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We have over five years of experience in data collecting and analysis.

?We designed data collection processes.

?Establish objectives for the project and decide on a commercial or research problem that has to be solved.

?Get the data needed to provide the research information or respond to the business issue.

?Find the data sets that include the information you’re looking for.

Make a plan for gathering the data, including the procedures that will be followed.

?Gather the information and start working to prepare it for analysis.

?We know how to manage data quality issues.

?We are dealing with big data.

?We are finding relevant data.

?It is deciding what data to collect.

?Low response and other research issues.

?We are experts in collecting quantitative data and qualitative data.

?automated data collection functions built into business applications, websites and mobile apps;

?sensors that collect operational data from industrial equipment, vehicles and other machinery;

?collection of data from information services providers and other external data sources;

?tracking social media, discussion forums, reviews sites, blogs and other online channels;

?surveys, questionnaires and forms, done online, in person or by phone, email or regular mail;

?focus groups and one-on-one interviews; and

direct observation of participants in a research study.

So if you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you collect and analyse data, look no further than our service. Contact us today to learn more and get started. We’re excited to help you unlock the power of data and achieve the success you deserve.

We are a Proudly Sri Lankan-based international digital content production freelancer.

Transparent work, Trusted service, Quality work, Friendly service, On-time delivery, and Qualified person. Charges would be per work order basis.

WhatsApp/ Telegram – (+94 777 940 449 /+94 76 971 7390)

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Facebook: ReviewMaster

Facebook: Creative agency

Facebook: militha.mihiranga.3/


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