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The story of Polycrome is also the story of its founder and Managing Director, Mr. D. W. Paranavithana. His story begins with practical questions: “Why can’t we make that here in Sri Lanka?” “Why can’t that be made in plastic instead of wood?” “Why can’t that be made in white instead of black?” Under Mr. Paranavithana’s leadership and vision, Polycrome pioneered many electrical accessories in Sri Lanka, such as the long-lasting plastic switch mounting box that replaced the traditional wooden one, and the white ceiling rose. He also pioneered the manufacture of plastic MCB enclosures.

One of his expectations for Polycrome’s products is that they should meet customer requirements. Polycrome has been responsible for initiating new products and new concepts in electrical accessories. Mr. Paranavithana sees to it that innovation and product development is done in line with the needs of the end-user. Research and development in this company have been conducted in spite of the vacuum of information, as well as other obstacles. It has, nevertheless, responded to feedback from opinion leaders who use Polycrome products.

Another of Mr. Paranavithana’s expectations of the company’s products is that they will be of the best possible quality. This expectation has been met over and over again: opinion leaders all over Sri Lanka express their preference for Polycrome products as a first choice all the time, government organizations recognize the value of Polycrome products over products of competitors. Many employees indicate that they choose to work at Polycrome because they want to be associated with the quality of the products.

As Polycrome grew, Mr. Paranavithana saw to it that the company develops product standards to very high levels. Therefore, Mr. Paranavithana worked with the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) to introduce relevant certifications based on the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electro-technology to develop standards for bulb holders and for importing of CFLs. As a result, Polycrome has become the first company to obtain SLS certification for bulb holders and CFLs in Sri Lanka. How does this story end? It continues as it began, with a quiet quest for quality!



To light the future by fulfilling the electrical needs of consumers


Provide high-quality electrical products to enhance customer safety whilst minimizing energy consumption
Minimize our environmental impact by utilizing superior raw materials and continuously improving the way we work
Develop Polycrome brand image as pride of Sri Lankans

Who we are

We are an ISO-certified electrical accessories manufacturing company that has pioneered products in this field for over three decades. Our company was founded by Mr. D.W. Paranavithana, Managing Director whose vision has developed Polycrome to what it is today. A dedicated group of high-caliber professionals in a variety of fields such as Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Engineering leads the respective functions to collectively deliver value to our customers. The team comprising of Mr. Prince Ravindra – Head of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Samantha Herath โ€“ Head of Manufacturing & Quality Assurance, Mr. Chaminda Rathnakumara โ€“ Finance Manager, and Mr. Chandrajith Sooriyabandara โ€“ HR & Administration Manager.

What We Do

We manufacture high-quality electrical accessories for both foreign and local markets. Since introducing a revolutionary Switch & Socket Mounting Box for the first time to the Sri Lankan market, our product range has grown over the years to include a complete range of accessories from plugs and holders to MCB Enclosures and Extension Cords. We have further complemented this range of products with Polycrome branded MCBs, RCCBs, Isolators, and CFLs imported from reputed manufacturers, which are recognized by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution and bear the SLS certification. Our in-house mold-making facility equipped with skilled engineers and CAD/CAM capabilities enables us to incubate new designs to maximize customer satisfaction.

Message by Chairman

Polycrome has sought to provide quality products over the years by identifying our customer needs to which they have responded with appreciation. Polycrome manufactures five main product ranges and has retained a reputation for quality over the three decades of its operation. Our growth and expansion are responses to client feedback. We have pioneered many electrical accessories starting from the plastic sunk box which replaced the original wooden counterpart. Our clients found that this was a safer and cost-effective alternative. This is one example of the new concepts in electrical accessories that we have pioneered to meet customer requirements.

We look forward to serving your needs in the near future.



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