, such as discounted or free software; preferred access to GIJN’s Help Desk, Resource Center, and conferences; and pro bono consulting on fundraising, business practices, and advanced reporting techniques.

    Global Shining Light Awards: Every two years, GIJN gives out the coveted Global Shining Light Awards, given to journalists in developing or transitioning countries for outstanding investigative journalism under threat or duress.

    Our profession’s challenges are considerable – journalists jailed and shot at, stories censored and publications closed, harassment lawsuits, a lack of funding, training, and institutional support – but these are outweighed by the rapid progress we are making in spreading state-of-the-art investigative journalism to the farthest reaches of the planet.

    We invite you to join us.

    The Global Investigative Journalism Network was founded in 2003 when more than 300 journalists from around the world gathered for the second Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Copenhagen. Since then it has grown to 211 member organizations in 82 countries.

    Every two years, GIJN holds the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, which has brought together more than 8,000 journalists from 140 countries since 2001. GIJN also co-hosts the Asian Investigative Journalism Conference, and its member organizations hold regional conferences such as the African Investigative Journalism Conference sponsored by Wits University in Johannesburg. The initial global conference was held in Copenhagen in 2001; Other conferences have been held in Copenhagen (2003), Amsterdam (2005), Toronto (2007), Lillehammer (2008), Geneva (2010), Kyiv (2011), Rio de Janeiro (2013), Lillehammer (2015), Johannesburg (2017), and Hamburg (2019).

    At the Kyiv conference, delegates decided to create a provisional secretariat to better manage the GIJN’s conferences and increase its capacity to support investigative journalism around the world. The secretariat was officially launched in February 2012; its executive director is David Kaplan. The executive director and secretariat report to the GIJN Board, which consists of members elected by GIJN membership representatives.

    In 2014 GIJN registered as a nonprofit corporation in the U.S. state of Maryland. In July 2015, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service approved GIJN as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, allowing it to receive tax-deductible contributions.

    What Is Investigative Journalism?

    While definitions of investigative reporting vary, among professional journalism groups there is the broad agreement of its major components: systematic, in-depth, and original research and reporting, often involving the unearthing of secrets. Others note that its practice often involves heavy use of public records and data, with a focus on social justice and accountability.

    MagnifyerStory-Based Inquiry, an investigative journalism handbook published by UNESCO, defines it thus: “Investigative journalism involves exposing to the public matters that are concealed–either deliberately by someone in a position of power, or accidentally, behind a chaotic mass of facts and circumstances that obscure understanding. It requires using both secret and open sources and documents.” The Dutch-Flemish investigative journalism group VVOJ defines investigative reporting simply as “critical and in-depth journalism.”

    Some journalists, in fact, claim that all reporting is investigative reporting. There is some truth to this—investigative techniques are used widely by beat journalists on deadline as well as by “I-team” members with weeks to work on a story. But investigative journalism is broader than this–it is a set of methodologies that are a craft, and it can take years to master. A look at stories that win top awards for investigative journalism attests to the high standards of research and reporting that the profession aspires to: in-depth inquiries that painstakingly track looted public funds, abuse of power, environmental degradation, health scandals, and more.

    Sometimes called enterprise, in-depth, or project reporting, investigative journalism should not be confused with what has been dubbed “leak journalism”–quick-hit scoops gained by the leaking of documents or tips, typically by those in political power. Indeed, in emerging democracies, the definition can be rather vague, and stories are often labeled investigative reporting simply if they are critical or involve leaked records. Stories that focus on crime or corruption, analysis, or even outright opinion pieces may similarly be mislabeled as investigative reporting.

    Veteran trainers note that the best investigative journalism employs a careful methodology, with heavy reliance on primary sources, forming and testing a hypothesis, and rigorous fact-checking. The dictionary definition of “investigation” is “systematic inquiry,” which typically cannot be done in a day or two; a thorough inquiry requires time. Others point to the field’s key role in pioneering new techniques, as in its embrace of computers in the 1990s for data analysis and visualization. “Investigative reporting is important because it teaches new techniques, new ways of doing things,” observed Brant Houston, the Knight Chair of Journalism at the University of Illinois, who served for years as executive director of Investigative Reporters and Editors. “Those techniques blend down into everyday reporting. So you’re raising the bar for the entire profession.”

    Source From:

    10 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Business

    One thing that goes very well with every business is saving costs while being productive at work. There are many tools for entrepreneurs that allow them to run their businesses efficiently.

    From accounting software to employee time and attendance tracking solutions, you will find tools for every aspect of a business. From password managers for organizing your passwords to employee time and attendance tracking solutions, you will find tools for every aspect of a business.

    Now, it’s easy to get drained out of resources if you are investing money in all the tools. This is even true for small startups that have just started their business.

    Luckily, there are many free tools for entrepreneurs available in the market that can help you streamline and automate your entire daily operational activities.

    Gone are the days when people manually do every task — from data entry to the compilation of data for analysis.

    Today, companies rely on various business tools that assist their workforce in increasing their productivity.

    At least one SaaS, or software as a service, technology is used by 80% of companies. By 2026, the global Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is expected to be worth USD 307.3 billion.

    Companies are switching from six-day to four-day week. So how do these companies maximize the benefits of working less? By using productivity tools. Productivity tools help automate various repetitive tasks while promoting easy collaboration.

    1. Improves Work Quality

    With the use of the right tools like project collaboration software, managers can easily check the status of a project, review them, and share information and communicate in real-time. They can make adjustments that can improve the end result of the overall process.

    2. Boosts Employee Satisfaction

    Employee satisfaction can have a direct impact on their morale and productivity level.

    When your employees believe that you value their contribution and care about their quality of life, it keeps them motivated and engaged. By using productivity tools, you can make life easier for them.

    From automating redundant tasks like data entry to simplifying collaboration and streamlining communication, they can focus on more critical tasks. Besides, it brings transparency into the workplace, ensuring that workloads are fairly allocated.

    Morale is improved, people leave on time and have a more work/life balance. Well, happy employees are the ones who stick around.

    3. Provides Superior Customer Experience

    Let me put it this way.

    The productivity tools that we are talking about helps you complete tasks based on deadlines imposed by your customers. These business resource tools ensure that all your tasks are on schedule and you can deliver what you promised.

    In short, it makes your customers happy when you can meet their expectations.

    List of Free Productivity Tools That Every Entrepreneur Should Use

    It can be a tedious job considering how much entrepreneurs put in just to save some extra bucks.

    This article gives you a list of free tools for entrepreneurs that can save you a lot of money. Yes, you heard it right, FREE!

    1. Accounting: Express Accounting

    Accounting software

    Having good accounting software can help you track and manage your finances efficiently. Express Accounting is a full-fledged accounting software solution that comes at no cost. Multiple currencies, tax flexibility, banking related tools are a few highlights of the software. This powerful accounting software for small businesses is a must-have.

    You may also like to check Wave accounting if you need online accounting software.

    2. Invoicing: Nutcache

    Invoicing software

    Invoicing or billing software is available as a standalone application or an integrated solution with a full-fledged accounting system.

    A standalone invoicing solution can come in handy for companies that can’t afford a comprehensive accounting system. Try Nutcache, free billing software for small businesses.

    Nutcache, an online billing software, is completely free and promises to remain so for a lifetime. It can effectively manage quotations, online payment, outstanding follow-up, and many other business functionalities in relation to invoicing. The software, however, lacks recurring invoicing and purchase tracking.

    Various other alternatives to Nutcache include Justbill, Zoho invoicing, or Reeleezee, all of which are free for limited users.

    3. Human Resource Management Software: & Cavin HR

    Human Resource Management Software is a web-based HRMS for startups and SMEs that streamlines different HR activities. It has all the functionality of a good payroll software coupled with the human resource management features, such as leave reporting, employee self-service, etc. The software offers a free version for ten employees, making it a perfect choice for small startups.

    CavinHR software

    CavinHR is also a web-based human resource software that energizes users’ business. HR teams find it simple and easy to use, which helps them realize immediate productivity gains. CavinHR automates various HR-related tasks, allowing HR teams to focus more on people strategy. The solution is loaded with employee self-service, leave management, attendance and time tracking, payroll, performance management, and social tools for collaboration.

    If you are looking for paid software, here is our article on the Top HRM Software in India.

    4. CRM: Zoho CRM

    CRM software

    It’s no rocket science, CRM is a must-have tool for all businesses today. And, gone are the days when one had to sign big fat cheques to set up a CRM system for their business. Zoho CRM’s free version never lets you feel like you are using it for free. Email integration, sales automation, HR management, workflow automation, mobile support are a few of the many features it provides. On top of that, it is cloud-based that allows you to access it from virtually any place.

    Another CRM that you can try is Apptivo.

    5. Email Campaign: Reach Mail

    Email software

    Reach Mail is an email marketing service that allows you to send 15,000 free emails each month for up to 5,000 contacts. Email marketing is one of the most preferred marketing channels to reach out to a wide range of audiences. It offers you custom email templates, reporting tools, autoresponders, and social media sharing, to name a few.

    You can also try MailChimp, which provides 12,000 free emails each month.

    6. Collaboration and Project Management: Podio

    Collaboration and Project Management software

    Podio is a web-based collaboration tool that helps you work in teams with ease. Assign tasks, conduct online meetings, share files, or communicate internally — you can do this all from your mobile phone or tablet device. This free tool for entrepreneurs is a must-have for businesses working in teams on multiple projects simultaneously. You must keep in mind that Podio is free for up to 5 users, though.

    For bigger teams, you can go for Asana that supports 15 free users. Some other alternatives include HipChat and Zoho Contact Manager.

    7. Document Management Software: Google Docs

    Document Management Software

    Google Docs is a free tool for entrepreneurs. If you are not ready to pay for the expensive MS Office, Google Docs is here for you. It’s a web-based service wherein you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. And the best part is that all your documents get stored on your Google Drive. You can access it from anywhere, using any device.

    But if you are looking for an install-based MS office alternative, you can try Apache Open Office or LibreOffice.

    8. Video Conferencing Tool: Zoom

    Video Conferencing Tool

    With remote working becoming the norm these days, the meeting room conference has been replaced with video conferencing platforms. One such free tool for entrepreneurs is Zoom that seamlessly brings your in-person and remote teams together. You can use it to make free calls, host meetings, and conduct webinars.

    A few of the other best free video conferencing tools you can consider using are Skype and Google Meet.

    9. Appointment Scheduler: Calendly

    Appointment Scheduler

    Calendly is an excellent appointment scheduler software that allows you to book meetings and keep track of all your appointments in one place. The best part is that you can share your calendar URL with the available time slots, and your clients can book meetings at their convenience. It integrates with Wix and Google Calendar.

    10. : Canva

    Infographics maker

    People like to see visually appealing content online. Using free tools like Canva can help you create creatives for various marketing purposes, such as PPC ads, social media, magazines, and much more. It also comes in with plenty of free stock photography that you can customize to give your personal touch.

    That was a complete list of free tools for entrepreneurs that they can use to maximize their profits. However, not every useful tool can be free.

    1. G-Suite

    Google G-Suite

    Emails are very important when it comes to establishing professional business communication. G-Suite gives your business to have a valid identity of its own. Besides, it provides several other features that facilitate business functions in the areas of documentation, presentations, and more.

    Google Workspace Business Starter plan starts at ₹125 per user per month.

    2. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs tool

    Ahref lets you analyze your competitor’s website and understand what’s working for them and how you can improve. It enables you to better understand your customer’s needs. Every business today has an online presence. Ahrefs gives you insights on what your customers are searching for, which of your web pages are performing better, and much more.

    Wrap Up

    The list of free tools for entrepreneurs will help increase the overall productivity of your organization. So, what are you waiting for?


    Top 14 Free and Open Source Sales Force Automation Software

    Sales are the lifeblood of any business and sales force automation systems provide management automation and reporting to systemically improve sales performance to achieve corporate growth objectives.

    Sales automation technologies have increased exponentially in recent years and businesses are adopting these open source sales force automation software at a rapid pace to enhance productivity, fast-track the sales cycle and improve revenue. As the name implies, sales force automation (SFA) is basically the process of capitalizing on the efficiency of the repeatable processes a salesperson performs and doing so by leveraging the use of certain software.

    SalesForce Automation is the technique of using software to automate the business tasks associated with sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory management, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis, and employee performance evaluation.

    The SFA market has a cloud-based management solution and includes mobile platforms, partly driven by the increasing reliance by salespeople on mobile devices that need to access data on the go. Today, there are various free and open-source Sales Force Automation Software of which businesses can benefit from:

    1. EspoCRM

    EspoCRM open-source sales force automation enterprise tool is a boon for huge and small businesses alike. This dynamic software can completely automate the sales cycle of a firm and aid in enhancing lead generations, contact management, and relationship building. The software has some delightful communication utilities.

    The web application allows one to see, enter and evaluate all their company relationships regardless of the type. It is used extensively in a variety of sectors such as wholesale, e-commerce, banking, manufacturing, education, real estate, healthcare, and insurance. The software supports a host of languages and is available absolutely free of the cost being distributed under GPLv3, making it a must-try for budding enterprises!

    EspoCRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • End-to-end sales cycle management
    • Easily customizable to make sure it fits all your needs
    • Responsive design and utilizes the latest web technologies
    • Cloud and On-Premise version available
    • Multi-language Interface
    • 24/5 customer and technical support by phone, chat, or email
    • Contact can be related to multiple Accounts with specific roles of relationships
    • Can be integrated with the business website, accounting software, help desk, telephony, etc.
    • No user limitation in the on-premise version
    • Open architecture for third-party integration via API

    2. SuiteCRM

    SuiteCRM widely popular open-source Sales Force Automation Software is recognized as one of the best software available in the market today. It is ideal for small businesses that need economical tools to manage their daily operations.

    The contact management system in this sales automation interface is useful for employees who must communicate with former, current and potential customers. Sales can be automated at a large pace through this software, which further leads to revenue generation and increases in final profits. SuiteCRM is laden with various types of communication systems that are designed to convert sales online.

    SuiteCRM is completely open-source and is absolutely freely available to a global community of users and software developers. SuiteCRM is enterprise-ready and is displacing traditional vendors in large accounts.

    SuiteCRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Sales Automation and lead generation
    • Open Source and always free to download
    • Workflow module can streamline and automate repetitive tasks
    • Easy to set up and use website
    • Fully Customizable
    • World-class support from SuiteCRM experts or free support in the Community Forums
    • Blazing fast state-of-the-art hosting provisioned in seconds
    • Training to provide key product knowledge and best practices
    • ISO 9001 accredited


    Looking for SFA Software? Check out SoftwareSuggest’s list of the best SFA Software solutions.

    3. OroCRM

    OroCRM is an open-source sale automation system that has higher flexibility, integration, data aggregation, and data analysis capabilities on a customer-by-customer level. It’s aimed to work for any size company, in any industry, and across any platform.

    OroCRM is built-in with market automation tools for both sales and marketing. OroCRM considers every engagement as valuable and captures and links important information from all communications and sales channels into a single 360° view of each client.

    Since this is an open-source application, developers from around the world have complete and unfettered access to the source code free of cost.

    OroCRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Cross-channel sales data capture from all points of interaction
    • Complete B2B CRM for client relationship management
    • Integration with third-party platforms
    • Segmentation of client data for targeted marketing campaigns
    • Tracks eCommerce sales statistics like conversions, cart size, and response rates
    • Create custom tasks, events, and workflows without limitation
    • Fully customizable to the exact needs of the business

    4. CiviCRM

    CiviCRM is an innovative web-based, open-source Sales Force Automation software which endeavors to meet the business requirements of non-profit and other civic-sector organizations.

    The software delivers powerful enterprise tools for companies in the United States and other nations where English is utilized for business purposes. It is a lifesaver and largely simplifies sales optimization, marketing, and other logistics.

    CiviCRM can also be programmed to work with VoIP communication as well as real-time chats that occur through private messaging systems, making it versatile for any system. It is available for download absolutely free of cost and is utilized by millions of users across the globe.

    CiviCRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Enhances sales automation across multiple channels
    • Creates, segments, schedules, and manages bulk email lists
    • Creates reports utilizing over 40 standard report blueprints
    • Automated report delivery to one or more recipients via e-mail
    • Configurable and customizable user-friendly interface
    • Robust accounting control and integration system
    • Tracks complex multiple sequences of customer interactions or communications
    • Designs effective emails using templates and personalization
    • Prints reports across cases or for a single case

    5. Fat-Free CRM

    Fat-Free CRM is considered one of the best sales and marketing automation software with an open-source interface. This platform is designed to run on Ruby on Rails, which is a powerful script that is used widely worldwide for enterprise applications.

    Fat-Free CRM Software helps in all-around sales development by relying on innovative techniques such as personalization, contact management, and customization. It is a boon for businesses that do not have the capability to invest heavily in their IT networks. The software has a myriad of multi-dimensional tools which enable it close and formalize deals via the World Wide Web.

    Some of its varied features include group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact listing, and opportunity management. The best and most appealing aspect for business users is that this software is available for download absolutely free of cost, thus minimizing costs for your company and enhancing bottom-line gains.

    Fat Free CRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Open Source and free to download
    • Aids in the conversion of sales leads and opportunities
    • Highly customizable to suit business requirements
    • Organizes and maintains customer information
    • Seamless management of customer contacts
    • Manages activities such as meetings, employee tasks, phone calls, and follow-ups
    • Simple-to-use and intuitive user interface
    • Enables effective campaign and lead management

    6. Zurmo

    Zurmo is an ultra-favorite open source sale automation software that is mobile, social, and gamified in nature. Gaming mechanics, training, and guidance are effectively embedded in one holistic application so that a firm can accomplish critical goals.

    It is a purely open-source application that is free of technical roadblocks and encourages developers to build meaningful customizations, plugins, and integrations that are tested and supported to suit business needs. It has a number of unique and innovative features that are regularly updated to reflect the best customer service possible.

    The future updates with the firm do not interfere with the services that are already used by companies. The best part is that it is completely free and available for download from its website.

    Zurmo CRM


    • Seamless management and integration of contacts
    • Consolidated meetings, tasks, notes, and attachments all in one place
    • Provides a 360-degree view of accounts
    • Facilitates deal tracking by creating and managing opportunities
    • Customizes saves and shares reports
    • Meetings, Tasks, Notes, and Attachments all in one place
    • Creates and send e-mail marketing campaigns
    • Extensive documentation and Community Support
    • Multiple Timezone support

    7. Vtiger

    Vtiger powerful sales development software platform is a wonderful tool and can be used to automate various aspects of business operations such as logistics and sales.

    The workflow automation provided by Vtiger gives workers plenty of time to focus on other tasks that should be considered a priority in the office. It plays an important role in empowering sales teams with tools that enable them to know everything about their customers and build strong relationships. Vtiger CRM provides end-to-end sales cycle management and aids in lead generation, contact management, quotations, invoices, and support automation.

    The software is an open-source, user-friendly interface and is available absolutely free of cost for a 15-day trial. A sales starter plan can then be purchased for Rs. 600 per user per month.

    VtigerCRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Drive effective communication between cross-channel sales teams
    • Seamless contact and opportunity management to enhance sales
    • Group collaboration of tasks and activities
    • Aids in email marketing by designing powerful campaigns
    • Provides analytical, data-rich reports
    • Enhances workflow automation
    • User-friendly and updated customer portal
    • Automated inventory and case management

    8. SourceTap

    SourceTap highly valued application is a highly flexible Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool that meets both the needs of sales managers and organizational goals.

    The dynamic SourceTap software provides a powerful sales management system to improve a sales team’s productivity, allowing management to plan ahead of economic changes in order to effectively manage any market condition. The software makes available to sales representatives the information to develop accurate forecasts, seamlessly share data across sales teams, and configure products and services to meet the unique needs of each customer. It has a uniquely simple user interface that is designed to maximize productivity and support best practices across the entire sales organization.

    A small number of users are entitled to use the Small Installation Commercial License, which is absolutely free of cost. A larger group of users will have to purchase a SourceTap CRM Commercial license which has several customizable pricing plans.


    • Generates high accuracy sales forecasts
    • Shortens and standardizes sales cycles
    • Enables collaborative and consistent customer management
    • Instant access to communication such as email, notes, calls, and resolutions
    • Analyzes current and historical sales data
    • Aids in lead conversion
    • Customer and technical support by phone, chat, or email

    9. OpenCRX

    OpenCRX is a novel and revolutionary sales cycle management solution that meets the necessities of organizations requiring multifunctional, enterprise-wide coordination of sales generation, sales fulfillment, marketing, and service activities to customers, partners, suppliers, or intermediaries.

    The software is engineered to work with many popular applications and other utilities that are published by IT giants. The standard installer comes with Apache TomEE which allows installation with a few clicks on any operating system or cloud service supporting Java.

    OpenCRX is the optimal tool for small to mid-sized companies that do not have deep pockets to invest in IT operations. It is an open-source Sales Force Automation Software, which means it is available to companies absolutely free of cost! It serves as a godsend for firms and aids in increasing the bottom-line profits, maximizing productivity, and saving critical time.

    Open CRX open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • 360° view of customers across contracts, activities, products, and status
    • Sales lead and conversion generation
    • Manages products, prices, and price lists in multiple currencies
    • Coordinates workflow, tracks, and monitors project-related incidents and activities
    • Syncs and manages e-mails, contacts, and calendars
    • Highly customizable to fit individual user requirements
    • Integrated account management
    • Flexible pricing rules allow the implementation of any desired pricing algorithm
    • Open Source and free to download.

    10. Bitrix24

    Known for its multi-level assistance without costing you much, Bitrix24 is open-source sales automation software. Starting from communication to website designing, it takes care of everything. It is a great tool to never miss out on any sales event and business opportunity. You can easily integrate your emails with the calendar and the software will notify you as the event approaches.

    The software offers four types of task dependencies which are FF, SS, FS, and SF. This facility makes sure that you finish up your tasks within the set timeline and resources. Its free version is available for 12 users at a time. The software also offers a virtual telephony facility. Its document library has WebDAV support for all universal access. The software brings internal and external communication over a single platform and enhances its dependability.

    Bitrix24 open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Comes with app support.
    • You are allowed to choose between on-premise and cloud-based software integration.
    • Offers Intranet and private social network over a single platform.
    • You can create unlimited groups with this.
    • Offers customizable Kanban boards for tasks and projects.
    • It allows you to create a full-fledged online product catalog.
    • Free hosting.
    • Can be upgraded to paid services later on.

    11. Salesmate CRM

    Salesmate CRM is award-winning free sales force automation software that helps to mitigate the risks and increase sales outputs. It automates the sales tasks such as follow-up calls, reminders, and demo schedules. At the same time, it also helps you achieve them on time.

    With its iOS/Android-based app, you can easily track sales activity on the go. Its biggest advantage is a visual sales pipeline that helps end-user to gain an insight into every sales operation. Additionally, it offers you a shared inbox facility to improve the collaboration. You can also generate specific team inboxes and share the information privately.

    Salesmate open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Filtered and segment-wise searching.
    • Auto sales activity tracking.
    • Can send bulk emails and SMSs.
    • 2-way email sync.
    • Insightful sales forecasts help you fabricate your sales strategies.
    • The best option for SaaS-based start-ups.
    • Offers in-app texting facility.
    • Smart emails generation facility that makes email tracking an easy job.

    12. Bizom

    Bizom is a data-driven sales force automation that leverages your daily sales operations by manifolds. The simple implementation of this dynamic software helps end-user to learn about the loopholes in sales strategies.

    Sales forecasting is easy and accurate with this software. One can also generate sales motivators for the team and put in place them diligently. You can improve your sales figures by selling the products which are in high demand. The software does the proper market analysis and helps you identify your best-selling products. You can create a category wise product catalog and send order suggestions to vendors and customers. Along with the sales force automation, it offers distributing and retail management facilities as well.


    • Easy-to-use interface and easy learning curve.
    • Keep you posted about the progress of each sale with the activity dashboard.
    • A great tool to generate digital collaterals.
    • Social-media-supported sales gasification is possible with its help.
    • Geotagging in orders is now possible.
    • Easy data import and export.
    • Click-to-dial feature for easy calling.
    • It comes with the pre-designed beat and journey plans with geo-tagging.

    13. amoCRM

    If you are struggling to integrate sales and CRM together then amoCRM is your ultimate help. Offering a full suite of CRM and B2B leads management solutions, amoCRM can easily boost your sales figures. The software maintains a centralized database of your business which is accessible from anywhere.

    A winner of the Experts’ Choice Award 2018, amoCRM delivers great service in revenue generation and lead management. It can be deployed as Cloud, SaaS, and Web-based. Its customer satisfaction algorithm feature is totally applauded worthy.

    You can easily know about your customers’ issues and create remedial actions immediately. It is also possible to merge the duplicate entries and compress your database as per the need easily with this software. The software is also a great tool to sync and collect all the emails over a single platform.

    amoCRM open source Sales Force Automation Software


    • Various in-built social media messaging apps with users and group permission facility.
    • Automated digital sales pipeline that improves core operations such as lead nurturing, feedback forms generation and performance tracking.
    • Social media-based app interface that makes it a user-friendly tool.
    • Full-email integration allows the end-user to auto-sync the clients’ email, generate event reminders in email, and send bulk email.
    • One-click dialing solutions with activity reports.
    • Free of cost cloud sync.
    • You can limit the visit by blacklisting the IP addresses.

    14. SAN SFE

    SAN SFE is a free sales force automation software that takes care of all your pharmaceutical business needs. Powered by AI and enhanced by geotagging, the software gathers location-based information from your sales team. You can easily find out which marketing executive is operating in which area.

    The software easily gathers the lead, nurtures them, and turns them into business opportunities. A blessing for pharma companies, this sales force automation software makes sure each territory is fully covered.  The software also makes sure that you are tracking the performance of your team and acknowledging the performances.

    One can easily do talent t acquisition in its pharmacy company by using this software. The software allows you to do customer-based field force optimization and distribution. So, you can allow more medical representatives in an area where the customer base is large.


    • The software has a feature-rich iOS and Androids native app.
    • You can increase your HCP engagement with physicians by using its SAN CLM facility.
    • The software allows the user to create need-based geo-fencing in and around a particular territory.
    • You will get instant alerts and notifications on your mobile phone.
    • Detailed performance metrics to identify the performers
    • SAN SFE can be customized as per business requirements and goals easily.
    • Impressive graphical representation of your sales figures
    • Easy email integration
    • Quick sales target distribution

    These open-source Sales Force Automation Software tools are sure to transform the way you are running your business, help you capitalize on sales, and can ensure that your firm will touch new heights. They are a sure-shot formula to success and need to be given a try for sure!

    Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

    The bottom of a lake or an ocean is an ever-changing place. Water flows back and forth in shifting currents. Sunlight heats the sand and darkness cools
    it back down. The sand itself moves, unveiling rocks and man-made objects of
    the peculiar shape underneath.
    Two key technologies—sonar and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)—
    have provided us with relatively ubiquitous access to this complex and remote
    landscape. Commercial and academic
    participants are now figuring out how to
    apply advanced computer vision technology to undersea surveying. When
    these vision systems are based on biologically inspired deep neural networks,
    they are commonly considered a form of
    artificial intelligence (AI).
    Object Detection and Classification
    For ground and air vehicles, computer
    vision technologies are now widely used
    to identify and classify objects from
    video. Identification and classification
    promise two key benefits for undersea
    exploration. First, they promise to automate the analysis of the seafloor. Current workflows rely on AUVs taking
    sonar data and physically transporting it
    back to the surface for expert analysis.
    Automated object detection will allow
    experts to save hours of time and focus
    mainly on validating an AI’s findings.
    Second, object detection should enable greater autonomy for AUVs, which
    are largely preprogrammed. Future
    AUVs will be expected to not just collect
    seafloor images but to perceive what
    those images mean and take immediate
    action, such as moving closer to an interesting object for reinspection.
    The development of object detection
    for undersea applications has lagged behind those for air and land, but it is catching up. Charles River Analytics recently
    released an object detection software
    product called AutoTRap Onboard™,
    which joins a select field of undersea object detection solutions. The current version of AutoTRap Onboard was developed
    in partnership with Teledyne Gavia and
    has been tailored towards use on their
    Gavia AUVs. It has been shown in sea
    tests to detect and classify certain types of
    mine-like objects with a high degree of accuracy, and to do so in real time. Importantly, the software platform is readily extensible to detect other objects and to run
    on other platforms and sonar systems.
    (The current release version is optimized
    for side scan sonar systems manufactured
    by EdgeTech.)
    Modular AUV components like AutoTRap Onboard are a relatively recent development, as are AUVs themselves.
    Ocean science and industry stakeholders
    began to widely adopt commercially
    available AUVs in the early-to-mid 2000s,
    according to Arjuna Balasuriya, Principal
    Scientist at Charles River and product lead
    for AutoTRap Onboard. AUVs emerged as
    a viable technology at that time due to advances in onboard computer processing
    power and battery lifetime.

    Top 10 Money Earning Games in Sri Lanka

    Who doesn’t love to play games online? 

    Super-additive for some, games teaches you how to be super focused at the same time.

    Better yet when you’re earning as you play, isn’t it? 

    Whether it’s sitting in the train during a commute or waiting for your friend to arrive at a café, games can be a perfect stress-buster helping your brain to perfectly cope up with the surrounding chaos in an engrossing and entertaining way. Believe it or not, from shooting zombies to scoring touchdowns, or completing missions with friends online, video games online provide a surreal escape from the reality from the everyday hustle and bustle.

    According to dollarsprout, in 2017, real money earning games helped highest earning gamer pocket $2,436,772.40. It is also reported that Nearly 73% of people ages 4 to 20 own at least one video game console. It is not a less known surprise that long gone are the days when only console video games grew in popularity. It’s the generation of millennials getting an invitation from Grandma to play Candy Crush. Nowadays all the wannabe game developers spend a lot of money and endless amounts of time all in search of the next great gaming experience.

    Is it possible to get real-time money while playing games?

    It is an agreeable fact that considering gaming as a way to earn money so as to completely replace your full-time job can be really costly. From paying for reliable gaming gear or business startup costs, switching to a full-time gaming profession can possess a real big-time risk. In fact, people can earn anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per month simply by playing real money earning games in their free time.

    Different genres of money-making games include

    •Arcade, Words


    •Platform games.

    •Shooter games.

    •Fighting games.

    •Beat ’em up games.

    •Stealth game.

    •Survival games.

    •Battle royal.

    •Survival horror.

    Here is the List of Top 10 money earning games in India:

    1. Dream11
    2. QuizWin
    3. Ace2Three
    4. Rummy Circle
    5. My11Circle
    6. 8 Ball Pool
    7. Loco
    8. Pokerbaazi
    9. Qureka
    10. Paytm First Games Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    8,133 Votes

    Dream11 is an eSports gaming platform that allows football fans to play fantasy football with a minimum of Rs. 100. It is offered by FANTASY SPORTS INFO and currently has 10,000+ installs.

    Dream11 comes with a flexibility to choose players—forwards, defenders, mid-fielders, and a goalkeeper so as to form a team. It also allows to pick a captain and vice-captain and choosing them wisely will increase your overall score. It has Big prize pool and small prize pool kind of contests and the player can follow the live match and monitor the players’ performance in the game.

    The players need to be keen on the knowledge of domestic players. The inexperienced player can start with a smaller budget before playing in the big leagues.

    Mobile Premier League (MPL) Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    3,239 Votes

    MPL is offered by digital track and has nearly 45 Million+ installs. It is an incredible contest and also one of the India’s Largest Mobile gaming  Platform in India

    It is the latest trivia game which offers many games  such as Bloxmash, Carrom, Chess, Rummy, Chess, Fantasy Sports, Quiz, Rogue Heist, Poker, Carrom, Fruit Chop, and more. MPL is the complete package of Entertainment, lots of prizes and Knowledge. In fact, the application lets you browse through more than 60 games on your Android device. The interface divides the games into different categories, such as action, sports, adventure, fantasy sports, etc Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    1,165 Votes

    Ace2Three which has more than 8 million players is offered by Head Infotech India Pvt has about 5,000,000+ installs and is rated 3.8 on the play store.

    It is a popular variant of card games and has a world-class interface that allows all Rummy lovers to play Rummy card games for Free and Cash both. One can choose among 2 or 6 player tables, joker or no joker variations and each game last for one deal only where the winner gets the chips from the other players depending on the count and entry value. It offers free rummy tournaments and a Multi-Table Tournament where many players can compete against each other. Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    1,677 Votes

    Rummy Circle is a 13-card game and is the largest online rummy game in India that is offered by Ultimate-Games. The fact that more than 10 million people trust the game as a source to earn money during free time is inclusive of the growing popularity of the game.

    It is a part of Play Games 24×7 and the best part is that the biggest prize pool reaches a whopping Rs. 4 crores. One can download the app for free and register to play right away with a minimum of Rs. 25. Its user-base comprises of 5 Million users with a rating of 4.5/5 and approximately 1,98,272 total votes and 10,000,000+ installs

    One needs to quickly sort the cards to form a minimum of two sequences and sets after pick from the closed or open deck and discard unwanted cards. Here a sequence is a combination of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. Its pure sequence is made with three or more cards of the same suit in sequential order made without a joker. Its impure sequence is made with three or more cards of the same suit in sequential order made using the wildcard joker and printed joker. Its Sets is formed to complete the grouping of 13 cards made up of three or four cards of the same value and different suit using the joker to group sets.

    My11Circle Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    272 Votes

    My11Circle is a eSports fantasy cricket game played by approximately 13 million people. It has a total rating of 3.9/5 and is upvoted by 641 users with 100,000+ installs. In this game, the user can make a team of 11 members by selecting from a pool of 25 or 30 players. The performance of the 11 players gets you points as the live match begins which your final score gives you a ranking.

    It is offered by Tech Makhni and one can start playing with a minimum of Rs. 25. The wining amount depends on the tournament, which includes domestic and international and the contest. It allows you to form and manage a team including your very own team of bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders, and wicketkeeper and join a contest that suits your budget.

    8 Ball Pool Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    1,641 Votes

    8 Ball Pool has around 500,000,000+ installs and is offered by It has 4.5 ratings on the play store. It is the biggest multiplayer pool game. In this game, the players can set their shot power by clicking the left mouse button, then dragging the pool cue away from the direction you’re aiming.

    8 Ball Pool comes in 1-on-1 matches, and also allows entering multiplayer tournaments for the billiards crown. Players can Grab their pool cue and see how many shots they can make before time runs out. The players get a time bonus for every time they pot a ball. A new rack of balls is given on reaching down to the last ball. The mouse to aim the pool cue at the ball you want to pot.

    Loco Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    740 Votes

    Loco has around 10,000,000+ installs and is offered by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited. It has 4.1 ratings on the play store. It was started in November 2017 by the former marketing lead at ed-tech startup Unacademy. The best part is that multiple people are playing the game simultaneously, and the prize money of Rs 12,500 gets shared among the winners.

    Loco invites users to play a quiz in real-time wherein the quiz takes place twice (1:30 pm and 10 pm) on weekdays, and once (10 pm) on weekends. It comprises of a charismatic host that asks users 10 multiple choice questions, offers them ‘lives’ to come back into the game if they are eliminated, and rewards them with cash prizes that are credited in their Paytm accounts. Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    571 Votes

    Pokerbaazi is India’s number one online poker site that is offered by Baazi Networks Private Limited. It has ratings 2.7/5 on the Apple play store. It offers cash games and tournament poker formats of no-limit hold them and pot-limit Omaha. Cash games are available in six-max and nine-handed formats, while tournaments are available in a wide range of buy-in levels.

    It uses several core aspects of Mathematical, Psychological and Strategic Analysis such that not all cards have the same priority and it is up to each player to make the best card combination from the ones that are dealt with him. It comprises of Hole Cards where two random face-down cards dealt with each player on a table and Community Cards where five cards put face-up on the game table. Players use them to make their respective card combinations. A player strives to make a winning card combination using his two Hole Cards and a fixed number of Community Cards to make the best five-card combination.

    Roz Dhan Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    1,156 Votes

    RozDhan is an Indian app which has got more than 10 million downloads at the Play Store and is loved by its users.This is basically a money making app for those people who basicaly want to earn without doing so much .There are simple steps which you need to follow to earn money Such as :Inviting Friends, Loging In/ Check In, Read Artivles, Push Notification, Sharing the app. This App provides you with lots of opportunities to actually earn money in the form of coins. In this app 250 coins is equal to 1 rupee, so you need to earn as much coin as you can to reach the withdrawal limit of Rs.200.

    Paytm First Games Photo1
    Rating and Reviews
    374 Votes

    Paytm First Games has around 1,000,000+ installs and is offered by GamePind. It has 3.7 ratings on the play store. It is the ultimate destination for game lovers who also like to endorse in contests, trivia & everything entertainment. Their interface is easy.

    It features a huge collection of games like Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, Ludo to name a few. Its Casual Games section comprises Cut the Rope, Badland, Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze to name a few. It has a total of 300 games. It is noteworthy that some of the prizes that are valued more than Rs. 10, 000 are subjected to Income tax rules. The best part is that any virtual coins, cash, gold, gems and diamonds, points, etc. that you earn cannot be converted into real cash.

    Above is the list of 10 most common money earning games that one can get engrossed and earn at the same time.

    How to Look for Trusted Online Casino

    With thousands of different online casinos out there, choosing the right one that fits your preferences and ticks all the boxes on security, safety, and reliability may not be the most straightforward task. Online casino players who want to enjoy fair gaming sessions and have realistic winning opportunities must find the right gaming venue. There are several important factors to take into consideration when looking for an online casino.

    One of the essential features to look into when choosing an iGaming venue is it’s licensing. Before players register at an online casino and make their first deposits, checking its licensing is necessary. In most cases, online casinos that are licensed and regulated by respectable iGaming regulatory bodies have met the strictest standards, requirements, and guidelines to ensure the safest iGaming environment. Online casinos that are licensed and regulated also offer fair gaming sessions and, in most cases, work with renowned third-party testing agencies to ensure the fairness of all of their games.

    Casinos that are licensed and regulated also have a collection of policies in place that keep their customers’ highly sensitive private info safe at all times. To know whether an online casino deserves your attention or not, the best option is to look for trusted online casino reviews. Before you check reviews left by other players, consider checking reviews left by well-known affiliate sites. So, how to look for trusted online casino reviews?

    Finding Trusted Online Casino Reviews

    Today, numerous online casino sites working in the industry publish online casino reviews almost on a daily basis. The amount of information readily available to all internet users is quite outstanding. Therefore, online casino players may feel a bit overwhelmed especially if they are not sure whether online casino reviews they have found are to be trusted. Casino affiliate sites or sites that publish online casino reviews are not always honest in their interpretation of online casinos’ services and products.

    Many online casino affiliate sites promote different casinos’ bonuses and gaming libraries without painting an accurate picture. Essentially, some online casino reviews players come across online act as advertisements for iGaming venues and do not provide important information that sets apart an excellent online casino and an online casino that should be avoided. Then there are reputable review sites that speak honestly about online casinos, their services, and products.

    These sites, such as always publish unbiased, very detailed online casino reviews that do not promote online casinos but give essential, valuable information to players who are just starting their iGaming adventure. Unbiased, thorough, and trusted online casinos that deserve your attention provide a wealth of information about online casinos’ licensing, gaming libraries, software providers that power their gaming libraries, banking options, customer care services, and of course, bonuses and promotions.

    What Trusted Online Casino Reviews Include?

    According to this Statista report, the global online gambling industry was worth over US$262 billion back in 2019. The same report suggests the iGaming industry will reach a value of US$266 billion by the end of 2021 and continue to thrive in the years to come. As one of the most profitable, fastest-growing industries globally, the iGaming industry welcomes new online casinos almost daily. With so many different online casinos active in the industry, setting apart trusted online casino reviews and those who do not deserve your attention is extremely important.

    All trusted online casino reviews share crucial licensing information. As mentioned at the beginning, without accurate licensing information, you cannot know for sure whether an online casino has done everything in its power to protect your and other players’ personal, confidential information. Without accurate licensing information, you cannot know for sure whether an online casino has met all the strictest industry standards, requirements, and guidelines.

    Online casinos that have failed to meet these industry standards, guidelines, and requirements do not operate as they should. Registering at such iGaming venues puts your personal information and even your hard-earned money at risk, and this is something nobody wants to experience while gaming online. This is where trusted online casino reviews come in very handy. They share all-important licensing information and examine online casinos’ reputations when compared to other casinos.

    Trusted online casino reviews also examine online casinos’ KYC and fairness policies. Most reputable online casinos operating in the industry today have clear terms and conditions and perform Know Your Customer age and identity verifications. Online casino reviews published by affiliate sites you should trust provide this vital information in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Hence, you know what to expect upon registering and making your first deposit.

    Sites that publish unbiased, detailed online casino reviews also explore online casinos’ bonuses and promotions. They check new-player or welcome bonuses featured, examine their terms and conditions, and take a look at their wagering requirements. They also provide accurate information about other bonuses and promotions such as no deposit, free spins, and reload bonuses. When turning to a trusted online casino review, all the most crucial information about bonuses and promotions is readily available.

    Unbiased, trusted online casino reviews also take a look at online casinos’ gaming libraries. The variety of online casino games that an iGaming venue offers is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new online casino. Fortunately, trusted online casino reviews and experts working on them provide this information. In addition, they take a look at online casino’s payment options, check all available deposit and withdrawal options, examine processing fees if they apply, and examine withdrawal pending times.

    Freelance Zero to Hero

    Freelancing has always been a common “hobby” for creative
    professionals like designers and writers, but in the last
    a decade or so, creative pros have started leaving the nine-to-five
    life in droves.

    Now, this post isn’t meant to lure you to the “dark side” of
    freelancing, but to explain why it’s become the fastest-growing
    a professional group of our time (and will continue to be).
    But if you’ve even thought about taking the leap, now maybe
    the best time in history to do so.


    Why has freelancing become so popular?

    Surprise! The answer is tech.
    Every aspect of workplace logistics now has an app that lets
    you join up and chime in from anywhere.
    And if you can work from a laptop anywhere in the world, why
    bother spending time at a desk?
    To add fuel to the fire, much of the work traditionally done by
    creative professionals (like web design), has been greatly sped
    up by similar technological advancements.

    This gives freelancers an all-new ability to take on more than
    one project at a time. Leading many creative professionals
    wondering: Why to work for one person/company/project, when
    I can now work on many at the same time?
    These shifts in tech have led to a similar shift in attitude. Years
    ago, the idea of leaving a stable job to pursue your “craft” was
    *cough* stupid. Freelancing was something you did at night
    before bed, like a hobby or after-school project — not a career.
    Yet more and more people are taking the leap into the
    unknown. Leaving their nine-to-five cubical cells for the
    freedom of becoming a digital nomad.
    And freelancers aren’t the only ones who find the freelancing
    life seductive. Companies are following suit.

    Companies are driving the shift to freelance

    In an interview by PBS, author Richard Greenwald stated that
    companies as large and prestigious as NASA and IBM have
    been turning to freelancers at an accelerated rate. And they
    aren’t alone, with the likes of Pinterest, OpenTable, Panasonic,
    Unilever, NBC, and many (many) more right beside them.
    But why?

    I’ve found that there are 3 core reasons why freelancers make
    sense for business:

    1. Cost/affordability
    Although many freelancers charge a premium rate, the
    vast majority undercharge for their work (stop it!). These
    low rates make it extremely attractive for companies to
    hire freelance workers.
    2. Flexibility
    Many freelancers enjoy their flexible lifestyle, and companies
    are no different. The cost of hiring a full-time employee
    stretches beyond salary and insurance, including time and
    commitment in training, culture, etc. With contract workers,
    companies can cut these costs and gain the flexibility to
    hire/fire at any time.
    3. Speed
    Having both freelanced and hired contractors for a company,
    I can say that freelancers work faster. Maybe it’s the freelancer’s
    sense of urgency about completing the project and moving
    on. Maybe it’s the fact that the business can skip traditional
    onboarding/training. Maybe it’s that freelancers can skip
    meetings and internal politicking. But whatever the cause,
    freelance projects often move much faster than in-house jobs.

    All of which means that freelancers can now blend their flexible
    lifestyle with the opportunity to work with some of the largest
    and most respected companies in the world.

    It’s not all roses
    I’ve spent plenty of time on both sides of the fence, being a
    full-time freelancer and a full-time desk jockey. Both have
    their pros and cons, but here are a few things you should
    know before jumping into the freelance world.

    Taxes suck
    They suck no matter what, but they suck harder for contract
    workers. As a self-employed contractor, you’re not only
    responsible for paying your own income taxes, but also
    self-employment taxes.

    To make it more complicated, you must also be prepared to
    track all money going in and out of your business to prove it.
    You can’t count on HR to handle your monies. You are HR.

    This problem is typically a symptom of early-day freelancing,
    but you will overcome it. Not necessarily because you’ll
    always have work lined up (although you might), but because
    you’ll start to charge enough to keep you floating (happily)
    between projects.

    Still, it’s a bit harder to manage ongoing expenses like rent,
    utilities, food, etc. without a consistent paycheck. This is why
    I recommend starting your freelance career as a side project.

    When you aren’t worried about basic living expenses, you’ll be
    more likely to take on better projects (as opposed to whoever’s
    willing to give you money).

    It’s lonely…
    Most freelancers who’ve been doing it a while will agree:
    Freelancing can be lonely.
    At first, it’s nice not having to leave your house or see another
    human being for days at a time, but eventually, you begin to
    miss the team environment of your office.

    I learned that the best way to combat this was to simply put
    yourself in additional social situations. Instead of meeting
    clients over the phone, offer to meet in person or at least
    over video chat. Instead of working from home every day,
    head down to your favorite coffee shop, or better yet, a local
    coworking space.

    Is it worth it?
    Yes. There’s nothing more empowering than knowing that
    every dollar you make is an exact reflection of the work you
    put in. If you work a few extra hours over the weekend, that’s
    more money going into your bank account — you can’t say
    that for your typical salaried job.
    Plus, many of the pitfalls of freelancing can be resolved by
    simple preparation and planning. Yes, there will be hurdles,
    but when aren’t there?

    Wait for the second part.

    How to find freelance work?


    source: John MW


    Vega tuk-tuk

    As the prices of goods increased day by day and the desire to buy a vehicle was limited to a dream, the Vega innovation company created a little hope. They say they hope to sell an electric three-wheeler that is less expensive than a Bajaj three-wheeler.

    OK, let’s start with the world market, not just in Sri Lanka. According to Dr. Beshan Kulapala or the inventor of vega, the demand for electric three-wheelers in the world market in 2019 will be around 28 billion and by 2027 that amount will increase to 32 billion. Although there is a small problem with this data, there is a slight difference according to the data we can find ($ 1100.60). Right now we can get a rough idea of ​​the demand for this.

    Now let’s look at the design of the electric three-wheeler. Like the current electric three-wheeler, this one can go a hundred and one hundred and twenty kilometers. The rear seat can only accommodate 3 passengers. Also, according to Dr.Kulapala, a large space has been created to carry goods in this design. This is a really good idea because shipping a few items costs a modest amount of money today. The cost of transportation is a major factor in the rising cost of goods. The Vega effects platform 2022 will be launched by combining a lot of small ideas like this.

    Considering the electric three-wheelers that have been developed in other countries and in our own country, there is one unique feature that is that it has a solar system installed on its roof.

    When the superior design is presented to the market in practice, many questions have to be answered. According to Dr. Beshan Kulapala, it was intended to carry out the production process in Sri Lanka as planned, but later it was possible to start production in another country as a larger project. He gives a good example. Master is of the opinion that there is no need to take the teeth of the horse if it is possible to bring investment to the country through such a design.

    Dr. Beshan points out that the entire design and production process was done by Sri Lankan engineers and is 100% a Sri Lankan brand. The solar panels, batteries, and electric motors used in this will be imported. Now don’t tell me how this can be a 100% Sri Lankan product. There is no company in Sri Lanka that manufactures electric motors. This can be remedied later. But at the moment this production has to be taken from another country to start, Dr. Beshan explains.

    Here is a list of competitors who have to compete with the world’s key players

    • Atul Auto Limited.
    • Chongqing Zongshen Tricycle Manufacture Co. Ltd.
    • J.S. Auto Pvt. Ltd.
    • Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd.
    • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
    • Piaggio & C.SpA.
    • Scooters India Limited
    • Terra Motors Corporation
    • Bodo Vehicle Group Co. Ltd.
    • E-Tuk Factory BV.

    Vega is not the basic foundation of electric three-wheeler culture. The previous government in Sri Lanka introduced the electric three-wheeler by the Lanka electric vehicle association. You can see the full description at the following link.

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) has also provided a comprehensive analysis of the electric three-wheeler. You can find out more about it at the link below. Engineer Sanjaka G. Weerasinghe, representing Sri Lanka, has contributed to this program held in the United States in 2009.

    Let us now conclude the description. The master hopes that Vega innervation will be able to make this design a 100 percent success, representing Sri Lankans. I wish again that the whole plan is successful, leaving aside the culture of lopsided in the country in the past. If you also have an idea let us know below. We do our best to take design to the world. thank you.

    Paraqum Technologies (Pvt) Ltd

    Paraqum Technologies provides high-end electronic design solutions for customer specifications at affordable costs while maintaining high quality. We offer a wide range of services including PCB design, Embedded Systems design, FPGA-based designs, and Firmware development.

    Paraqum at a glance
    Paraqum Technologies was found in 2013 as part of an initiative by the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, University of Moratuwa as means of expanding the Electronic industry in Sri Lanka. We were one of the first companies to start developing Video compression solutions based on the latest High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard which was published in January 2013. By December 2014, Paraqum Technologies became the first to demonstrate 4K real-time HEVC decoding on a commercial grade FPGA – breaking the frequency barrier to decode 4K in real-time at less than 150 MHz. Simultaneously we were developing real-time Network Analytics solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection technology which can analyze high speed network traffic in real-time up to the application level. In early 2016, Paraqum Technologies released the first of a series of Network Analytic products that provide real-time visibility in high-speed networks up to the application level. These network analytic products give the user unprecedented visibility on what’s happening in his network at any given moment. This was later followed by the release of the Traffic Shaper product series, which not only provides visibility but also gives the user the ability to exercise unprecedented control over the usage of his network, which in turn brings about a host of advantages that increases productivity. With this networking product lineup, Paraqum Technologies is able to provide a complete network management solution to a broader customer segment ranging from small-scale businesses to large enterprises as well as Internet Service Providers and Telecom Operators. By now our product lineup has been revamped through the integration of advanced features and performance optimization to meet the heightened customer demands!

    Dr. Ajith Pasqual is the founder and CEO of Paraqum Technologies. He is a senior academic with close to 25 years’ of experience at the Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering at University of Moratuwa, the premier engineering university in Sri Lanka. He has served as the Head of Department of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering and also as Director/Center for Information Technology Services at the same university. He received his B.Sc. Engineering degree with First Class Honours from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering in 1993, M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from The University of Tokyo in Computer Vision in 1998 and 2001 respectively. His primary research interests are in Computer Vision, Application Processors and SoC Architectures and he leads the Reconfigurable Digital Systems Research Group at the University of Moratuwa which work in the area of hardware acceleration, novel architectures for application specific processors and SoCs to improve performance and power efficiency. Since 2004, he has been focusing heavily on reconfigurable logic systems and their applications in Computer Vision, Video Compression, Mobile Communications, Networking and Bio Signal Processing. He is driving the initiative to create an Advanced Electronics Design Industry in Sri Lanka and was instrumental in setting up the Facilitation Center for Advanced Electronics Design at University of Moratuwa to support startup companies in Electronics.

    Wondering how Insight and Control can make a difference in your service delivery?

    With rapid technological advancements and increased usage of consumer devices, a basic Internet connection no longer meets customer expectations. While network traffic is growing denser, subscribers rely on ISPs and Telcos for a seamless service delivery. May you be a Mobile Operator or a Fixed Broadband Operator, you must be aware of what is going through your network link at all times in order to optimize your service planning. Deliver improved service plans to your subscribers through evaluation of customer patterns and proper bandwidth management. Retain your customer Quality of Experience by offering your subscribers visibility and control over their network link as a VAS. Stand out from the competition.

    Network Analyzer

    Paraqum Network Analyzer is a network analytic and report generation tool which delivers Real Time visibility into your network at millisecond level sensitivity. This highly granular device can be used to inspect, analyze and troubleshoot your network as a whole or at user level.

    The system has the ability to generate detailed reports of application/bandwidth usage and trends of network or subscribers. The device can be used to measure the bandwidth and the Quality of Service parameters of a network link at many granular levels. Our network analyzer can be deployed as a passive probe or as an in-line device


    • Layer 2 to Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) based real time network analytics
    • Zero packet loss and insignificant latency
    • Millisecond-level probing
    • Alert and Report generation
    • QoS monitoring
    • 1G/10G Ethernet interfaces with failsafe-enabled design
    • Active database of more than 800 Application Signatures
    • Separate User Portal for subscriber Login
    • API to migrate subscriber analytic data to existing customer management platforms

    Paraqum Network Analyzer contains some unique features which ISPs can offer to their subscribers as “Value Added Services”.

    • Live and Historical data visualization up to Application level
    • Comprehensive management reports

    Paraqum Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, 106, Bernard Botejue Business Park, Dutugemunu Street, Dehiwala 10350, Sri Lanka.

    Phone: +94 11 2 099700

    AMK Food products

    AMK was founded in the year 1989. It later became AMK FOOD EXPORT (PVT) LTD when incorporated as a limited liability company on 04th of July 2001. The company is situated within the Maharagama Industrial Zone and boasts of a well-equipped, certified modern factory.

    AMK Foods specializes in preparing preservative-free bottled delicacies, locking in the flavor of 100% natural ingredients. It is one of the market leaders in the field of processed foods in Sri Lanka and enjoys an exceptional reputation in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Korea, Switzerland, Japan, and other prestigious markets.

    AMK foods are made from the best natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives to provide optimum nutrition and maximum taste. AMK foods are made from the best natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial preservatives to provide optimum nutrition and maximum taste


    At AMK we manufacture and market more than 100 products. However, we haven’t showcased all our products on this website. You see only our specialty products like our curry pastes and the more popular products.

    The major buying point for you is that our full bottled product range is the only artificial preservative-free range available for Sri Lankan products in the market today.

    We have followed tradition by bottling most products rather than canning them due to two main reasons.

    The main reason is that through our unique pressure steam heating process we are able to bottle our products without artificial preservatives and coloring. The major benefit of this method is the original taste is maintained through the lifespan of the product.

    The other main buying point for you the customer is that one can see the actual product inside the bottle rather than just a picture on a can. As for our range of curry powders, we blend and mill these completely in-house using our own specialized pin mill machines. These products are completely metal-free as most of the average curry powder has a minute metal content due to the milling equipment currently used in Sri Lanka. Our AMK products are certified by many international institutions. Each product has a comprehensively mapped production process thus maintaining a very high level of constancy in quality and taste.

    Company Vision :

    To become a market leader in Sri Lankan processed food industry.

    Company Mission :

    To supply tasty and hygienically preserved Sri Lankan food to urban consumers and the Sri Lankan ethnic market overseas.

    Why AMK food is so good:

    Amidst the sea of unhealthy foods surrounding you at the grocery store, it can be challenging to find products without added artificial colors and preservatives. By focusing on certain kinds of food, your shopping trips can be much less daunting. Focus on buying whole foods that are fresh, unprocessed and unpackaged, because many processed and packaged foods contain additives such as coloring and preservatives. Read ingredient labels when shopping for food to identify artificial colorings such as red, blue and yellow dyes, and preservatives, including BHA, BHT, sulfites, and nitrates.

    At AMK we strive to be different. Our processed food range does not contain any artificial preservatives. There are many natural preservatives like sugar, salt, vinegar, etc that can be used effectively to preserve foods.. in conjunction with modern technology. For instance, we use a state-of-the-art high-pressure steam autoclaving machine to effectively kill all the harmful pathogens within the bottles in our bottled range.

    We use vacuum packaging for some other products. Also, most of our recipes are painstakingly developed so that the products can retain a low water content as such products can be preserved for longer periods safely using our techniques.

    We are probably the only Sri Lankan company that doesn’t add artificial colors and preservatives to our processed products range.

    This offers definite health benefits to those who choose AMK products over others. The other major difference is taste. Artificial preservatives change the way products taste. We are able to keep our products smelling and tasting the same as home-cooked food using our ingenious processing skills.

    Eat healthy Eat smart with AMK.

     How To Become A Dealer :

    We at AMK are looking for Dealers in the following Countries,

    • The United Kingdom
    • The United States of America
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • EU Countries
    • UAE
    • Middle Eastern Countries

    As a dealer for AMK products, you can be assured that you are marketing a premium brand.

    A key feature of the AMK product range is that most of our products do not have any artificial preservatives colors and flavors. This can be used as a major selling point to promote our products in the international segment.

    As for our overseas operation, we are looking for two types of dealers.

    1. Direct Dealers – an importer who will be appointed as a distributor on a regional basis in large territories.

    2. Distributor – a sole distributor on a nationwide basis in smaller countries.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in being a part of AMK’s global network of operations.

    Contact Information:


    62, Katuwana Industrial Zone


    Sri Lanka.

     T : +94 11 2855634

    T : +94 11 2892215

     F : +94 11 2748010

    E :

    Ancient knowledge brought into the 21st century.

    The science of breathing is not new. Forms of breathing training can be traced back thousands of years. We have taken that knowledge and made it understandable and accessible to everyone.

    Improved respiratory strength

    Stronger breathing muscles enable athletes on all levels to improve their performance in high intensity, as well as in endurance sports. Training your breathing muscles, primarily the diaphragm prolongs the time until they fatigue, and thereby prolonging oxygen supply to muscles used during exercise.

    Increased accessible lung capacity

    Airofit improves your Vital Capacity, which is the actual amount of air you can get in and out of your lungs. Stretching your diaphragm and intercostal muscles allows you to decrease the residual volume and increase the amount of usable air. This, of course, is interesting for athletes, as well as patients with asthma or COPD.

    Boosted anaerobic threshold

    To work harder, our muscles require more energy than can be produced using oxygen. Our bodies cannot supply enough oxygen for such high performance. Getting your muscles used to an oxygen-deprived environment ensures a prolonged ability to perform at high intensities for longer periods.

    Decreased stress levels, improved mindfulness, and relaxation

    Meditative breathing patterns stimulate your Vagus nerve, allowing you to achieve better relaxation. From those who need to boost recovery between sports events to those who work in stressful environments and need to relax after long days in the office.

    Starting a Balloon Business

    Hi there!  I am so excited you are here!  The fact that you are reading this means you are looking at starting or have just started your own balloon business and I want to congratulate you on taking the first steps on what will be the most amazing journey!  When I started my business there was no help. I knew I loved creating balloons (it was a hobby that grew into a business all on its own) and there were loads of courses for learning the skills to create amazing balloon art but none for how to actually run your own balloon business.  I have seen far too many businesses fall by the wayside in their first 12-18 months and for this reason, I started the Balloon Biz Academy.

    I offer loads of FREE advice here on the blog and in my FREE Balloon Biz Community to really help you drive your business forward… Starting a business is a course in itself, I am not going to lie… in this article, I am going cover the real basics but if you are serious about growing a business, and don’t want to waste the next 12-18 months trying to work it out by yourself, be sure to check out Starting Your Balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide. An interactive eBook and video masterclasses will get you growing your business fast because we all have bills to pay.. am I right?! So let’s get started together and look at what you really need to know about starting your own balloon business.

    Growing a business is not just about creating amaizing balloon art its about learning the skills you need to run a profitable and successful business.  The Balloon Biz Academy was created to help you do just that!
    Growing a business is not just about creating amazing balloon art it’s about learning the skills you need to run a profitable and successful business. The Balloon Biz Academy was created to help you do just that!


    Homebased business: Balloons & Venue Decor Can be very profitable!

    First up let me tell you that running a balloon business can be extremely profitable.  Of course, like any new business it’s going to take a lot of hard work and without a road map some of this will come down to trial and error but it is absolutely achievable. A quick visit to the balloon forums will show you lots of businesses making a profit and growing year on year, many of them only offering simple classic decor but doing it well and in volume!. If you are looking for a business that is easy to start from home with low start-up costs then a Balloon and venue décor business might just be what you are looking for! It’s never been such an exciting time as it is now in the industry and if you are looking for a creative venture you will be amazed at what can be achieved. Most skills required to create balloons can be learned but it does help to have a creative streak and an eye for what looks good!  Having a business road map will help you get the growth you need in the quickest time to build the best foundations for a successful balloon business!

    Balloon Business Types – What sort do you want?

    So what types of balloon business are there?  Well, the first one you think of is maybe a retail shop on the high street selling balloons and party supplies, but you don’t have to have a shop many balloon businesses owners work from home or at least start working from home.  You can do balloons for people to collect from your home or you can go out to local venues and supply balloons on their own or with venue décor.  Some people also provide inflated balloons for sale at festivals and events like a street trader or offer balloon twisting to entertain at parties.  Over time, lots of people also add on other services such as venue décor, children’s party entertainment, hire and rental props, etc but many stay as a true Balloon business.

    Whichever type of balloon business you would like to operate my essential advice is to start simple and grow over time.  Complicating things at the beginning often stops people from getting started in the first place and a year later they are still contemplating starting a balloon business!  Take action today and get ready to start the greatest adventure of your life!


    Balloon business for sale – to buy or start from scratch?

    Whether you should start a business from scratch or buy an established balloon business is a question I hear a lot.  By purchasing an established balloon business you hope to bypass the teething problems of getting out there and getting known, and start your business journey further down the road, in the hope this will guarantee success.  If you purchase an already successful balloon business and know how to run a business, then absolutely this is a fantastic option. The only problem is, too many balloon businesses are sold because they are not as successful as hoped. Combine that with the fact that running a business is a journey and a progression of skill and knowledge for new entrepreneurs.  It’s about learning the skills as you go and taking on a fast-paced busy business without developing those skills first can be stressful and overwhelming. The key questions to ask yourself are a) is the balloon business truly successful and b) am I ready to run a successful and very busy balloon business straight away or would I be better to start slowly and build my skills and confidence along the way?.

    If you decide to opt for an already established business then make sure you do your homework first, as sometimes it’s more cost-effective to purchase equipment etc yourself.  Also make sure you check, if you are buying a business with orders in the diary, that the pricing and profit reflect the sort of balloon business you want to run. The industry often sees people selling balloon businesses because they have been charging way too low and hence they can’t get their business established properly.  The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money, in order to buy a business, that is operating at a loss or with very little profit at the end of the day! Word of mouth is key in this business so ask around about the company, and see what potential customer’s opinions are, as it can take time to let people know there is new ownership and you want to know you are purchasing a company of good standing locally.

    If you decide to start a business from scratch know that generally these do take longer to establish but the key benefit is that as the business grows so do your skills as a balloon business owner and your ability to keep up with the momentum.  Taking courses in running a balloon business will of course fast track the growth of your business and generally, the investment you place in your own development is likely to pay greater dividends in the long run than the cost of buying a business because ultimately the success of the business will come down to your ability to lead it in the right direction.


    Do your research – Get your business legal and ready to trade!

    One of the biggest things I would tell you is before you make any decisions about your balloon business is to do some research and learning about what you need to do to set up your balloon business.  This will enable you to understand your local marketplace and decide the best type of business, the structure of the business you need, what insurances and permits you need to trade, who you need to register with to pay taxes, and what direction you need to start off your business journey.  These are the fundamentals that you need to get right so you don’t end up in trouble or with huge fines. Learning through trial and error is definitely not the way to go with the taxman and ignorance is no defense so you really need to get to grips with this from the start.

    You will also want to put together contracts/terms and conditions to protect yourself and the customer and create business processes to ensure things run smoothly and you deliver the highest possible customer service.  If you intend to employ staff you need to make sure you are meeting the regulations in terms of registration, insurance, and working conditions.

    To ensure a smooth start to your business it’s useful to have a roadmap or checklist to follow so you can take action daily to move your new balloon business forward.  It’s so easy to run off in all sorts of directions and go round in circles when running a business. Having a clear path to follow makes life so much easier and guarantees greater success.  Ultimately the most expensive commodity you will have as a balloon business owner is your time. Believe me, there is never enough of it and knowing how to spend it most wisely is what will grow your business the quickest.

    Making your business legal and fit for purpose can be one of the most worrying times for many people when first starting up a balloon business. You want to make sure you get it right and not land up in trouble for not doing something you should have done, or finding out later you have done it wrong! In Starting A Balloon Business: The Ultimate Guide I teach you step-by-step, not only how to legally set up and register your business in the UK or USA, but also the type of things you NEED to include in your terms and conditions to reduce the headaches later. You can access it here:

    Step-by-Step Set Up To Make Your Business Legal


    Balloon business names

    One of the questions I see frequently is what to name the business.  After all, you can’t buy a domain name, grab a Facebook page/Instagram profile, or order business cards until you have decided!   Whilst ultimately you can call your business any name you want (provided it’s not been trademarked or registered previously) it’s often best to name your business something that has relevance to what you do and can grow with you as your business grows.

    From an online search (and let’s face it that’s how the majority of customers find you nowadays) perspective, it really helps if you have the word balloons (and also venue décor if you plan to provide this too) in your business name. For example, if you want to call your business the pink frog or the green apple it makes far more sense to call it the pink frog balloons or the green apple balloons so people instantly know what you do and search engines will recommend you when people search for balloons locally on google or social media.

    Emotive descriptive words can also help if you know the type of clients you are looking for. Choosing a name that will stay with you and last can be tricky because you really don’t want to have to go through the hassle of having to change the name later, but equally, you don’t want to spend too long deciding that you never get going either!.


    Equipment needed to start a Balloons business

    The good news is that to start a balloon business you don’t actually need too much equipment.  You will need a basic air pump (hand and/or electric), a sizing guide to inflating the balloons correctly, a helium tank, and a helium inflator if you are going to offer helium balloons. You will also need some balloons – latex and foil, weights and ribbons, scissors, and some 260Qs for fixing air-filled designs. You will also need some way of talking to customers by phone and the internet as a lot of orders come that way.

    If you are starting a home-based business you can purchase a lot of the balloon supplies as you go depending on the orders you get (although there are some designs it’s good to keep in stock all the time as they do sell well and are often last-minute orders). You will also want some initial practice stock to get practicing with and create portfolio pieces you can then use the photos from to sell to your customers.

    Starting a retail store requires a lot more stock to get started as you will be looking to supply passing trade rather than just prebooked orders.  The best thing to do for a store is to arrange a meeting with a local balloon wholesaler to discuss how they can help you get started.

    Later you may want to invest in more expensive pumps that automatically size, stands, and frames but initially, you will just need the basics 🙂


    Helium tank rental

    Helium tanks can be purchased through a Balloons and party wholesaler. Usually, you pay an upfront price and then monthly rentals for every month you have the tank on your premises. By purchasing through a wholesaler you will enjoy lower pricing than going direct to the helium company as they will have negotiated a discount based on volume.

    There are a variety of different tanks on the market. They come in different sizes (some more transportable than others) and each different make requires a different type of inflation valve so it is a good idea to do your homework on which cylinder is best for you.  A good wholesaler will be more than happy to discuss your needs and not all wholesalers stock all types of cylinders.

    If you get a traditional upright helium cylinder you will also need a cylinder trolley to keep it safe and upright and prevent accidents. The traditional helium cylinders are often quite heavy and all cylinders are under extreme pressure so if they fall they can cause injury and if the valve is damage there is potential for serious damages so they need to be stored either on a trolley or attached to a wall to prevent accidents.

    The newer Genie cylinders are shorter and rounder and not nearly as heavy so do not need a stand as they shouldn’t be knocked over easily. You can get a handle and wheels for easy transport.

    When transporting helium you should always make sure it is well secured. In England, you are also required to have a sticker on the outside of your vehicle indicating it is onboard. Outside of the U.K., you should check what the requirements are.

    Balloon Business Starter Kit

    If you are opening a retail store you should be able to get a balloon business starter kit from your local wholesaler with a selection of different types of balloons and supplies to get you ready for passing trade. Qualatex also offers the opportunity to have a representative advise on what you would be best suited for in terms of start-up supplies. It is also a good idea to get advice on the training courses you attend as to what you need initially to start out and keep your outgoing costs low in the initial phase.


    Stuffed balloons machine

    Some people start their balloon business by offering stuffed balloon gifts. If this is something you would like to do research the market in your area and ascertain there is sufficient demand as the balloon stuffers are a significant investment to make upfront.  You need to make sure you are really pricing your products well to covering the cost of the supplies you put in them, and your time making them, plus the profit you need to run a successful business. Be aware if you plan to put food products such as sweets, chocolates, or alcohol in them there are rules and regulations regarding this and you may need to register or obtain a license/permit for their sale.

    Some stuffed balloons can be done by hand but this is tricky and not really advised if you plan to offer this on a full-time basis.  You will need to invest in a balloon stuffing machine to speed up the process and allow you to create them in volume without killing your hands in the process!



    The ability to personalize balloons is in huge demand generally, people love their names on things, and a good early investment is a vinyl cutter to allow you to do this. A desktop size cutter is usually fine for what you will need to do. They are relatively low cost and very quickly pay for themselves in terms of orders. You do need a computer or laptop to connect them to as this is where you will load the software and design your cuts but they connect to most computers you are likely to have indoors so shouldn’t require an additional purchase (do always check the specification first though just in case).

    I purchased my silhouette cameo 8 years ago (at the time of writing this) and I use it numerous times a week doing lots of personalized balloons.  I have to purchase new blades and carrier mats from time to time but it’s still going strong so they definitely pay for themselves.


    Balloon training

    I would absolutely recommend getting training early on. There is some available online but hands-on practical advice is especially helpful early on. Balloon inflation is susceptible to changes in temperature and float times vary depending on the types and makes of balloons.  Correct inflation technique is also essential to making sure the balloons you sell are of high quality and inflated to last, once your customers have taken them home or for the event at the venue. Return customers offer a higher value to your business and word of mouth is key to growing a successful local business so training early on to ensure you are delivering high-quality balloons is key to building your customer base.  I would also recommend taking some training courses on air-filled designs. Helium is the most expensive commodity in balloon decor and its price has risen so much over the past year, and is predicted to rise again further moving forward, so being able to offer air-filled designs increases your profit margins. Air-filled alternatives will also help differentiate you from the cheap competition especially supermarket and high street chain card shops who very rarely offer such designs.  Differentiation is key to setting your business above and beyond what else is on offer locally and air-filled designs most definitely will do that.


    Build a Portfolio of your work

    Customers want to see pictures of your balloons to choose from.  Whilst you and I can imagine gorgeous balloon displays in our minds trying to explain this to customers is very difficult!  For this reason, you need to start building a portfolio of balloon pictures to share with customers. This can be one of the hardest things when you are first starting out.  In the beginning, everyone needs as much practice as possible, make designs that will sell easily first – birthday, new babies, etc then expand your portfolio. If you are going on training courses make sure there will be the opportunity to get good photos for your portfolio.

    Don’t be tempted to steal other people’s work and claim it as your own.  It’s so not cool! Not only can you find yourself in deep water with solicitor letters landing in your inbox you will quickly make a name for yourself in the industry and find you are not welcome in any of the social media balloon groups.  Furthermore, customers will expect to receive balloons exactly like the balloons you show them. It is so much better to create your own photos in your style so customers know what to expect and are happy with what they receive. After all happy customers don’t just bring repeat business they also bring their friends and family too!

    In Starting A Balloon Business: The Ultimate guide there is a video that shows you all the things you can do to quickly and easily build a portfolio when you don’t have pictures at the start.


    Create terms and conditions/contracts for use with customers

    Contracts including Terms and conditions are essential for any trading business and you absolutely need them for your balloon business.  They protect both you and the customer. The contract itself sets out the specifics of the work you are undertaking for the customer. The included terms and conditions are the general  “rules” that govern the contract you are entering into with the customers. They also set out what will happen when things go wrong. The purpose of your terms and conditions is to make it clear to the customer how they can expect you to carry out the work for them and what you expect of them to be able to do so.

    I do advise all business owners to get legal advice around setting up their terms and conditions. Before you go and see someone though you will need to think about all the eventualities that might arise, where you will need to refer someone back to your terms and conditions, such as balloons popping, cancellations, postponing events, hire equipment etc, Whilst legal experts will be able to guide you on the way the document should be worded legally they won’t be familiar with your business per se so you need to have some ideas around what might need to be covered within your terms and conditions. In the Starting A Business: The Ultimate Guide you will find a full list of terms and conditions that are most likely to occur. You can access it HERE


    Insurance and taxes

    Other things to consider when starting a Balloons business is that you have the correct public liability insurance and that you have informed the taxman of your intention to trade. Depending on where you are in the world you will have different regulations to follow and you should check locally what you need. If you are based in the USA or UK this is covered step by step in the Starting A Balloon Business: Ultimate Guide. You may also need to inform your vehicle insurers if you intend to use your vehicle for work purposes.  If you intend to hire employees you will also need to register and get the correct procedures and insurance in place.


    Taking Payments and bookkeeping.

    Okay, let’s face it… for a lot of us creative entrepreneurs the thought of numbers, spreadsheets, and general bookkeeping is enough to send us screaming to the hills.  Hands up I am the worst for this… or at least I was when I first started out. To be honest, in my first year I had no idea what money was coming in, what was going out, or how much profit I was making… I was on a creative journey and as long as the money was flowing I was happy! Only it wasn’t flowing as well as I thought and at year-end when I had to then sit and do my accounts because the taxman was hot on my heels I was devastated to realize all that hard work really hadn’t accumulated to as much profit as I had thought and that was because I did not keep control of the numbers.  If there is one key piece of advice I can give you when it comes to running a business it’s to learn to love your numbers… Whether it’s pricing or accounts you have to know what is happening in your business in terms of cash! Reality check…. that’s what being able to operate a successful business is all about. You need to be checking in with your numbers regularly…. You need to know exactly where things are working and be able to make changes quickly when things aren’t and the only way you can do that properly is to become friends with the numbers in your business!

    Being able to take payment is obviously key to trading.  Whilst you can obviously take the cash you will find a lot of customers today don’t keep that much cash in their purse.  We live in a digital world where card payments rule so what can you do when working from home? I have run my business successfully without a card reader I simply use bank transfer and PayPal.  Bank transfer is easy if your customer has a banking app on the phone and Paypal also allows for card payments too. There are fees for using Paypal but these are nominal and a lot of people like to use Paypal when making purchases over the internet as they provide customer protection in the event that they fail to receive what they have paid for.  If you are going to be based in a shop or retail outlet you will probably find that customers expect to be able to pay by card so you will need a card reader.


    Marketing your balloon business

    There are so many reasons why people need balloons. Check out our free resource library at the end of this blog post, it contains a FREE eBook full of ideas as to the types of balloons you could make and supply in your business.

    In an online world, you will find a large group of your customers who want to browse via the internet.  They want to be able to shop and arrange their party or wedding balloons from the comfort of their settee. Whilst you will get a lot of business through social media this is becoming increasingly harder over time and you don’t own your social media accounts.  For this reason, you will want a website for your business. A free one is fine whilst just starting out, although you might want to pay a nominal amount to be able to connect your own domain name (but this is not essential and should not stop you from getting a website). In order to get your website working for you make sure it is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.  One of the best ways to do this is to make sure you have a blog that you regularly update with content that the search engines will love.

    Facebook and Instagram are in my opinion the best social media platforms for finding local customers close enough to purchase from you. Linkedin can be good also to attract corporate customers.  Pinterest is great for finding inspiration and sharing to customers, especially at the beginning when you are still trying to build your portfolio. As I said before, it is getting harder and harder to get seen on social media but with the right tactics, there is still a lot of opportunities to get free organic advertising on both Facebook and Instagram.

    Start building an email list of customers who want to hear what you have to offer.  Social media algorithms show your posts to on average 2-4% of your customers. So for every 100 people you have on your page that is 2-4 customers seeing what you post.  There are ways to increase this figure by creating content that the algorithm likes but when you consider my email open rates are around 25-30% and no algorithm deciding whether to show them your email or not (well apart from the dreaded spam box) its clearly essential to get them on to your email list.  Not only that social media is a changing beast and you never know what the next update will be. If you were to lose your social media account tomorrow or Facebook started charging more than you can afford to advertise you would be back at square one with no way of getting your balloons in front of customers.  By having an email list which you have grown and nurtured you will still have the means to get in front of customers and it’s a sure way to get sales. Last year for naughty elf I filled my slots within 2 hours of sending out to my email list and the vast majority came via email or messenger chatbot. All my seasonal campaigns such as mothers day, easter etc all sell out primarily through the emails I am able to send to my list.

    Whilst a lot of people do their browsing and purchasing online its a very noisy place with so many businesses competing to get into their newsfeed.  Don’t discount offline marketing. In fact, sometimes this can get you better quality orders than online marketing! Traditional marketing methods and networking with venues and other businesses to get your products out there and start to grow your business is key to growing a successful business.   Work out who your POWER customer is and where you can find them and then make sure they are exposed to your business in as many ways as possible so that when they have the need to order balloons you will be top of mind..

    So that was a very quick whistle-stop tour of starting a balloon business. I hope you found it useful! As I have mentioned throughout the post there is lots more information (in more depth), and video tutorials, in The Ultimate Guide, It is designed to take you step-by-step through starting and growing a business, reducing the time it takes to get established and making the profit you need to grow a sustainable business. I also have a FREE Balloon Biz Community where balloon business owners come together to share and learn from each other. I would love for you to come to join us so I can watch your business bloom and grow as we go on your business journey together! You will find the link to the community at the top of the page!

    7 Best THC Detox Methods: Weed Detox Pills, Drinks & Kits to Pass a Drug Test

    Recently, the use of cannabis has been legalized in some states, but you might still encounter situations where you will have to go through mandatory drug tests.

    Many workplaces strictly forbid its use and often organize on-site drug tests for their employees. So, if you have recently smoked marijuana and you are anxious about an upcoming drug test, we will provide you with information on how to pass a drug test.

    Our team has carefully compiled a list of various THC detox methods which can clear all traces of THC in your body in order to successfully pass your test with no further worry.

    This article is suitable for you if you are in need of passing a drug test, seeking a detox program, or simply trying to abstain. Below we will provide further information on the top three weed detox methods.

    Best Weed Detox Methods for Getting THC Out of Your System

    1. Detox Drinks – Best Drinks for THC Detox
    2. Detox Pills – Best Weed Detox Kit
    3. Detox Shampoo – For Hair Follicle Drug Test

    Drug tests to detect THC in your system can be intimidating for some if you are a casual or heavy smoker since the likelihood of it showing up is high. This is concerning when your job mandates their employees to take a drug test.

    Although these methods are not fully guaranteed to result in passing a drug test, they are great options to opt for as they help mask traces of THC.

    Our team has scanned through different products and customer reviews to check the legitimacy and has listed the best THC detox methods to pass a drug test below.

    #1. Detox Drinks – Best Drinks for THC Detox


    Is a mandatory drug test coming up at your workplace, and are you desperate to pass it? One way is to use detox drinks as a temporary, quick, and simple solution.

    The Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse by Detoxify is a highly effective detox drink that cleanses your urinary, circulatory, and digestive systems effectively. It works best if you follow a proper cleansing routine.

    It has been proven to minimize the toxin levels of your body in just one hour, and its effects can last up to five hours. The formula used in this drink works well for people with a high level of toxins and those with a heavier BMI.

    The way it works is it dilutes your urine to the point that traces of THC disappear. You will start to feel the effects of the detox drink in 90 minutes, and you may get a clean result for six hours.

    In addition, it replaces the vitamins, minerals, and color that gets lost in the process.


    Make sure to drink lots of water every day, as this is an excellent way to detox. In fact, water itself is a catalyst for your body’s natural cleansing process.

    These should be ideally consumed on an empty stomach, and do not take any unnecessary medications at least two days before taking them.

    Before your test, have light meals that are not rich in fats or oil. Similarly, alcoholic beverages, smoking, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, and any unnecessary medication should be avoided, as these could affect the detox process and your results.

    Detox drinks might be a little expensive, but it is still one of the best methods to detox from THC. So, give it a try whenever you have an upcoming drug test.

    #2. Detox Pills – 5-Day Marijuana Detox Kit


    Continuously drinking fluids alone can be tedious, so we recommend detox pills — specifically,Toxin Rid 5-day Detox Program. It is one of the most popular and effective products that are 100% natural and free of any harmful ingredients.

    It includes 75 tablets, one ounce of dietary fiber, and one fluid ounce of liquid detox that provides an in-depth detoxification process.

    It only uses herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Also, this product does not contain any filler, animal products, or synthetics. Toxin Rid will cleanse your body, blood, urine, and saliva from heavy levels of toxin in just one hour.

    These THC detox kits are available as a three-day, five-day, or ten-day detox program kit, and they can handle all kinds of heavy toxins besides THC.

    Depending on how often and how long you have been consuming weed, this will determine what type of detox plan you should choose. In the same way, your body type and metabolism play a role in how much time the whole process will take.

    According to your age, your metabolic rate will be fast or slow. Therefore, if you have a fast rate of metabolism, the detox process will be quicker and vice versa.

    Lastly, remember to do your part by drinking plenty of water and healthy foods to give your detox program a boost.

    #3. Home Remedies such as Lemon Juice & Water

    Sometimes the best detox plan is not any manufactured pills or drinks but going about it the natural way.

    The classic combo of lemon juice and water has been highly praised for its various benefits. It not only aids in weight loss, but it also significantly helps in detoxifying toxins in your body.

    To make this lemon detox, get a lemon and squeeze one half of it into a cup. Then add about 8 to 16 ounces of water. Since lemon is a natural acidic liquid, add water accordingly to dilute the lemon juice.

    This drink is easy to make and can be consumed as many times as you want until the day of your drug test. Your body will naturally flush out all of the toxins and THC from your system, and you will feel healthier and lighter.

    Thus, lemon juice is one of the best THC detox methods you can try at home without spending lots of money.

    #4. Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry juice is another fantastic natural detox drink that may help cleanse THC out of your system. Even though it does not conceal the presence of THC, it is still an inexpensive and effective method to get rid of unwanted toxins from your body.

    If you want a thorough and successful cleansing process, drinking cranberry juice along with plenty of water or other fluids full of electrolytes, like a sports drink, is recommended. They will regulate more urination, and the more you urinate, the more your body will flush out the toxins present.

    Here is a pro tip: you can also take vitamin B supplement pills to speed up the detoxification process, as it will make your urine sample look more natural to avoid any suspicion on the day of the drug test.

    Cranberry juice is also one of the best natural THC detox methods that is cheap. Unlike lemon juice, it is less sour, so it will be easier to consume in greater quantities. So, give this cranberry juice detox a try.

    Also, if you are not interested in drinking cranberry juice, there are cranberry supplements available that can be taken instead.

    #5. Apple Cider Vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar is a well-known solution for eliminating body fat and increasing your metabolism. But, besides assisting in weight loss, it is also a natural method for cleansing your body.

    THC metabolites are highly soluble in the fat cells of your body. But, apple cider vinegar has detoxifying properties that make it one of the best THC detox methods.

    Take about two to three teaspoons regularly before meals; but, never exceed this limit, since it can be harmful to your health. Vinegar is a strong acid that can burn the inside of your mouth, so always mix it with water before drinking.

    This product is cheap and locally available. However, since it contains vinegar, it might be too strong for some people’s taste.

    One thing to keep in mind is apple cider vinegar is not a full-proof method for eliminating THC in one day. So, many are hesitant to rely on this for their drug test since it does not provide consistent results.

    But, this minor problem should not stop you from trying it out; and, while following a program using apple cider vinegar, you should avoid anything that will increase toxins in your body. So, follow a strict and healthy diet while you are on a detox routine for the best results.

    Also, steer clear of any alcoholic beverages until your detox routine finishes.

    #6. Detox Shampoo – For Hair Follicle Test


    Hair follicle drug tests are pretty rare, but that does not mean they do not exist. Now, if you are new to this, it might seem very strange and scary; but, you do not have to worry, since special shampoos exist to help you pass your test.

    There are numerous detox shampoos in the market, but we highly recommend you to try out Test Clear’s Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo along with Zydot’s Ultra Clean shampoo and conditioner.

    Its deep cleansing formula removes all kinds of toxins, environmental pollutants, chlorine, and residual impurities without harming your hair.


    Wash your hair every day at least three to ten days in advance with the Aloe Toxin Rid, and use the Ultra Clean shampoo only on the day of your drug test since the effects last for 24 hours.

    You can also take multiple showers a day for better results. Remember to wash your hair thoroughly and lather it for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

    While showering specifically, focus on the scalp because the hair sample will be taken directly from there for the drug test. Are you curious why? This is because the scalp hoards all of the toxins and is full of oil layers. So, make sure you thoroughly rinse and wash your scalp.

    So, from now on, utilize your shower sessions to prepare yourself for your upcoming hair drug test with this hair follicle shampoo, which is one of the best THC detox methods.


    Remember to wash off any items you used before that came in contact with your hair, as they can reintroduce or increase toxins in your hair. So, avoid any kind of things like pillowcases, beanies, hats, headbands, and bandanas, etc. And, if you do come in contact with these, make sure you wash your hair before your test.

    #7. Detox Mouthwash – For an Oral Swab Test


    An oral drug test produces really fast results, and it is frequently used for on-the-spot mouth swab drug tests.

    Now, there is no need to fear any mouth swab tests, because we have a remedy that will help you pass your drug test.

    Believe it or not, a simple mouthwash can determine whether you will keep your job or not after your drug test results are out. If you have recently consumed marijuana, use a mouthwash that is specially designed to get rid of the traces of THC.

    Toxin Rid Rescue Wash Mouthwash comes in a small bottle, which makes it easy to use just a few minutes before your test. You can even hide it or dispose of it before anyone finds out.

    To pass the test, rinse your mouth with one-third of the mouthwash and hold it in your mouth for three minutes, and then spit it out. After this, you can take breath mints to keep your mouth fresh.

    Many customers have also shared positive reviews regarding this product and commented on how it helped them pass their drug tests with flying colors. Due to its numerous satisfied users, this mouthwash is one of the best THC detox techniques for clearing a marijuana test.

    So, next time you have an oral drug test to pass, go for this product.

    Types of Drug Tests

    You might be surprised to know that different types of drug tests can detect traces of THC in your system. Below are some commonly used types of drug tests and how they function.

    • Urine Analysis

    Urine tests are the most common tests for drug and alcohol testing, and it shows the presence or absence of drug metabolites in a person’s urine.

    The test can detect marijuana, cocaine, opiates, alcohol, as well as nicotine. It is measured in ng/mL. So, if you get 50ng/mL or a higher level of THC in your system, your result will come out positive.

    Sometimes, urine test results are inconclusive, false positive, or false negative. In this case, you can request for a urine analysis to be retaken.

    You should also be aware that some medications can produce false positives, so do inform the tester if you are currently on any medication or over-the-counter drugs.

    Nowadays, urine tests are a part of pre-employment screening. Urine analysis is the easiest to overcome by flushing your system for the day with a detox drink or permanently with a detox kit.

    • Hair Test

    Hair testing is a simple procedure where 1.5 inches of your hair is taken directly from the scalp to draw comparative test results. With this, you can find out when the drug was used, for how long, and when its usage stopped.

    This test utilizes two tests to confirm a positive result. The first is the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and the second test is the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

    Although it can detect drug use for around 90 days, it does not show evidence of recent use because it can take about a week for the traces of THC to become visible in your hair.

    With this test, you can identify cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opioids, methamphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP).

    • Blood Tests

    Blood tests are an invasive method that accurately detects THC (even weeks after use) in your system, and it is analyzed in a lab.

    It detects cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates, methamphetamines, nicotine, and alcohol 24 hours after drinking.

    Even if you take a quick puff, THC can be immediately identified in your system for one to seven days. For heavy smokers, the THC trace remains in your blood for quite some time and can be detected for up to two months.

    • Mouth Swab Test

    One of the most popular types of drug tests is saliva testing. Mouth swabs are used to collect a person’s saliva sample, or you are just asked to spit in a cup.

    It is a quick and affordable method of drug testing. It reveals alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, and methamphetamine use within the past few days, except for marijuana, which is detected only for ten hours after use.

    Mouth swabs provide precise information mainly for very recent use — from a couple of minutes to about 48 hours.

    • Perspiration Drug Detection Test

    The perspiration drug test is a relatively newer drug test where a patch is applied to a person’s skin and kept for 14 days. It collects their perspiration and analyzes it for detecting marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, LSD, and heroin.

    It is majorly used in recovery facilities to monitor people or those on parole/probation.

    • Breathalyzer Testing

    Breathalyzer tests are done to detect levels of alcohol, but they cannot trace past usage. During this, you are instructed to blow into a tube connected to a breathalyzer device. Then, your intoxication levels are displayed in the form of a number.

    These types of tests are frequently used by the police for on-site DUI testing. Nowadays, there are also many new self-testing kits and smartphone apps.

    What if You Do Not Have Time for a THC Detox?

    Drug Test at Home

    If you are a person who frequently or casually smokes marijuana, then having a personal drug test kit at home is not a bad idea.

    Rather than panicking before a big THC drug test at your workplace or being tested by law enforcement, you can pre-test yourself at home and decide what kind of detox program you should adopt.

    Most cannabis testing kits involve urine testing that is used to test for traces of THC and CBD in your system.

    The Marijuana Drug Test Kit by QuickTest contains a one-time-use marijuana home test strip that should be used as soon as you open the package.

    Prepare a urine sample beforehand and dip the test panel as indicated by the arrow for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do make sure the sample does not go beyond the arrow while using the kit.

    After this step, place the test panel on a plain, non-absorbent surface for five minutes or at least until the lines on the kit become clearer.

    The drug test kit gives you 99% accurate results that should be interpreted after ten minutes of use. To get a positive result, you should have a cannabis concentrate that is more than 50ng/mL.

    There are three possible scenarios after a test is done. First, you may get two lines, where one of the colored lines should be in the control region, and a colored or faded line lies at the test region.

    The shade of the line at the test region can vary, but despite this, it still means your sample is negative. The cannabis concentration is below the level of detection, therefore, you passed the test.

    A single line means it is positive. The line appears over the control region, and the test region remains blank. It means the THC or CBD levels in your system have been detected. In this case, you should consider a detox program to avoid it in the official test.

    There is a possibility of an invalid test result too. This can happen when the control line fails to appear.

    You might get this result because the test had encountered some error during the process, or maybe the urine sample volume was insufficient. So, take a new test with a different panel since the test kit is now useless and should not be used again.

    As a Last Resort, Pass a Drug Test With Fake Pee

    To pass a drug test, many people have often asked someone else to lend their urine samples in their desperation. However, this can be unreliable. But, we have a better alternative.

    Synthetic urine is created in labs where all of the necessary minerals are artificially added to match the look and smell of real clean human urine. This includes ammonia, creatinine, pH, uric acid, urea, and the proper sulfate levels.

    • Powdered Synthetic Urine

    If you are using a powdered version, then you need to “create” the fake urine by mixing the powdered urine with distilled water and mixing them well. This step is really crucial, because if you want your fake pee to be as close as possible to your biological urine, you will need to maintain the delicate balance of chemicals that are included in it.

    Keep mixing the contents until no more powder is left, and the solution starts to foam and form bubbles. After this, heat up the solution in the included vial until it reaches 95 degrees. Now, you are ready to use this synthetic urine for your drug test.

    • Liquid Synthetic Urine

    The liquid type of synthetic urine is comparatively easier to use because it comes pre-mixed when you receive it. The liquid synthetic pee is already in a concentrated form, so there is no need for mixing it with distilled water or adding additional ingredients.

    You can simply give the container a good shake and heat it between 90 to 98 degrees. Since this method has less complicated steps, the chances of making an error and disrupting the levels of the chemicals are less.

    Now that you have prepared the main item, place the fake pee into the cup for drug testing. To make the whole process more convenient and less suspicious, many of these fake urine kits come equipped with elastic belts for holding the cup and heat pads to maintain the required temperature.

    Do not be intimidated by the whole process, because along with your products, you will receive an instruction manual too. So, as long as you work with caution and follow the rules, everything will be just fine.

    FAQs About THC Detox Methods

    Q. What Is the Best Way to Detox for a Drug Test?

    In this article, we have mentioned various natural remedies as well as products to help detoxify your body and, hopefully, pass a drug test for THC.

    But frankly, no one method can be considered the best. All of the methods we included do not work 100% well, so you should adopt multiple methods accompanied by a healthy diet and good habits.

    In whatever you do, strictly follow the detox program you are using before your drug test and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins present in your system. In addition, going to the gym and sweating out those toxins is ideal too.

    Q. Does Alcohol Detoxify THC?

    No, alcohol does not assist in detoxing your body of THC. Instead, it has the opposite effect because it boosts the THC levels in your body.

    Say you ingested weed then gulped down some alcohol along with it. You will notice the THC levels in your body are higher with alcohol than with weed alone.

    That is the reason why it is strictly suggested to avoid consuming any sort of alcoholic beverage during your detox program.

    It is also advised not to take weed and alcohol together, particularly if you are going to drive later, since it is dangerous.

    Q. How Can You Pass a Drug Test Naturally?

    If you want to avoid any product designed for detoxification, there are still several cleansing methods that work just as well as the manufactured ones, but that are more natural.

    Natural cleansing techniques take longer to work, but they are more thorough in flushing out unwanted toxins. These are also good for your health and are suitable for everyone.

    Here are some ways you can detoxify your body and pass a drug test the natural way:

    Stop Consuming Weed

    We cannot say this is unexpected, because it is obvious. Why go through all of the hassle of detoxification and drug tests, especially when your job depends on it?

    If you want to be free from marijuana, there is no better way than quitting it. If you are a regular consumer, it might be hard to stop at once, but you can gradually decrease the amount and work your way through it. That is the most effective and natural way.

    If you want a clean start, then it is highly recommended you practice a healthy lifestyle that includes your diet and daily exercise.

    • Drink Water Regularly

    Drinking plenty of water during a detoxification period is a must. Water is a good cleanser, and it naturally gets rid of toxins and impurities from your body through urination. That is why frequent urination is a sign the detox process is going well.

    However, do not go on drinking gallons of water, because excessively drinking water does not speed up the process.

    Instead, regularly drink water and maintain a good level to stay hydrated. Eventually, your body will expel different types of toxins from your body.

    • Follow a Healthy Diet

    It is not a big surprise, but your food habits play a role in shaping your health.

    Certain dietary fibers, lean meats, and fruits can increase your body’s metabolism because they are rich in various vitamins and essential minerals. It also improves your overall mood and sleep.

    Leafy vegetables like spinach and kale help in flushing out the toxins from your body. Incorporate other beans, legumes, and whole-wheat foods in your diet too.

    Try to avoid unhealthy foods rich in fat and sugar during your detox process. Foods like red meat and junk foods increase water retention and slow down your metabolism.

    • Work Out

    THC tends to store itself in the fat cells of your body. Those who have more fats in their body will take longer to detox.

    So, engage in intense cardio sessions, as it will help in burning fat and increasing your body’s metabolism. That way, the detox process is accelerated, and you sweat a lot throughout the process, which is an excellent way of expelling toxins.

    • Natural Detox Juices

    There are several ways to aid your cleansing process. Lemon juice, cranberry juice, and apple cider vinegar are some well-known natural detox drinks. They are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and boost your health by removing toxins from various parts of your body.

    Besides being inexpensive and easily available, these drinks act as a personal deep cleanser, so it takes some time to work effectively.

    • Coffee

    To all the coffee lovers out there, here is good news. There are many benefits of drinking coffee, such as giving you a rush of energy and weight loss. But, are you aware of its detoxification properties?

    Coffee can be a life savior not just for people who need to stay awake, but for those who smoke weed because it is an all-natural diuretic. The more coffee you drink, the more fluids and toxins you release.

    But, it is advisable to drink water along with it and take vitamin B supplements before your drug test. Also, do not exceed the limits of your coffee consumption because you can experience some side effects.

    Q. How Long Does the THC Stay in Your System?

    There is not an exact time or time frame during which all traces of THC will leave your system. The times it takes for THC to leave your system to differ from person to person.

    Usually, it takes about 30 to 60 days for the traces of THC to be expelled from your system naturally.

    According to American Addiction Centers, marijuana can remain in your body for the following time frame:

    • Hair: 90 days
    • Urine: 3 days to 1 month or more (depending on usage)
    • Saliva: 48 hours
    • Blood: 36 hours
    • Sweat: 7–14 days

    There is a stark difference between each person’s body and internal system. Other factors include your age and how long and how frequently you have been consuming weed.

    There are specific cases when the detoxification process takes longer. It occurs when people have a larger body mass, a slow metabolic rate, and consume cannabis frequently. Additionally, the potency of the substance also affects the rate of detoxification.

    Q. How to Know if a Synthetic Urine Kit Is of Good Quality?

    Synthetic urine is one of the most efficient and also risky ways to pass your drug test. There are lots of synthetic urine kits that claim to be the best and look promising. However, many of them turn out to be fakes and scams.

    A high-quality artificial urine kit is expensive, and the majority cost above $100. That is due to the usage of essential ingredients found in actual urine, such as urea and creatinine, which are costly.

    The look and feel of the product from a legit brand will be more sophisticated. Do not ever buy them from a third-party website online, because there is a high risk of getting scammed this way. Only buy them from trusted official websites.

    In Conclusion: Which Marijuana Detox Method Should You Opt For?

    All of the detox methods we have mentioned above are temporary quick solutions that can at most trick your drug test.

    But, please note that even though these products are sold transparently online, you should definitely avoid getting caught cheating on your drug test. In the worst-case scenario, you can be arrested. So, do take precautions if you choose to do so.

    Your detox journey can be very exhausting. So, besides your physical health, remember to take care of your overall mental health too. Feel free to engage in relaxing activities like taking a stroll, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

    Do not unnecessarily overexert yourself, because the purpose of the whole detox program is to promote health and wellness.


    It’s easy to get a background check online. There are plenty of companies that claim to have access to public records and other online databases needed to compile comprehensive reports. But if you look at the customer reviews, many of these people search sites cannot use the data legally or even access the information they claim to have.

    Many of the public records these companies rely on are outdated and extremely inaccurate. Overall, it can be quite difficult to find quality background check services that use trusted data and deliver accurate results.

    So, how do you find a reputable service that provides customers with factual background checks?

    We’re here to help with that! In this article, we’ve extensively reviewed Truthfinder – one of the most popular background check services on the internet today.

    Read below to see our honest review, plus the pros and cons of using Truthfinder.

    Truthfinder Overview

    Truthfinder was founded back in 2014 in San Diego, California. Since then, this widely popular background check service has helped thousands of people across the country find the information they need.

    This platform provides people with an easy way to run background checks. Truthfinder scans hundreds of millions of online public records, private databases, social network data, and more in a matter of minutes.

    This provides customers with thorough reports about the person they are interested in finding. For example, you can uncover arrest records, secret social media profiles, unknown contact information, and more.

    Each Truthfinder report is based on in-depth search results. It even gives you access to some confidential data, meaning the Truthfinder platform goes a step beyond information found from public records.

    These private records could include police reports, past location history, and hidden online photos. This is not something that’s not typically offered with other services in the industry.

    Long story short – Truthfinder scans every inch of the internet – from public records to private databases – to provide you findings that are not only accurate but extremely detailed as well.

    It doesn’t give you simple, surface-level information that can be found after 5 minutes of Googling. Truthfinder really lets you get to know someone and their background.

    Alternatives to TruthFinder:

    Intelius: This program is a great alternative to TruthFinder. You can conduct background checks & find information on anyone.


    InstantCheckmate: This site also offers background checks, reverse number lookup and reverse email searches.



    Truthfinder Pros

    • Unlimited reports with a monthly membership plan
    • A mobile-friendly app is available for iOS and Android devices.
    • Advanced search options and filters for refined results
    • A dark web scan is included with the membership
    • Transparent in regards to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and how to use their information
    • Reverse phone lookup and background check reports provide accurate and up-to-date information
    • Self-monitoring features
    • Several reviews with 5 stars

    Truthfinder Cons

    • There’s an additional fee to download a report
    • There is no single search option, only a monthly subscription
    • Searches can only be done on people located in the United States
    • Several pop up advertisements

    Truthfinder Key Features

    Reverse Phone Lookup Service


    In addition to background checks, Truthfinder can conduct reverse phone lookups as well.

    A reverse phone lookup is essentially a phone number search. It helps you uncover the identity of an unknown number that called you.

    By scanning public records on the internet, a Truthfinder reverse phone lookup will find out whose phone number it is and identify the scam caller.

    You don’t need to provide a name or anything else. With just the digits, Truthfinder can find the owner of that telephone number.

    Dark Web Scan


    Truthfinder also offers members dark web monitoring when signing up for a subscription on their website.

    This will tell you whether your information is being sold on the dark web or if you’re a victim of online identity theft.

    Unfortunately, these data breaches are becoming increasingly more common in the digital age. You don’t want to wait until your information is compromised by cybercriminals. That’s where Truthfinder comes in.

    Truthfinder uses personalized cyber risk intelligence to monitor your personal information and data, including:

    • Social Security number
    • Passport number
    • Medical identification numbers
    • Bank account numbers
    • Phone numbers
    • Driver’s license
    • Credit and debit cards
    • Contact information

    If Truthfinder notices any of these data points on the dark web, the company will notify you immediately.

    Getting this level of surveillance and data protection can provide peace of mind when entering your personal information online.

    Plus, you can control what you want Truthfinder to monitor on your behalf. From there, Truthfinder will scan through bulletin boards, forums, chat rooms, social media feeds, and other servers on the dark web.

    Customer Support and Truthfinder Reviews

    Truthfinder has a quality customer support team that will help answer your questions and address your concerns. You can call a live representative Monday through Friday, between 7 AM to 7 PM PST.

    There is also a helpful FAQs section on the Truthfinder website. You can see if your question was answered there, and if not you can always reach out to their customer service team.

    According to some Truthfinder reviews, their customers rant and rave about the service. Most reviews mention that the reporting provides accurate information. You can read some of the Truthfinder reviews on their website or Google.

    Safe and Secure Data with Truthfinder

    All customer personal information is safe and secure when using Truthfinder.

    Truthfinder encrypts all data that’s transmitted, helping to prevent any mishandling of customer information.

    The Truthfinder team is constantly monitoring hackers and other criminal behavior on the site. This is all to protect its community and continue to provide customers with accurate reports.

    Truthfinder Background Checks Show…

    You may be wondering what kind of information is searched for and what a background check report could reveal with this service.

    When using Truthfinder, the report may include:

    Personal information

    • First and last name
    • Date of birth
    • Age
    • Known and unknown aliases
    • Contact information

    Employment and education

    • Full employment history
    • Education background, including any higher education degrees

    Possible Relationships

    • Relatives
    • Friends and acquaintances
    • Business partners
    • Anyone who has shared a residential or business address
    • Possible neighbors
    • Marriage and divorce records

    Online Profiles

    • Social media profiles
    • News stories
    • Wikipedia pages
    • Personal websites
    • Blogs

    Location History

    • History of addresses
    • Location use (commercial or residential)
    • Top places (popular restaurants, parks, shops, etc.)

    Criminal Records

    • Location of the crime and arrest
    • Offense date
    • Charge category
    • Offense description
    • Case number and court name

    Sex Offender Information

    • Searched person’s sex offender status
    • List of any registered sex offenders residing near the searched individual’s address


    • Owned and rental properties
    • Mortgages
    • Liens and bankruptcies


    What is a background check?

    A background check is used to verify that an individual is who they claim to be. Essentially, they confirm someone’s identity by checking criminal records, education and employment records, social media accounts, phone numbers, and other activities that are key indicators of their past.

    What is the purpose of a background check?

    Background checks are used for a variety of purposes, often depending on the industry or individual and what they’re looking for.

    For instance, some companies will use employment background checks when someone applies for a job and before making a new hire. But, this must be done through an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency.

    How do I get a background check?

    There are a variety of methods and investigative searches that are used to complete a background check.

    This includes an extensive data search through online and physical public records, reaching out to personal references, and the easiest route – professional background check services.

    It’s important to use a company that conducts legitimate background checks, like Truthfinder. This will ensure you’re getting accurate and up-to-date information in regards to criminal records, driving records, education verification, as well as sex offender registry status.

    How do I use Truthfinder for a background check?

    Getting a background on a person is made easy on Truthfinder’s user-friendly website. With its extensive search capabilities, you can get a complete report in a few simple steps:

    Step 1

    Go to the Truthfinder homepage. Enter the name of the person in the search bar, including first and last name. You can also try any former names, like a maiden last name, if applicable.

    Step 2

    Next, you’re going to enter the individual’s location, including their city and state.

    If you don’t know the person’s current location, try entering any former addresses. While the location isn’t necessary to get a background check, it will help to narrow the search and make your report more specific.

    Otherwise, you may have to scroll through several people with the same name until you find the right person.

    Step 3

    Examine the search results. Based on the information you entered in the search bar, Truthfinder will provide a list of possible candidates that match the name and location of the searched person.

    Step 4

    Once you find the accurate person, you can request a background check.

    This will provide you with detailed information regarding their criminal record, criminal history, social media profiles, contact information (phone number and email address), and more.

    What else can I do on Truthfinder?

    There are plenty of features and services available to you with a Truthfinder membership. You can get a reverse phone lookup for unknown numbers and a dark web scan to better protect your identity.

    How much does Truthfinder cost?

    The Truthfinder pricing model is based on a monthly subscription. It’s relatively affordable at only $29 per month for a membership.

    You will also get a discount if you pay for the first two months in advance. This will save you around 20%, meaning the subscription lowers to $24 per month.

    You can also choose to get their reverse phone lookup membership, which costs $5/month. Even though you’re just getting phone number search results, this is pretty inexpensive.

    Unfortunately, there is no free trial period or single search service offered. You must sign up for a monthly membership to start getting reports.

    There are even some additional fees baked into the service. For example, background check reports require you to pay a flat fee of $2 for each download. This is true even for those who have a membership.

    This has led to some bad reviews, though they still have hundreds of reviews with 5 stars.

    Is Truthfinder legit?

    Yes, Truthfinder is considered a legitimate background check service. The service has an impressive amount of reviews with 5 stars.

    All background checks administered on this website pull information from both public and private databases. This will give you accurate information.

    Truthfinder is also extremely transparent in terms of how and when that information can be used.

    Is Truthfinder safe?

    Absolutely. Every search conducted on the Truthfinder site is safe, secure, and confidential. Your data will not be stored and your identity and contact information will not be leaked.

    Additionally, the person you’re getting a background check on will not be notified. Everything is completely anonymous.

    Is Truthfinder legal?

    Truthfinder is legal and transparent regarding what you can use the information for.

    You cannot use Truthfinder or the information it provides to make decisions on employment, tenant screening, consumer credit, or anything else that would require compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    Because Truthfinder is not considered a Consumer Reporting Agency and does not provide official consumer reports, their background checks can only be used for personal reasons – like finding a long-lost relative or vetting a potential date.

    Still, the information found on this site is accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date. A Truthfinder membership can be used as a resource for your due diligence on a person.

    Try TruthFinder risk-free!

    Industrial Company

    The story of Polycrome is also the story of its founder and Managing Director, Mr. D. W. Paranavithana. His story begins with practical questions: “Why can’t we make that here in Sri Lanka?” “Why can’t that be made in plastic instead of wood?” “Why can’t that be made in white instead of black?” Under Mr. Paranavithana’s leadership and vision, Polycrome pioneered many electrical accessories in Sri Lanka, such as the long-lasting plastic switch mounting box that replaced the traditional wooden one, and the white ceiling rose. He also pioneered the manufacture of plastic MCB enclosures.

    One of his expectations for Polycrome’s products is that they should meet customer requirements. Polycrome has been responsible for initiating new products and new concepts in electrical accessories. Mr. Paranavithana sees to it that innovation and product development is done in line with the needs of the end-user. Research and development in this company have been conducted in spite of the vacuum of information, as well as other obstacles. It has, nevertheless, responded to feedback from opinion leaders who use Polycrome products.

    Another of Mr. Paranavithana’s expectations of the company’s products is that they will be of the best possible quality. This expectation has been met over and over again: opinion leaders all over Sri Lanka express their preference for Polycrome products as a first choice all the time, government organizations recognize the value of Polycrome products over products of competitors. Many employees indicate that they choose to work at Polycrome because they want to be associated with the quality of the products.

    As Polycrome grew, Mr. Paranavithana saw to it that the company develops product standards to very high levels. Therefore, Mr. Paranavithana worked with the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) to introduce relevant certifications based on the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electro-technology to develop standards for bulb holders and for importing of CFLs. As a result, Polycrome has become the first company to obtain SLS certification for bulb holders and CFLs in Sri Lanka. How does this story end? It continues as it began, with a quiet quest for quality!



    To light the future by fulfilling the electrical needs of consumers


    Provide high-quality electrical products to enhance customer safety whilst minimizing energy consumption
    Minimize our environmental impact by utilizing superior raw materials and continuously improving the way we work
    Develop Polycrome brand image as pride of Sri Lankans

    Who we are

    We are an ISO-certified electrical accessories manufacturing company that has pioneered products in this field for over three decades. Our company was founded by Mr. D.W. Paranavithana, Managing Director whose vision has developed Polycrome to what it is today. A dedicated group of high-caliber professionals in a variety of fields such as Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Engineering leads the respective functions to collectively deliver value to our customers. The team comprising of Mr. Prince Ravindra – Head of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Samantha Herath – Head of Manufacturing & Quality Assurance, Mr. Chaminda Rathnakumara – Finance Manager, and Mr. Chandrajith Sooriyabandara – HR & Administration Manager.

    What We Do

    We manufacture high-quality electrical accessories for both foreign and local markets. Since introducing a revolutionary Switch & Socket Mounting Box for the first time to the Sri Lankan market, our product range has grown over the years to include a complete range of accessories from plugs and holders to MCB Enclosures and Extension Cords. We have further complemented this range of products with Polycrome branded MCBs, RCCBs, Isolators, and CFLs imported from reputed manufacturers, which are recognized by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution and bear the SLS certification. Our in-house mold-making facility equipped with skilled engineers and CAD/CAM capabilities enables us to incubate new designs to maximize customer satisfaction.

    Message by Chairman

    Polycrome has sought to provide quality products over the years by identifying our customer needs to which they have responded with appreciation. Polycrome manufactures five main product ranges and has retained a reputation for quality over the three decades of its operation. Our growth and expansion are responses to client feedback. We have pioneered many electrical accessories starting from the plastic sunk box which replaced the original wooden counterpart. Our clients found that this was a safer and cost-effective alternative. This is one example of the new concepts in electrical accessories that we have pioneered to meet customer requirements.

    We look forward to serving your needs in the near future.


    Protect Your Cell Phone

    Traditionally a headache reserved for celebrities, smartphone-hacking concerns have crossed the VIP vs. everyone else blood-brain barrier and are now a legitimate concern for anyone who owns a cell phone.

    But is this really a serious problem for us regular folks? Are our voicemail messages so interesting that someone would invade our privacy to listen in? Before we go barking up the narcissism tree, it’s best to examine what phone hacking is and whether you really need to worry about it.
    The Security Risks of Phone Hacking

    There are many types of phone hacking methods, ranging from hacking into a live conversation or into someone’s voicemail, and to hacking into data stored on one’s smartphone. While the fear of the unknown can keep anyone on edge, the person most likely to hack into your live conversation or voicemail will be someone that you already know, and in today’s mobile world, phone hacking continually grows as a security issue. As people increasingly store sensitive data on their mobile devices, the opportunity to exploit privacy weaknesses becomes more tempting to unscrupulous frenemies, exes or the occasional stranger.
    Evaluating cybersecurity for your home or business? See how 1,600+ IT pros rank all the top competitors against key performance metrics.

    There is a cottage industry of phone hacking software, ostensibly developed for legal uses, but that can be easily abused by anyone (password crackers aptly named John the Ripper and Cain and Abel are two examples). Opportunistic hackers can wreak havoc with data deletion or install malicious software that gathers bank account logins and confidential business emails. So, how can you make things tougher for hackers?
    How to Secure Your Phone From Hackers

    If you want to be proactive, there are several measures you can take to protect yourself against phone hacking, most of which involve common sense. In addition, there are advanced methods to ensure that your phone is as secure as possible (without losing its full functionality). For example:
    Basic Phone Security Tips

    For casual phone users, adhering to the basics is a great place to start when it comes to blocking simple hacking efforts:

    Never leave your phone unattended. Keeping your phone with you at all times while in a public place is the first, best rule to follow.
    Change your phone’s default passcode. Your phone likely comes with a simple, predictable default password, and those who know can use this to their advantage. Change your code to something more complex, and resist the usual “1234,” “0000” and “2580” codes that are commonly used.
    Manage your Bluetooth Security. Avoid using unprotected Bluetooth networks and turn off your Bluetooth service when you aren’t using it.
    Protect your PIN and Credit Card data. Use a protected app to store PIN numbers and credit cards, or better yet, don’t store them in your phone at all.

    Advanced Ways to Prevent Phone Hacking

    If you’re still worried about hacking, there are further steps you can take to protect yourself. However, taking things too far will defeat the purpose of having a smartphone at all.

    Avoid unsecured public WiFi. Hackers often target important locations such as bank accounts via public WiFi that can often be unsecured due to relaxed safety standards or even none at all.
    Turn off your autocomplete feature. By doing this, you can prevent stored critical personal data from being accessed.
    Regularly delete your browsing history, cookies, and cache. Removing your virtual footprint is important in minimizing the amount of data that can be harvested by prying eyes.
    Have an iPhone? Enable Find My iPhone. By turning the feature on in your settings, you’ll be able to locate your phone if you misplace it before the hackers can lay their paws on it.

    Use a security app that increases protection. For Android owners, Webroot offers the all-in-one Mobile Security for Android app that provides antivirus protection and allows you to remotely locate, lock up and wipe your phone in the event you lose track of it. For iOS users, Webroot also offers a free secure web browser for increased mobile security on your iPhone and iPad.

    Remember—if the thought of hacking has you tossing and turning at night, you can just turn the phone off, remove the battery and hide it under your pillow for some sweet lithium-ion induced dreams. Or, you can double down on securing your mobile devices with mobile security solutions offering secure web browsing and real-time defense against phishing attacks.

    Pulse Oximeter

    What is oximetry?

    Oximetry is a procedure for measuring the concentration of oxygen in the blood. The test is used in the evaluation of various medical conditions that affect the function of the heart and lungs.

    How is oximetry done?

    This is done using an oximeter, a photoelectric device specially designed for this purpose. A reusable probe can be placed on the finger or a single-use tape probe is placed on the earlobe or finger.

    How does a pulse oximeter function?

    A pulse oximeter works by passing a beam of red and infrared light through a pulsating capillary bed. The ratio of red to infrared blood light transmitted gives a measure of the oxygen saturation of the blood. The oximeter works on the principle that the oxygenated blood is a brighter color of red than the deoxygenated blood, which is more blue-purple. First, the oximeter measures the sum of the intensity of both shades of red, representing the fractions of the blood with and without oxygen. The oximeter detects the pulse and then subtracts the intensity of color detected when the pulse is absent. The remaining intensity of color represents only the oxygenated red blood. This is displayed on the electronic screen as a percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood.

    Are there other types of oximetry?

    Yes. Oximetry can also be done on blood that is within the heart (intracardiac oximetry) or on whole blood that has been removed from the body. More recently, using a similar technology to oximetry, carbon dioxide levels can be measured at the skin as well.

    Oxygen Levels, Pulse Oximeters and COVID-19

    How does COVID-19 lower a person’s oxygen levels?Some people with COVID-19 have low levels of oxygen in their blood, even when they feel well. Low oxygen levels can be an early warning sign that medical care is needed.What is a pulse oximeter?A pulse oximeter measures how much oxygen is in someone’s blood. It is a small device that clips onto a finger, or another part of the body such as a toe or ear lobe. They are used often in hospitals and clinics and can be bought to use at home. A pulse oximeter reading will have 2 numbers, the pulse rate (or heart rate) and the “SpO2” or percentage of oxygen in the blood.Medical providers consider oxygen level an important sign of how well a body is working, just like a person’s blood pressure or body temperature. People who have a lung or heart condition may use a pulse oximeter at home to check how they are doing, as directed by their health care provider. People can buy pulse oximeters without a prescription at some pharmacies and stores.Can a pulse oximeter tell if someone has COVID-19 or how well they are doing if they have it?We do not recommend using a pulse oximeter to tell if someone has COVID-19. Most people with COVID-19 infections will have normal pulse oximeter readings. Get tested if you have signs of COVID-19 or if you have been close to someone who has it.If someone has COVID-19, a pulse oximeter may help them keep watch over their health and know if they need to seek medical care. However, the oxygen level measured by a pulse oximeter is not the only way to know how sick someone is. Some people may be very sick and have good oxygen levels, and some may feel OK, but have surprisingly poor oxygen levels.Pulse oximetry results may not be as accurate for people with darker skin. Their oxygen levels are sometimes registered by the pulse oximeter as higher (or better) than they really are. People who use pulse oximeters at home should keep this in mind when looking at results. Knowing what their normal baseline pulse oximeter reading and noticing a drop in their reading, even if still in the normal range, may be significant for someone with darker skin. Symptoms of low oxygen levels may include feeling short of breath, breathing faster than usual, or feeling too sick to do their usual daily activities. You should call a health care provider if you have these symptoms, even if a pulse oximeter says your oxygen levels are normal.

    What are normal readings?A normal level of oxygen is usually 95% or higher. Some people with chronic lung disease or sleep apnea may have normal levels around 90%. The “SpO2” reading on a pulse oximeter shows the percentage of oxygen in someone’s blood.If your home SpO2 reading is lower than 95%, call your health care

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