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Militha Mihiranga

Data Tune is a specialist B2B telemarketing service with a no-nonsense approach. Whether working with a small business or a large manufacturing company, we are always thorough, inventive, and flexible.

Our dedication and professionalism have earned us an unrivalled reputation for speed, accuracy, and reliability, as we supply highly efficient telemarketing services to various business sectors.

We will work with you to maximize the success of any telemarketing campaign, either as an addition to your existing team or by providing a full sales support service.

Telemarketing Campaign Process

  • We can source data for you by category and region, if required.
  • Agree a guideline script to ensure we gather the correct information.
  • All our team are fully trained on your aims and objectives.
  • Calls are monitored by the Project Manager to keep the campaign on target.
  • Results are passed to you each day or as required.
  • A full Project Management Report details all calls, contacts and strike rates.
  • Project Reviews assess the effectiveness and success of the campaign.

We are happy to negotiate costs on an individual campaign basis, with no hidden fees and a unique introduction to telemarketing offer to give you a flavor of the opportunities we can create for your business.

Data Lanka always provides you with a specific contact that will work on your telemarketing campaign to ensure that consistent results are achieved. Our telemarketing team act with honesty and openness, to bring you highly efficient marketing solutions.

Populer Marketing Leads

  • Consumer lifestyle Data
  • GEO-Demograpic Data
  • Spending Data
  • Financial Data
  • Product Usgae Data
  • Media Usgae
  • Shopping Patterns
  • Behaviour & Psychographics

Geo-Demographic Data  

Current year estimates of population statistics including and related to age, dwelling, household, family, education, immigration, ethnicity, minority, home language, mother tongue, knowledge of other languages, labor force, employment, occupation, mobility, income, and religion.

Financial Data  

This data product describes the financial state of Sri Lankan households including disposable, discretionary, and investment income, fixed asset, number of credit cards and credit card payment habits, mortgages, vehicle, and student loans, lines of credit, credit card, and installment debt, savings, bonds, stocks, pension plans, the total value of liquid assets, the net asset value of the real estate and vehicles, household budget for unexpected expenditures, household contributions to pensions, life insurance, consumer investments in bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and real estate.

Spending Data

The estimated LKR amount of annual household spending on categories including food, clothing, shelter, transportation, household operations, home furnishings, art and antiques, equipment, health care, personal care, recreation, reading materials, education, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, financial services and insurance, gifts.

Behaviour & Psychographics  

  • attitude about advertising
  • health consciousness
  • opinion about new products
  • brand loyalty
  • cost sensitivity
  • social networks and activities
  • lifestyle
  • opinion about work
  • interests and family life
  • attitude regarding self-esteem.

Data Lanka can help with your next B2B telemarketing campaign. Request a callback using our contact form or give us a call on 0777940449 to talk through what we can do for you.

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